[Business Wisdom] Mask Pancake

  2020 is an extremely unusual year. The novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic has swept the world and brought great troubles to the world economy.
  In Tamil Nadu, India, there is a restaurant called “Madulai”, which mainly deals in fast food that can be packed. Due to the impact of the new crown epidemic, turnover has dropped sharply. At the same time, the government stipulates that anyone who enters the store to buy food must wear a mask, otherwise they are not allowed to enter the store. If anyone is found to buy food without wearing a mask, the restaurant will be heavily fined. However, the customers of the restaurant are all nearby residents. They don’t have the habit of wearing masks when they come to buy food. Moreover, they are looking forward to customers. How can there be any reason to extrapolate? This is hard to break the boss Michal. If you can’t think of a good way. Can only wait for the restaurant to close.
  One day, while working, Michal was thinking about how to persuade customers to wear masks. Suddenly, an inspiration emerged. Since customers who do not wear masks cannot be verbally refused to enter the store, why not make pancakes into the shape of masks to remind people to wear masks? And this will not offend customers. Thinking of this, Michal was excited.
  After some preparations, Mihar immediately proceeded to make a mask-shaped dough. It took him several hours to make a mask-shaped dough cake and quickly put it in the steamer. After being out of the pan on time, it was discovered that the folded part of the mask-shaped pancake was not easy to be cooked. If you waited until the folded part was cooked, the unfolded dough began to simmer again. If you make it thinner, the problem of thick middle is solved, but the unfolded dough is very easy to be damaged by hand. Michal did not give up. He experimented repeatedly throughout the day how to make mask-shaped pancakes as fragrant and crisp as normal pancakes. After constant experimentation, three days later, Michal finally figured out a good method: extend the kneading time to increase the toughness of the dough. Then, roll out the dough thinner so that the folded part is not too thick and the unfolded part is not easily damaged. Although labor costs have increased, Mihar has increased the price of pancakes by 10 rupees (approximately RMB 0.92).
  When the first pan of mask-shaped pancakes came out of the pan, they were quickly sold out by customers. In this sensitive period, they value the mask too much. So even eating mask-shaped pancakes seems to have become an effective measure to prevent and control the epidemic.
  What particularly pleased Mihal is that after he changed the shop sign to “mask pancake”, all the customers who entered the shop began to wear masks consciously, and no longer let the shop owner go to explain one by one. Michal’s pancakes are now more popular than before, especially children are more interested in mask-shaped pancakes.
  Owner Mihal said excitedly: “At the time, I just wanted to remind customers to wear masks in the store. I didn’t expect this mask-shaped pancake to be so popular! It seems that sometimes when things are difficult, you might as well use your brain to change. If you look at the development ideas, you may have unexpected gains.”

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