Addicted to cosmetic surgery, my ever-changing face was destroyed by Remaggie

   Nowadays, plastic surgery is commonplace. Some people use plastic surgery to achieve the perfect facial features due to congenital deficiencies, thereby enhancing their self-confidence and obtaining a better life. And some people, but it is entirely to please men, through plastic surgery to grasp the hearts of men, so as to succeed in leading a good life. But no matter what the purpose is, as long as you take the road of plastic surgery, you are easily addicted, and you go farther and farther on the road of change.
   This is the case with the protagonist Hu Qiaoling. In order to please a man, she spent more than a dozen plastic surgery in just two years and spent all her savings. In order to save money, she even went to an unqualified beauty club and became the hot Maggie now. Did you know that the tragedy kicked off…
In love with a married man

   On March 5, 2019, I cooked a table of dishes and tried all the trouble to trick Chen Haijun into my apartment. I planned to have a romantic and warm feeling with him. The first sentence of Chen Haijun was: “Are you crazy?” I’m in a meeting, why call one call after another? Say something uncomfortable, isn’t it good!”
   I looked at Chen Haijun, who was angry, and was speechless for a while. After a long time, I said in embarrassment, “I don’t want to Are you? We haven’t seen each other for many days. Today is the first anniversary of our being together, look, my dear, what have I prepared for you?”
   I wanted to drag Chen Haijun to sit down, but he ducked away. He said impatiently: “Don’t make trouble, the company still has a lot of things waiting for me to deal with, I will come back when I have time…” Chen Haijun broke free from my obstruction, picked up his coat and went out. Leave me alone in a daze.
   Chen Haijun is tired of me. It seems that if I want to keep him, I have to continue plastic surgery and change myself… My name is Hu Qiaoling, I am 27 years old, and my hometown is a small county in Heze, Shandong. To borrow the words of my mother, I am a person whose heart is higher than the sky and life is thinner than paper. When I was very young, I had a colorful dream hidden in my heart. I vowed that I would leave this small county town and live a life of a master.
   For my dream, I have been working hard. In 2011, I was admitted to Shandong Academy of Arts and Crafts. After graduating in 2015, I plan to stay in Jinan for development, but my ideals are full and the reality is very skinny. The resumes I put out are all in stone.
   At the beginning of 2016, under the introduction of my classmates, I went to a cosmetics shop in Ginza Mall to do a shopping guide. The reason why I chose this job is that the salary is good, and the other is that I can get in touch with rich people. In addition to being rich, those women are beautiful and elegant, so I want to learn from their strengths and hope to become another one… …However, I forgot that doing shopping guides is meant to serve people. The more arrogant I face the rich, the more imbalanced I will be, and I often lament the injustice of God.
   In 2018, while attending a colleague’s wedding, I met a man named Chen Haijun. At the time, 33-year-old Chen Haijun had good facial features, and his hair was dark and thick, without the greasiness of a middle-aged man. During the conversation, I learned that Chen Haijun has his own company and his business is going smoothly.
   Chen Haijun thoughtfully picked up a glass of wine for me, and smiled and said, “Is there anyone who said you are beautiful, like Shu Qi? Chen has the honor to meet Miss Hu today. I am very happy. I hope I will have the opportunity to sit and drink and chat next time. .”
   My heart moved: flying on a branch to become a phoenix? This is a great opportunity! So I took the initiative to ask for Chen Haijun’s WeChat and started chatting with him one after another. After Chen Haijun learned my work address, he came many times because of his wife’s birthday, mother-in-law’s birthday, female client’s birthday… Please help him choose gifts. Intuition tells me that Chen Haijun is interesting to me. And I am also catering to Chen Haijun’s show-off to me.
   On March 5, 2018, Chen Haijun invited me to an Italian restaurant. Under soothing music, Chen Haijun asked me my year of birth, and then ordered the most expensive bottle of red wine of the same vintage on the wine list without hesitation. Tell me lightly: “This bottle of wine is worth one Hermès bag, and the bag is produced annually, but one bottle of this vintage is one less.”
   I was a little embarrassed and said it was too wasteful. However, Chen Haijun said: “Please beautiful goddess, it’s worth the money.” Chen Haijun’s thoughtfulness made my heart turbulent, as if I felt the fate of coming soon, and that fate reminded me in a trance: I have to go for breast augmentation, and more. Perfect posture to seize this opportunity. Because all the time, what I feel most inferior to is my flat, non-sexy breasts.
   So, in May 2018, I went to a plastic surgery hospital to consult about breast augmentation surgery. Like all people who have been exposed to plastic surgery for the first time, I can’t help but think in my heart: Since so much money has been spent, the biggest change must be made. So, I asked the doctor to give me a big cup, but the doctor tried to dissuade me. She patiently explained to me the health hazards of too large breasts. She also said that a beautiful breast shape should be proportional to height and shoulder width. It feels unreal, and men are not stupid. The doctor’s phrase “feeling unreal” completely convinced me, and I obediently listened to what the doctor said.
   The operation was very successful. Looking at my two full and round “small mountain peaks”, I was very proud, especially when Chen Haijun appeared in front of me again, I deliberately wore a low-necked skirt and kept my chest tall. .
   After dating Chen Haijun a few times, he had a relationship with him naturally. When he was with Chen Haijun for the first time, he touched my chest and muttered repeatedly, “Baby, you are so sexy!”
Plastic surgery for the superior

   I originally wanted to walk into Chen Haijun’s heart step by step with my young body and passionate feelings, but after opening the room a few times, he began to be cold to me. One day in August 2018, I went to the wedding of a classmate. That classmate is from the Northeast, but he married a local with very good economic conditions. I was envious, but my classmates said, “Don’t envy me anymore. It’s a time to look at your face. Do you make yourself more beautiful, and you’re afraid
   that you won’t be able to hold the rich man’s heart?” Breast augmentation, why can’t you do plastic surgery? I tried Chen Haijun: “My dear, didn’t you say that I am like Hsu Chi? Then I will do a little trimming to make it look like her, OK?” Chen Haijun laughed, “I like more female stars. Is it possible that you try them all? However, if your mouth becomes bigger and your upper lip is thicker, it really looks like her.” The
   speaker is unintentional and the listener is interested. I understand that if you want to live, you can wear a famous watch or carry it. In the days of famous bag, you must grasp Chen Haijun’s heart, and turning yourself into Chen Haijun’s favorite actress is the most convenient way to win him.
   At the end of 2018, I came to the plastic surgery hospital again and reported a plastic surgery package: fine lip plastic and chin filling. When I was lying on the icy operating table, there was an inexplicable touch in my heart: I was like a butterfly, and now I was finally about to tear its cocoon to welcome a new life.
   After 7 days, the swelling of lips and jaw disappeared. Looking at the photo of the female celebrity and the self in the mirror, I looked left and right, thinking of Chen Haijun’s tight embrace of me because of my changes, and I felt happy.
   During the plastic surgery, Chen Haijun was really new to me for a while. He hugged me and breathed in his ear: “Baby, you are so beautiful, you are almost carved out of a mold like her. It’s really amazing.” Chen Haijun said Here she is exactly the female star he likes. Although I feel uncomfortable, it is not bad to be able to seize his heart and wait for the opportunity.

   However, it didn’t take long for Chen Haijun to lose interest in me again. January 25, 2019 was my birthday. I called him, but he didn’t answer it. After half an hour of sending the message, he replied: You are busy, find a place to celebrate. Afterwards, he sent me a red envelope.
   Sitting alone in a deserted house, I thought: Chen Haijun may still love me, but he has lost his freshness to me. I remembered that Chen Haijun told me some time ago that Di Lieba’s eyes are very beautiful, and Angelababy’s nose is very sexy. Why don’t I make myself like that? He will definitely like it.
   Before the plastic surgery, I told Chen Haijun that I had to go home for something at home, but I actually wanted to give him a surprise. Later, I went into the plastic surgery hospital again. This time, I did some projects such as eye opening, double eyelid cutting, ear cartilage pad and nose tip. Especially for the tip of the nose, the blood flow could not stop on the first night after the anesthetic, because the pad was the cartilage removed from the ear, and the ear was more painful than the nose.
   When I appeared in front of Chen Haijun again, it was already a month later. I saw surprise and attachment in Chen Haijun’s eyes. He said, “Baby, you are really getting more and more beautiful, and it makes me want to stop.” For Chen Haijun’s words, starting in 2018, it took just one year. , I have undergone 10 cosmetic surgeries.
   For Chen Haijun, I became a chameleon. At some stages, there was Fan Bingbing’s style between my eyebrows. At some stages, I felt as young as Yang Mi. At some stages, I unknowingly grew Li Xiaolu’s air… Chen Haijun was also full of freshness for me, as long as he told me Which celebrity looks good, I want to become a celebrity.
Tragedy of disfigurement

   At the end of 2019, I won the “Overlord Meal” of “Turning the Cocoon into a Butterfly” on an APP, and I can experience a beauty service for free. For plastic surgery, I lost my job and spent all my savings. After being with Chen Haijun, my vanity skyrocketed, and I used all my food and clothing, and the money Chen Haijun gave me could only maintain my daily consumption. Now that there is something to save money, why not do it?
   So, in early 2020, I went to the beauty club associated with this app. Enjoying their warm and thoughtful service to me, I relax physically and mentally. During the service, the two clerk kept promoting other beauty packages in the store. I couldn’t refuse their enthusiasm. After the experience was over, I paid 898 yuan in cash for an experience care card.
   In the following three months, although I could not enter the store for beauty treatment during the epidemic, their store manager Lisa sent me some messages on WeChat from time to time to remind me to take a break and drink plenty of water. Gradually, Lisa and I became friends.
   After the beauty club resumed business, Lisa recommended a treatment program called Remaggie to me. She told me that Remaggie has obvious effects. Many Internet celebrities are doing this project. After finishing it, the skin will be as tight as a girl. Sincerely, can give me preferential prices. After a period of chatting, I already trusted Lisa, so I immediately paid the full amount of 18,880 yuan.
   On May 15th, 2020, after going to the club to have a hot Maggie, I found that my cheeks were red and swollen, and they hurt like burns. But Lisa said that this is normal, and other customers are like this. She also gave me a bottle of freeze-dried powder and asked me to stick to it, and the swelling would soon disappear. Finally, Lisa asked me to replace the treatment package I bought with two packs of facial masks, saying that I must stick to the mask to replenish moisture.
   However, on the third day after finishing the remaggi, dense blisters formed on the right side of my face, and my skin hurts like a knife. I took the picture and sent it to Lisa, she comforted me a few words and stopped replying. I was very scared, endured the severe pain and went to the beauty salon again to look for Lisa, but the clerk told me that she had resigned and returned to her hometown.
   I asked to see the director of the club. The clerk hesitated and refused to contact me. He also said that this situation was a “normal recovery stage” and asked me to wait. I was so angry that half of my face was disfigured, and it was said to be a normal recovery stage! In June 2020, under my repeated request, I finally met the boss of this beauty club.
   This is a shrewd woman. She told me that she didn’t even know that Lisa made me Remaggie, and that the machine used to make Remaggie was very expensive. Lisa borrowed it from a friend’s company at his own discretion and has now returned it. She also asked me in turn, why didn’t I look at the store manager’s operating certificate first. The Thermomagnet machine requires professionals to operate, and Lisa doesn’t have this certificate at all. Because of this, Lisa has been expelled from their beauty club, and I was looking for Lisa, which has nothing to do with them.
   I was trembling with anger, and they even slapped me, and I decided to defend my rights. At the same time, my face appeared asymmetry. It seemed that the face and eyes on the left were smaller than those on the right, and my mouth was a bit crooked when I spoke. The burned half of the face has scars, and the scars are enlarged and hyperplasia, many parts are uneven, and there is a tingling sensation on the face. Before the injury healed, I dared not see Chen Haijun again. I was afraid of his disgusting look.
   In August 2020, I endured the severe physical and mental pain and went to the hospital for identification. The doctor told me that the burn was caused by improper operation in the process of making thermage. As for the big face and the small face, it was caused by fat ablation. The doctor explained to me that thermage produces effects by converting radio frequency into heat energy. The surface is non-invasive and seems to be safe, but in fact, due to the deep penetration, there are blood vessels and nerves on the fascia layer. It is easy if the operation is not performed properly. Damage to blood vessels and nerves, burns, crooked face may appear. In fact, thermage belongs to “micro plastic surgery”. Although it does not require surgery, it is still a medical device. Since it is a medical device, it should belong to the hospital and be treated by medical and aesthetic institutions. It also needs qualified Medical staff came to perform the operation.
   The doctor’s words made me cry without tears. I understand that my road to rights protection has just begun, and I cannot go to work at all in my current situation. My savings have also been exhausted in the facelifts again and again. At present, the only person who can help me is Chen Haijun. Even if I don’t want him to see what I am now, I still have to bite the bullet and meet him.
   On November 5, 2020, I met Chen Haijun. As expected, at the moment he saw me, I read a kind of disgust and disgust from his eyes. He didn’t feel sorry for me, he just said coldly, “Why can you do such a stupid thing? For the sake of beauty, you really don’t even want your life? Just find a beauty club on the Internet and do it. Maggie. I think you don’t have to worry about defending your rights anymore, just think of a way to support yourself.”
   Chen Haijun reluctantly gave me a 30,000 yuan bank card and asked me to go to the hospital to take care of my face. From that day on, Chen Haijun never came to see me again. I called him and didn’t answer or send messages, so I simply blacked me out. As for me, losing Chen Haijun means losing my financial backing. I don’t know where the rent for the next month will be, and I don’t have the energy to fight the beauty club again.
   I stand alone on the street where people come and go, and others look at me with puzzled eyes. What can I do? Do not live by committing sins. In order to please a man with a family, I made myself an ugly monster, but who can I blame?

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