American celebrity Dr. Mike trapped in online dispute

  Everyone may be familiar with him, this is Dr. Mike, known as the “Sexiest Doctor”.
  Dr. Mike’s original name was Mikhail Varshavski. He became popular on the Internet because of his handsome appearance and professional identity as a doctor. During the epidemic in the United States, he became more popular and has been taking the lead in emphasizing the importance of wearing a mask and social distancing.
  but! It was exposed that I ignored all my professional advice and gathered 15 people without masks to give themselves a birthday party on a boat in Miami.
  Sexy doctors collapsed, “fans” began to scold: secretly gather for birthdays in Miami, where the epidemic is severe, without masks, young people don’t speak medical ethics!
  Some people may not know Dr. Mike, let’s get to know him briefly.
  He is an orthopedic surgeon, born in the Soviet Union in 1989, and immigrated to Brooklyn, New York, USA with his parents when he was 5 years old.
  At that time, the whole family started from scratch, and in dire circumstances, he spent most of his childhood to adulthood on Staten Island in New York.

The sexiest doctor in the world

  In 2012, he began to dabble in social media, documenting his life as a medical student, and gradually attracted more people’s attention with his outstanding appearance and dog.
  The Internet cannot refuse a handsome guy who raises a dog. If he were still a doctor, it would be even more deadly.
  In 2015, Buzzfeed published an article about him with the title “Hmm…you really need to see this sexy doctor and his dog”.
  Immediately afterwards, “People” magazine named him “the sexiest doctor”, and Dr. Mike’s social media account became popular after these two waves of media promotion, and the number of fans easily exceeded one million.
  After that, he took advantage of the trend to develop in the direction of the Internet celebrity doctor. After completing the residency internship in 2018, he joined a family clinic and became a professional family doctor.
  At the same time, more social media platforms, such as YouTube channels, will be opened.
  His YouTube channel has nearly 6.5 million subscriptions, ins has 4.01 million followers, and Facebook has 2.9 million followers. It can be said that he is a very influential Internet celebrity.
  It is estimated that his activity on the Internet can bring in 1 million US dollars in income each year, and his personal net worth is 7 million US dollars.
  He has always been committed to spreading more health knowledge through his professional knowledge and influence.
  Especially during the special period of the epidemic, he continued to output dry goods videos about the new crown virus, urging everyone not to take the epidemic seriously, and to wear a mask and maintain social distance.

  These professional medical videos are widely circulated on the Internet, with more than 3 million to 6 million views.
  He even connected with Fauci, the top US epidemic prevention expert, to discuss the situation of the US epidemic at that time.
  It can be said that his influence during the epidemic is greater than before, and many people rely on the medical information he released.
  Wearing a mask and maintaining social distancing is what he said from the beginning of the epidemic to the present. In an interview in July this year, he also said: “Wearing a mask can reduce the spread of the virus, which is vital to people’s health and our economic health. It’s important.
  Therefore, if you go out in public and there are other people around, please wear a mask. Whether it is silk, cotton or surgical,
  the purpose of the mask is to restrict droplets from entering the environment. among.

  Wearing a mask can essentially limit the spread of the virus in the community. So, if you see someone wearing a mask, you should really thank them. ”
  Young, handsome, there is traffic, but also through their influence to spread professional medical knowledge, help people better cope with the epidemic, led calls for everyone to wear masks, social distancing.
  No matter which side, only The 30-year-old Dr. Mike is an out-and-out good doctor.
  However, who could have imagined that he was also set up to collapse one day.
  Just recently, some netizens revealed that he had flown from New York to celebrate his 31st birthday. Miami Beach, Florida, enjoy the sun and the beach with 14 other people.

  It should be noted that when he went to Miami, the city had been in a state of emergency due to the new crown virus for 9 months.

  Florida reported 6,933 new cases on the day he went, the highest level in more than three months.
  His decision to fly to Miami Beach to celebrate his birthday is contrary to his previous advice to warn the public to “think carefully about travel during the epidemic and investigate where you are going”.
  Not only did he choose this city in a state of emergency, but he and 14 other people did not wear a mask and did not maintain social distance.
  In addition to the group photo, netizens also exposed the video, which can clearly see them playing without a mask.
  One of the videos marked Dr. Mike’s name and said “Mike is having fun.” There is
  no shortage of videos and group photos. Isn’t this a real deal ?
  The people who have always trusted Dr. Mike collapsed: How can you have one set in person and one set on the back? How can you trust your professional advice in the future?
  However, some people insisted on defending Dr. Mike, and instead attacked the netizen who leaked the photos and videos.
  ”People’s private life and life as a doctor are absolutely separate! He is always telling you the facts that are beneficial to you, but if you don’t follow his advice, it has nothing to do with him.
  I believe that in his private life, he Will take care of himself as much as possible!
  Anyway, he is a human, and people will always make mistakes! It is not good for you to tell his private life!
  He is not a prophet, and he will make mistakes too! But he is indeed an amazing People.”
  Others directly attacked those netizens who stood up and sprayed Doctor Mike.
  ”People who attacked this good doctor, first see if you have done these things:

  I didn’t wear a mask when I went out, put the mask on the table when I went out to eat, socialized with friends without a mask, socialized with strangers without a mask, or went to bars during the epidemic. He is a mortal, and people always make mistakes. Calm down. ”
  More than that, there are fans who directly questioned the source of the photos and videos. Will it be someone who has put out the previous photos and pretends to be the present, and deliberately framed Dr. Mike!
  ”I’m not sure, but these may also be the previous ones. Photos and videos. “It
  seems that this is not impossible? After all, the photos and videos can’t see the specific release time.
  In fact, it is not difficult to test the authenticity of the “evidence”. These videos are all sourced and come from the day of Dr. Mike’s birthday party.
  Two girls in bikinis. I found the ins accounts of the two girls and found that although the snapshot videos they posted were gone, they all posted swimsuit photos on the same day a week ago.
  One of them is directly located in Miami Beach.
  If This is not “conclusive evidence” enough, let’s take a look at the more detailed things in the photos and videos.

  The yacht swimsuit photos they posted in the ins can correspond to the red decoration of the yacht in the video and their respective swimsuits.
  With so many details, the probability of coincidence is very small.
  It can be basically confirmed that Dr. Mike did go to Miami to celebrate his birthday and gathered with a dozen people without wearing a mask.
  Many fans defended him, saying “to separate his private life from the life of a doctor”, but the fact is that as an Internet celebrity doctor with over 10 million fans across the network, Dr. Mike’s influence is huge. Knowing that it shouldn’t, but making a wrong demonstration.
  As an individual, if a large number of people gather for a party without wearing a mask in a city in a state of emergency, there will obviously be a hidden danger of spreading the virus, posing a threat to others.
  So far, Dr. Mike has not responded to this matter, but many netizens who once trusted him very much have been disappointed. Young people do not speak medical ethics, so let’s do it for themselves.

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