That year, I was a fledgling student. With a strong academic qualification, I applied for a job as a technician in a communications company. After arriving at the interview location-the company conference room, I found that there were already more than 20 job applicants in it, and they were seated in the order of coming first. Since there is only one recruitment quota, there are too many monks and porridge, and the competition is fierce. Everyone is eager to play the best state and level in the interview and stand out.
  However, more than ten minutes have passed since the appointment time to start the interview, and the interviewer has never appeared. I thought about it, left the meeting room, found the receptionist, and questioned the recruitment unit’s disrespect for job applicants. The appointment time for the interview was already long. Why did the interviewer never show up? However, the other party looked innocent and said that he did not know the matter. It suddenly occurred to me that the person in charge of recruitment is usually the personnel department, so I came to the department and knocked on the door of the manager’s office. A loud voice came from inside: “Please come in!” When the
  door opened, I saw a short and squat. The fat middle-aged man, sitting on the executive chair facing the gate, smiled, as if he had guessed what I was coming from. He asked for the information in my hand and asked a lot of questions while flipping through it. Head, obviously praised and appreciated my answer. Then told me that the interview was over and I was hired. Before leaving, the manager said something that seemed inexplicable to me: “Courage is commendable!”
  Later I learned that the personnel manager as an interviewer was deliberately late to the meeting room in order to test whether the job applicant has the courage and courage to question boldly. Ability to adapt to changes-this is the basic quality that a technician must possess. After the appointed time, among all the job seekers, I was the only one who could not help but stand up and questioned the practice of the recruiting unit. Other job seekers chose to wait patiently with a herd mentality that more is worse than less. This is innovative technology work. The taboo.
  In fact, I dare to question the practices of the recruiting unit. First, I feel confident. I feel that with my academic qualifications and ability, I am not afraid of not being able to find a job, even if I offend the interviewer and get eliminated, it doesn’t matter. ; The second is that I can’t afford the time delay, and I have to go to another company for an interview later-I also submitted my resume to another communications company and received the interview notice. I didn’t expect to be on the right track. Instead, I was favored by the examiner and passed the interview smoothly. .
  I was inspired by this. After I joined the company, I boldly put forward my own opinions or suggestions on the problems in the work or the employment system. Many of them were adopted. They were reused by the company step by step, and the remuneration package was naturally different.
  Former British Prime Minister Winston Churchill said: “Courage is the most important trait of mankind. If you have courage, you will naturally have other traits of mankind.” On the road of life, facing challenges is just like a step on the green field. Courage is very important. Those who are not confident will have no courage, shrink their hands, always hold a wait-and-see attitude of “wait a minute, maybe the next second will be more appropriate”, lose decisiveness, and eventually miss opportunities and walk with failure; confident people, grasp Staying in a fleeting opportunity, between the sparks and the fire, dare to shoot with one’s feet and anger, and it is made in one go, embracing success