Another change

  In November, the protagonist of the consumer electronics industry was still Apple. The major update of the entire series of products, there will be press conferences for three consecutive months in September, October, and November, making the autumn of the consumer electronics industry in 2020 extremely long. At the November 11 press conference, Apple updated the Mac product line, from the most entry-level MacBook Air to the entry-level model of MacBook Pro to the entry-level model of Mac desktop Mac Mini. All three models are adopted. The M1 processor developed by Apple and specifically for Mac computers. Once this chip came out, it detonated the industry again.
  Ignoring Apple’s undisguised pride in the M1 processor at its own press conference, from the test results of various media that have been released, the M1 processor has demonstrated unparalleled performance in benchmark tests and video processing in specified encoding formats. Advantage. Since the M1 processor is based on the ARM architecture instead of the x86 architecture, on the new Mac equipped with the latest macOS Big Sur operating system, we can run not only traditional macOS applications, but also applications on the iOS platform.
  At WWDC 2019, Apple launched the ProjectCatalyst project, the purpose of which is to allow iOS applications to run on macOS without having to consider the differences between the underlying frameworks of macOS and iOS. At that time, this project was launched for macOS Catalina, because at that time the entire Mac was still running on Intel processors, but now, with the emergence of M1, this problem has become simpler. Based on the millions of iOS applications, macOS will further take on the advantages of the entire Apple App. Of course, the current Mac has not adopted a touch screen. So it seems that this may be the main difference between the productivity combination of it and the iPad + Magic Keyboard. .
  Some people say that Apple’s move is dissatisfied with Intel’s slow movement in the processor manufacturing process. I think part of the reason lies in this, and the more important reason, I think, is the user enclosure. Back in time about 15 years ago, on April 5, 2006, not long after Mac computers were equipped with Intel processors, Apple officially launched the BootCamp component, which allows consumers to install the Windows 7 operating system on Mac computers. With this move, countless people have embraced the beautiful Mac, especially the MacBook, and this has also become the starting point for the rapid growth of Apple’s Mac computer. Through this move, Apple has more Mac computer users and promotes the overall growth of the macOS ecosystem.
  With the advent of the iPhone, everything has changed. Think about it, Apple’s name has changed from Apple Computer to Apple. This also shows the change in the status of Mac computers in Apple’s entire revenue. The iPhone, or to be precise, the iOS system has brought a billion-level user base to Apple in recent years. Among them, the content consumer group is the mainstream, but there is no shortage of groups that use iOS devices as productivity tools, whether they use the iPhone for live broadcasting. Web anchors, or those who use iPad for office work, or those who use iPhone to shoot videos, how to better consider their usage habits and feelings, is the key to firmly locking them in Apple’s camp. From the definition of the M1 chip itself, it can also be seen that the powerful ability shown in the processing of the specified encoded video complements the iPhone. The long battery life allows people who are accustomed to using the iPad to work out of the power cord. Time has taken a step forward.
  It’s a fact that the M1 chip’s popularity is overwhelming, but we can’t deify it too much, because the production methods and production results that account for a large proportion of our world are based on the accumulation of the Wintel Alliance for so many years. Even if Apple wants to change the world again , It also takes time and opportunity, but at least in the field that it can decide, it will definitely spare no effort.