Uncover the truth about “Magic Well”

  There are ancient magic of
  this old well in the UK North Yorkshire Knaresborough’s Ned River, which has several hundred years of history.
  Where the ancient well is, there are verdant vegetation and dense shade. In a small clearing in the forest, a huge well platform stands. The dense moss and weeds under the well platform, coupled with the rugged rocks and chaotic soil, seem to give people an indescribable sense of vicissitudes and mystery. However, the more mysterious place is the well platform: the well platform is covered with a thick layer of coffee-colored shell, as if poured into melted ice cream. This shell seems to be soft, but in fact it is extremely hard. It extends to the middle of the well platform, seeming to put a weird-colored vest on the ancient well, and it also makes the entire well platform look like a huge skull.
  The diameter of the well head of the ancient well is about 1.5 meters. The water inside is clear and transparent. Standing on the well head and looking down, you can clearly see your reflection-judging from the clarity of the well water, this is a completely normal well. However, the locals are very afraid of this well. Not only do they dare not take water for drinking, but they also fear that they will turn into stone when they come into contact with the well water.
  Will well water really “turn things into rocks”? That’s right, whether it’s leaves, sticks, or dead birds, as long as they touch the water in this well, they will turn into stone within a few months to ten months as if they were cast by a witch’s magic. . For hundreds of years, although the locals were “aweed” by the well, some bold and adventurous people came here and tried to experiment with the well water: they put kettles, hats, masks and even lobster shells. In the place where the well overflows, observe their changes in the coming weeks and months. The result is self-evident, these objects all turned into stone in the end. Today, the experimental objects left by the adventurers can still be seen on the side of the well: Victorian hats, teddy bear dolls, water bottles, and even bicycles-needless to say, they have become hard stones.
  The curse of the devil?
  Why is the water in this ancient well so magical? The locals firmly believe that this is the result of the devil cursing the well water.
  It is said that hundreds of years ago, the Nied was occupied by a devil. This devil is very cruel. It controls all water sources. People must pay tribute to it if they want to drink water from the river. Such days lasted for a long time, and the devil became more and more greedy, demanding more and more tributes. In order to pay tribute, the locals were struggling to make ends meet. In order to get rid of the control of the devil, everyone came up with a way-to dig a well. As long as the well water is drilled, you can no longer drink the river water controlled by the devil. After the decision was made, everyone quietly went to dig a well in the woods by the river. The water in the well is clear and sweet, with a steady stream. After hearing the news, people in a radius of tens of miles came here to fetch water for drinking. It’s a pity that the good times didn’t last long, and the devil was furious when he learned about it. One night, it took advantage of the darkness to come to the well and cast an evil curse on the well. From then on, all people or objects that come into contact with the well water will turn into hard rocks.
  Later, the evil devil was defeated by God and relegated to hell to suffer. However, the devil’s curse has not been lifted. For hundreds of years, many petrified objects have been left by the well, and the outer edge of the well has become more and more like a skull, which makes the locals live in fear all year round.
  Man-made “Magic Well”?
  Of course, the legend of the devil is not credible. Someone pointed out that the “Magic Well” and its legend are probably a prank made by the locals.
  Adventurers test products
  who hold this view believe that, in fact, this is a normal wells, brown shell and petrochemical side of the spring and hat, water bottle, bicycle, are man-made; they simply manufacturing costs not much effort , You only need to use cement mixed with pigments. The reason why the locals want to create such a “magic well” is to sensationalize and use people’s curiosity to stimulate the local tourism industry. This is like the crop circles that were all the rage in the UK in the past. It was later confirmed that many of these circles were artificially created.
  Is this really the case? of course not. After many people’s experiments (including skeptics), it is confirmed that the water in this well does have terrible “petrochemical” magic power, and the “test products” such as hats and kettles hanging on the side of the well are indeed not made by humans. They were indeed turned into stone by the well water.
  Is the groundwater polluted?
  Excluding man-made factors, some people believe that the “magic well” is probably formed after groundwater pollution.
  Groundwater pollution mainly refers to the phenomenon that human activities cause changes in the chemical composition, physical properties, and biological characteristics of groundwater, which reduces the quality of water. There are three main reasons for groundwater pollution: one is the direct discharge of industrial or mining wastewater into the ground, the other is the intrusion of contaminated surface water into the underground aquifer, and the third is that the polluted water seeps into the ground due to excessive use of pesticides. .
  Because the stratum below the surface is more complex and the groundwater flows very slowly, it is difficult for people to discover the process of groundwater pollution. Once the groundwater is contaminated, the content of harmful components in the well water, such as phenol, chromium, mercury, arsenic, radioactive substances, bacteria, organic matter, etc., will greatly increase, making the well water not only undrinkable, but also when the harmful substances in the water come into contact with objects. It will also precipitate on its surface, forming a hard shell like a stone film. This is the origin of “stone hat”, “stone kettle” and so on.
  However, after scientists have tested it, the groundwater here has not been contaminated.
  The mystery of well water petrochemical
  although tests showed well water is not contaminated, scientists have discovered a terrible secret.
  In fact, the reputation of this well has not always been so bad; on the contrary, it once had outstanding “contributions”. Long ago, this well had a miraculous healing function. As long as the sick people bathed in the well water, their condition would gradually get better. Later, when locals discovered that the well water had petrochemical functions, the well’s reputation became worse and worse.
  So, what mysterious substance does the well water contain?
  Scientists’ test results tell us that there is a high content of minerals in the water of this well. Once it comes into contact with other objects, the minerals will form a film on the surface of the object; under long-term sunlight, this film will become The hard mineral shell makes the whole object extremely hard like a stone. This kind of petrochemical process is similar to the formation principle of stalactites and stalagmites: when water with dissolved calcium carbonate drips from the ceiling of the cave, the dissolved calcium in the water will become solid again due to the evaporation of water and the escape of carbon dioxide, namely stalactites. And stalagmites. People in the limestone region of southwest my country know that a kettle for boiling hot water always has a thick crust at the bottom. The component of this crust is calcium carbonate.
  Scientists believe that compared with the formation process of stalactites and stalagmites, the petrification of this well in North Yorkshire, England is stronger, and the process of turning objects into stone is faster. Because of the high mineral content, neither humans nor animals can drink the water from the well.
  After clarifying the truth about the “Magic Well”, many tourists came here in particular. One of them named Monty White wrote on his blog: “When I saw petrified teddy bear dolls hanging by the well , Seeing all kinds of clothes-like, shoe-like, umbrella-like stones, I realized that I was admiring an extremely magical geological wonder!”