The only underwater post office in the world

  Vanuatu is an island country in the South Pacific, consisting of 4 large islands and 80 small islands. Here, there are beautiful tropical scenery, warm and hospitable residents, especially the world-famous underwater diving area, the fascinating world of underwater flora and fauna, attracting thousands of tourists every year. Visitors who have been to Vanuatu’s underwater sightseeing will not forget that there is a peculiar post office under the sea near the beach in Port Vila, the capital. The only underwater post office in the world was officially opened at the end of May 2003. From the outside, it looks like a huge can, 3 meters high and only 2 meters in diameter. Four employees from the headquarters of Vanuatu Post Co., Ltd. became employees of this underwater post office.
  Generally speaking, the underwater post office is open for at least one hour a day. If the underwater post office opens, flagged buoys will float on the water. When employees collect mail and cancel stamps at the underwater post office, colorful and docile tropical fish will swim around him.
  The underwater post office is also equipped with a post office box, and divers can come here to mail waterproof postcards, and the salesperson will stamp their postcards. Of course, instead of the traditional way of canceling stamps with ink, they used a date stamp with embossed patterns to print a special embossed pattern to indicate that the postcard has been sent. If people don’t want to swim directly to the underwater post office for business, they can also use a special pen on the shore to write a letter on the postcard, and the postal staff will drop the postcard into the underwater mailbox or simply send it to the mail processing. center.
  What makes the four employees of the underwater post office most proud is that they all have ocean free diving certificates. Bring a diving certificate, they can dive anywhere in the world. They said that diving is second nature to them. In Vanuatu, the sea is their main resource, so they are very experienced in diving, just like playing games for children.
  The underwater post office can sell 2 types of waterproof postcards, and Vanuatu Post plans to develop more varieties. In the beginning, not many people were interested in mailing letters at the underwater post office. But with the increasing advertising campaign, this business has become very popular. In addition, Vanuatu Post Office will receive about 30 e-mails every day for more information about the underwater post office. At present, the underwater post office receives more than 30 postcards every day, most of which are sent to Australia, Japan and Europe. With the promotion of the island’s characteristics and the increase in popularity, the business situation is getting better and better. With good luck, 100 postcards can be sent and received.
  The idea of ​​establishing an underwater post office came from Hollins, general manager of Vanuatu Post Co., Ltd. He said: “Because the ocean occupies a very important place in the lives of our residents, the idea of ​​building a post office under water reflects this to a certain extent. This new post office is very special, it is to establish Vanuatu’s postal image, A good way to promote the development of tourism and local business.” Hollins also said that the current underwater post office is in balance. However, he hopes that through large-scale publicity, the business income of the underwater post office can increase with the prosperity of the tourism industry.
  Vanuatu Post Co., Ltd. is a small organization with only 35 employees. After several years of losses, in 2002, Vanuatu Post gained more than 22 million vatu (that is, more than 151,000 US dollars) in operating income. In the past 3 years, Vanuatu postal revenue has increased by 56%, expenditures have increased by only 7%, delivery outlets have increased by 15%, mail business has increased slightly, and the goal of on-time delivery has reached 90%.
  Due to the large differences in topography, there are many difficulties in providing universal postal services for all Vanuatu people. In the past, the postal service in rural areas of Vanuatu was very poor. In recent years, Vanuatu Post has opened 22 new postal retail outlets, bringing the total number of post offices in rural areas and islands to 31. Although operating expenses are much higher than business income, Vanuatu Post still promises to provide universal postal services.
  In order to provide high-quality services to rural communities, Vanuatu Post and the National Bank of Vanuatu formed a strategic alliance. This alliance allows the two institutions to provide users with high-quality services, longer business hours, closer outlets to users, and all costs are shared equally .

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