The horror of crossing the Mediterranean island

  In order to heal her emotional injury, Dorina, an Italian girl, went on vacation on the island of Dior in St. Egypt in the Mediterranean, but inadvertently broke into an ominous forbidden area. This is a murderous house that seems to have memories and can take people through automatically. Dolina actually traveled to the past and witnessed the scene of a murder that happened here that year. Was it the telling of the dead souls, or was there another mystery? What is the hidden secret behind the murder case that has been concluded?
  Island haunted house
  , aged 22 Duo Lina living in the Italian city of Pescara. In May 2012, Dolina had a big fight with her boyfriend Kasson because she suspected that she had an affair with another woman, and ran away from home in anger. At the seaside wharf, Dolina jumped on a passenger ship heading to Dior Island in Saint Egypt very casually. The island is very large, but there is no hotel to stay in. Dolina wanted to go back by boat, but was told that the next passenger ferry would not have it until a week later.
  It was not until it was getting dark that Dolina found a for sale sign standing in front of a house, so she tried to call the number above and begged the other party to rent the house to her for a week. The man who answered the phone agreed. However, he said that he is not on the island now. If Dorina keeps her word, she will put the rent on the table in the living room when she leaves, and the house key is under the carpet in front of the door.
  The house was covered with dust. It seems that no one has lived for a long time.
  There was a photo frame on the bedside table in the bedroom. Dorina picked it up curiously and wiped the dust off. In the photo, a pair of lovers hugged each other tightly. The man was handsome and the woman was charming and dignified. At this time, there was a knock on the door outside. Dorina put down the frame and walked over to open the door. A young woman stood in the doorway with a few envelopes in her hand. Seeing Dolina, the woman was slightly startled and said: “I thought it was Keane who came back? Here are a few letters to him.”
  Dorina explained quickly. After hearing her introduction, the woman said that her name was Olita and she lived in the house on the left. Seeing the lights were on here, she thought someone had returned. “Aren’t you afraid to live here alone?” Olita asked.
  Dorina said annoyed that she was not afraid, but the house was too dirty.
  ”But, you probably didn’t know that there was a murder case here a year ago?” The outspoken Olita spoke vividly.
  The couple originally lived in this house. The male owner, Kean, works outside the island and rarely goes home. One evening in May 2011, Kiri, who had been away for more than two months, returned to the island and found his wife Sarah in a pool of blood. At this moment, a man sprang out of the bedroom. Kiri immediately rushed forward, and after a fierce fight, he subdued the opponent. Facing the police’s questioning, the man named Dalessio refused to admit that he had killed someone, only that he was a thief. However, the court finally found him guilty of murder and sentenced him to life imprisonment. After the burial of his wife, Kiri never returned to the island.
  ”The body was found there. Sara was stabbed with more than 30 knives. It was terrifying.” Olita pointed to the aisle leading to the kitchen in the living room, then lowered her voice and said mysteriously: ” However, I suspect that the murderer was not Dalecio. Because since the beginning of last year, Sara always said that she saw a strange man in the house. Once the man leaped over with a knife, she closed her eyes in fright and opened it again. When it opened, the man disappeared again. I think there might be something unclean here.” Olita kindly invited Dorina to live in her home, and Dorina agreed immediately.
  Olita’s husband, Palino, is also a enthusiastic person, graciously packing out the guest room for Dorina to live in. Before going to bed, Dolina received a call from her boyfriend. Casson was worried about her, and Dorina was somewhat moved. But then they quarreled again as they talked. Dorina turned off the phone angrily. This night, Dorina had a terrible dream. In the dream, a man held a knife and stabbed Sara. When the man slowly turned around, Dorina saw in horror that this person was actually The man in the photo-Sara’s husband Kian!
  Through murder
  Duo Lina awakened from a nightmare and found that the sky is already bright. She carefully recollected the strange dream, and suddenly had a bold speculation. Perhaps, the murderer is really someone else. That is the husband of the deceased, Kian! Of course, there must be a motive to kill. Dorina usually likes to read mystery novels, so it is easy to think of one, that is, Kian has another woman outside the island. When she thinks of this, Kasson’s shadow flashes in her mind.
  After having breakfast with the Olita and his wife, Dorina said she was going to travel on the island alone, so she slipped back to the murder house of Kean’s house. Dolina learned from the detectives in the book, and began to look for clues that the murderer might have left behind. However, rummaged through the corners of the house, but Dolina had no gain. She stood in the living room in frustration, staring at the aisle where Olita said the murder occurred.
  At this moment, something strange happened. A thin mist suddenly evaporated on the floor of the aisle, accompanied by a faint pleasant smell. Dolina just felt her body become light, floating off the ground like a balloon, and finally floating on the ceiling. When she looked down intently, she couldn’t help being taken aback. The dusty, dirty and run-down living room was now completely new: the white walls, the newly waxed floor, and a low humming sound. From the kitchen. Dorina wanted to move her body to see who was singing, but her body seemed to be nailed to the ceiling, she couldn’t move.
  At this moment, a man opened the door and walked in. Although his front face could not be seen from above, Dorina recognized at a glance that this person was Kian in the photo. He walked slowly to the sofa and picked up the fruit-cutting knife from the fruit bowl on the coffee table. At this time, Sarah, the hostess, appeared at the kitchen door with a smile on her plate.
  A shocking scene appeared: Kian suddenly jumped up and pounced on the knife, stabs his wife. Sara shook her body a few times and slowly fell down, but Kian seemed to be unsure of her breath, and the knife in his hand continued to jab at Sara. Blood splashed all around, and Dorina’s eyes turned into a blood red… I
  don’t know when all the voices in her ears disappeared. Dorina opened her eyes tremblingly, and found herself still standing in the dilapidated living room. The corpse, blood, murderer… are all gone.
  Dorina rushed into Olita’s house breathlessly, shocking the couple. “The murderer…no, not Dalessio, I, I saw…” Dorina said incoherently, before she calmed down for a long time, and said the scene she had just seen in the murder house.
  ”It’s impossible! Do you have a fever?” Olita raised her hand and touched Dorina’s forehead. “I swear that everything is true, and it is you who said that Sara has repeatedly said that she has seen ghosts in the house.” Dorina said confidently.
  ”Even if what you said is true, but at the time you were looking down from a high position, how can you guarantee that the murderer you saw must be Kian?” Olita still didn’t believe it.
  ”I’ve seen pictures of him. His hair is hazel.” Dorina hesitated when asked by Olita.
  ”Oh my God, you see that Palino’s hair is also hazel, you can’t rely on this to make you think that the murderer is Kian?” Olita laughed and rubbed her husband’s hazel curly hair. When Olita said this, Dorina also began to lose her confidence. She tried to remember, and had to admit that the reason why she immediately believed that the murderer in the illusion was Gian was completely out of the dream she had last night. In fact, From beginning to end, she didn’t see the man’s face clearly.

  ”Don’t you really believe that Sara’s ghost is giving you any hint?” Palino said with a skeptical look, and suggested Dorina go see a psychiatrist.
  Palino’s attitude greatly irritated Dorina and asked Olita to go with her to the murder house to verify. Olita waved her hands repeatedly and refused. In the end, Palino accompanied Dorina on a trip. However, they stayed at the murder scene for a full two hours, and Sara’s ghost did not appear. Facing Palino’s narrow smile, Dolina said angrily, maybe Sara’s ghost didn’t want to see him, so it hid it.
  ”Why does Sara avoid me?” Palino asked teasingly. Dorina was going crazy, she blurted out without thinking: “Who knows, maybe she is afraid of you, because you are the murderer!” A
  trace of anger and tension rose on Palino’s face. But he quickly recovered his calm, and said in a joking tone: “Yes, maybe, maybe I will kill you.” Then he turned and walked outside the door. Dorina’s heart trembled, and her eyes widened and stared at Palino’s back with some horror, like an electric flint. Another conjecture came out of Dorina’s mind, and a chill suddenly came up from the soles of her feet, with fear tightening. Holds her heart tightly.
  The truth surfaced
  during the day, taking advantage of short Ao Lita couple were not at home when empty, Duo Lina searched photos Dar Theo on the computer, this guy long hair, thick black hair, and they saw “murderer “Not at all. So, does Sara’s ghost want to show her Kian or Palino? Dorina decided to return to the scene of the murder, hoping that Sara could replay the murder process this time.
  Dorina quietly returned to Kean’s house and sat quietly on the sofa in the living room, waiting for Sara to show up again. However, until dark, Sara’s ghost did not appear. Dorina stood up disappointedly and prepared to leave. At this moment, a creaking sound suddenly rang, which shocked Dorina. She looked over at the sound and found that an old rocking chair in the corner of the wall had somehow moved on its own, by showing through the window. In the dim moonlight coming in, the silhouette of a person appeared on the chair!
  ”I know you are Palino, and you killed Sara.” Dolina said calmly, “Because you found out that your wife had an affair with Kian, you wanted to sneak into the house and kill Kian, but you killed Sa by mistake. Pull.”
  ”Kean sent you to investigate me, right? He has been suspicious of me.” Palino’s voice suddenly sounded behind Dorina, shaking her with fright, turning her head suddenly, but Seeing Palino standing ghostly at the door.
  ”You…” Dolina was so surprised that her tongue was knotted. She turned and looked at the rocking chair, but found that the figure on it had disappeared. Palino walked towards Dorina step by step, and Dorina couldn’t help backing up until she was forced to the corner.
  ”Listen to me, I didn’t mean to kill her.” Palino raised her hands and stretched out towards Dorina. Dorina yelled, suddenly raised the knife, and stabbed Palino. At this moment, another powerful hand suddenly stretched out in the dark to hold her hand tightly. Dorina yelled in horror, struggling desperately. In the chaos, she heard Casson’s voice ringing in her ears: “Oh my God! Dorina, what’s wrong with you?” When
  Dorina woke up quietly, I found myself lying in an unfamiliar room, sitting beside him with a concerned Kazon. It turned out that Kasson received a call from Dolina and heard that she was living in a haunted murder house. She was very worried. She ran to the pier early in the morning and rented a boat to the island of Saint Dior, Egypt. It’s just that it took him some more time to find the house until dark. As soon as I walked to the door, I heard Dorina scream. When he rushed in, he saw Dorina stabbing a man with a knife. So rushed to stop her.
  Casson told her that Palino had surrendered to the police and admitted to killing Sara. Because his wife often praised Kian in front of her, Palino suspected that they were ambiguous. He knew that Keane was not at home that day, so he went to Sarah and wanted to talk to her about it. As a result, a white smoke suddenly appeared on the floor of her living room, and then he saw a terrible shadow rushing towards him, and in a hurry, he grabbed the fruit knife on the coffee table and stabbed the shadow.
  When he woke up, he found Sarah lying on the ground covered in blood. Palino was scared, and hurriedly erased the fingerprints and footprints on the murder weapon and fled. Soon, news came that the murderer had caught him, and it was a burglar. But Palino, who was pregnant with a ghost, couldn’t completely let go of his heart, always felt that Kian was suspicious of himself.
  ”He also said white mist …… saw the white mist?” Duo Lina muttered, then jumped out of bed, cried: “I have to talk to the police and, perhaps Parinaud not lie.”
  Duo Lina The narration aroused the attention of the police. After repeated inquiries, they found that both Palino and Dorina mentioned in the narration that the white mist appeared accompanied by a good smell. After careful investigation, the police did not find that Palino had any feasts with the Kian couple, and there was no personal affair between her wife and Kian. Palino is a very kind person on weekdays. How could he stabbed Sara more than thirty times for no reason?
  The police hired a geologist, and after a field survey, it was accidentally discovered that the Kian’s house was really weird. There were two geological faults passing through the house, and their intersection was just below the living room. One of the cracks had traces of spring water.
  After sampling and analyzing the sediments of underground spring water, experts found that it contained hydrocarbon gases such as methane, ethane and ethylene. The fragrant scent that Dolina smelled is exactly what the vinyl exudes.
  Geologists immediately carried out further surveys of the island’s geology and discovered that the near-Cretaceous rock formations of Dior Island in Saint Egypt contained bituminous limestone, of which the content of petroleum organic matter was as high as 20%. The hydrocarbon gas in the spring water may have escaped after the asphalt limestone was heated and decomposed due to geological activities, and then rose to the surface along the fault. Experiments have confirmed that a mixed gas with an ethylene content of 20% can make people unconscious, and a content of less than 20% can also make people feel trance. People who inhale often feel “soul out of their body” and are accompanied by hallucinations.
  The reason why Dorina had the illusion of “recurring murder” should stem from her psychological hint. First of all, she had a conflict with Kasson, and she had the subconscious perception that men are not good things, and even suspected that Sara’s husband was the murderer, and had a realistic dream that night. When she inhaled the gas containing ethylene, the fantasy in her subconscious became a real scene and appeared before her eyes. Later, she slammed and locked the suspected object as Palino, and found out the real murderer. And Palino seems to have killed Sara under the control of hallucinations, but after closer examination, the real murderer is not the suspicion and hatred of Kian lurking in his heart!