Cat and man

  It has been more than ten years to feed stray cats. Before this year, stray cats in the community had natural enemies, that is, cat thieves. Cat thieves usually start work in the early morning. Someone once saw them tie a sparrow with flapping wings in an iron cage. After seeing the stray cats, they were almost unsuccessful. As soon as they entered the cage, the cage door fell automatically. …
  It is said that most of these stolen cats were transported to the south for food, and in recent years some of them have become lamb skewers on local barbecue stalls. Not only we protectors of small animals, but residents who don’t like cats and dogs on weekdays all hate cat thieves. Only the neighbor, Xiao Ma, often makes fallacies, saying that cat thieves are wicked, but they objectively maintain ecological balance. Without them, the situation of stray cats is estimated to be even worse.
  I know what Xiao Ma said is not very wrong, stray cats are too reproductive. Once the “cat mouth” is out of control, a series of butterfly effects will definitely occur. However, some truths always make people uncomfortable, especially Xiao Ma, which often gives people a harsh and cold impression, although he feels that “everyone is drunk and I am alone.”
  This year the epidemic broke out suddenly, and cat thieves who had been rampant for many years suddenly disappeared. For more than half a year, the number of stray cats in the community has increased dramatically. Those of us who feed cats have experienced unprecedented economic pressure. On rainy days, some stray cats will enter the corridor to defecate. It used to be an exception, and the masses have little opinion. With the increase in the base of “Maokou”, this phenomenon has appeared in most buildings. Over the past few months, those of us who were once recognized as caring people suddenly become troublemakers in the eyes of many people.
  As the density of cats increased, the world of stray cats staged a story similar to the history of human civilization. There are three cat feeders in my building, so the surrounding area has become the best place for stray cats to survive. This summer, some of our favorite cats are gone. After a while, it was discovered that they had moved more than a hundred meters away, in a relatively barren area for them. Obviously after a struggle, they, as losers, gave up their original territory. In early autumn, they disappeared for a while, and later found to have been squeezed to the edge of the community. These cats are weak in competitiveness, perhaps because they are high-valued and obedient. We consciously or unintentionally fed them the most, so that when they compete with other cats for territory, they lack a strong force. In the end, civilized cats can’t match barbaric cats. The fate of constant passive migration. All of this in the world of cats allows us to review ancient European history and ancient Chinese history. The barbarians have been advancing from north to south, and relatively civilized groups have moved all the way south…
  Stray cats are gradually becoming a problem, and some residents proposed to use rat poison to deal with it. This is just the thought of an individual. There are quite a few people who advocate expelling, but where do they go? Hurry to the next door community? This idea sounds trivial.
  Fortunately, the younger generation of small animals in the community formed a group to donate money to neuter stray cats. Although there is a large gap in the number of donations compared with the increasingly large stray cat population, it can still alleviate the “cat disease” to a certain extent. Of course, there are some people who disagree with this approach, believing that it seriously violates “cat rights.” Ask them what is a good way? They didn’t, they were only responsible for criticism, no matter what else. On the Internet, they have an elegant name “Keyboard Man”.

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