Wonderful game: only unexpected

  You no longer wear sneakers for running, no longer use sleds for sliding, phone booths are no longer used to make calls, and you no longer need to run when playing basketball… Don’t think these phenomena are incredible, because there is something that surprises you even more: the Netherlands held it The toilet throw competition, Germany has held an office chair sliding competition…the content of these weird races is unheard of. The world is full of surprises. Let’s take a look at the most spectacular events in the world!
  Phone Booth Fight
  50 years ago, “Life” magazine published a picture of the phone booth at St. Mary’s School, which is still very popular today. In March 2009, students from a school in California, USA, were inspired by this photo and held a telephone booth contest on the campus. This ridiculous competition compares how many players can fit in a small phone booth. In the end, these students reached the record of 22 people held in 1959, but never broke the previous record reached by a South African team in 1958. The best record of 25 people.
  Office chair glide race
  in Germany held three office chairs contest designed to raise money for charity. In April 2011, the third office chair competition was held. Contestants wear helmets and knee pads and other protective measures, sit on their own “cars”-office chairs, and slide at the fastest speed. The first to reach the finish is the champion of the competition.
  Riding a donkey to play basketball
  In May 2009, Iowa, USA, held an extraordinary donkey-riding basketball competition, that is, riding on a donkey to perform basketball skills. It is reported that this game caused strong dissatisfaction with animal protection organizations.
  Throw away your beloved phone
  you willing to put your beloved phone throw it? Finland holds a mobile phone throwing competition every year, giving mobile phone users a rare opportunity to “vent the worries and disappointments brought by mobile phones.” In August 2012, in the annual mobile phone throwing competition held in Finland, a Finnish teenager Erin Karjalainen threw his mobile phone a staggering 101.46 meters away and won the championship. Of course, the mobile phone he threw was also broken to pieces.
  Glide, mattress
  The annual mattress sliding competition in the United States attracts many young people who like excitement and charity to participate every year. The competition venue of the Mattress Skating Competition is set on a snow slope. The players have to sit on inflatable mattresses and slide down the snow slope. Whoever reaches the finish line first is the winner. Regardless of the rules of the game, it is simple to say, it is never easy to maintain balance on a fast sliding mattress. Most of the contestants did not come here with the idea of ​​winning big prizes. People wanted to be able to do something for those in need while having fun. All registration fees for the competition will be donated to a charity organization to provide free furniture and household items to people in need.
  Forced to throw toilet
  in the Netherlands, some towns and villages for pleasure held the toilet to throw the game. In May 2012, Dutch Crown Prince William Alexander participated in the traditional toilet throwing competition in the eastern village of Renen and won the championship, but he himself was very ashamed of this. “There are still 2.6 billion people in the world who don’t have the most basic type of toilet. Living facilities, I am very ashamed of this.” However, the organizer of the toilet throw contest Jacob Bittenhuis did not buy into the “self-review” of Prince Alexander. He thought the statement of the Crown Prince was “very naive.”
  Re-tasting “Human Organs” Baking Competition
  In October 2012, on the occasion of Halloween, doctors from four medical schools in the UK held an “Anatomy” themed baking competition. Although these works look nauseous, they are delicious pastries and drinks baked and concocted with delicious raw materials such as chocolate, cream and fresh fruits. This allows people to gain a popularization of pathology knowledge while enjoying delicious food.