The hijacking of aliens in ancient Ireland

  One day, Prince Kangra met a beautiful woman. The woman invited him to a magical place where the people were free from worries and sorrows and immortal. The strange thing is that no one except Kangra can see the fairy. The terrified king summoned the priests and used spells to drive away the fairies. The fairy gave Kangra an apple before she left.
  Kangra has eaten this apple every day since then. Every time he eats a portion, the apple will return to its original shape the next day. With the passage of time, Kangra’s miss for the fairy increased day by day, and finally one day, the fairy found Kangra again. Kang La left the world on the fairy boat and rushed to the fairyland.
  From today’s perspective, it recorded a classic third-type contact event. To be more precise, it was a case of hijacking, an event in which intelligent alien creatures induced or forced humans on Earth to leave the Earth on their vehicles.
  Comparing several classic hijacking cases in modern times, we will find that this story has almost all the characteristics of a classic hijacking case. Like most cases of hijacking, the process of Kangra being hijacked is also divided into three steps: visit, visit again (or multiple visits), and leave the earth with alien tools. Before taking Kangra away, the “fairy” had contacted him at least twice as a human female. In this case, only Kangra can see her. Others can only hear the voice, but can’t see any real objects. Interestingly, the “fairy” also told Kangra about the condition of the “Wonderland” (the settlement of alien civilization). According to her description, people living in “Wonderland” are immortal and live in exceptional harmony.
  Many details in this legend also provide strong evidence for its hijacking theory. It is mentioned in the legend that “the fairy boat is shining and gliding straight in the air like a crystal”, which easily reminds us of the appearance and behavior characteristics of UFOs described in numerous sighting reports.
  In addition, the “fairy” said this paragraph before taking Kangra on the “Xianfang”: “I saw the bright sun sink. Although (our destination) is far away, we can arrive before the darkness. The phrase “I saw the bright sun sink” provided an important message. In fact, if a person is sitting in an aircraft that is leaving the solar system from the earth, he will be able to see this spectacular scene. This process can be easily reproduced on a computer using astronomy software. The last noteworthy detail is that at the end of the story, “Fairy” and Kangra ride in the “Xianfang” towards the sun. Now we all know that there is only one result of driving in the direction of the sun: leaving the earth. If this story is not true, it is hard to imagine that with the level of human knowledge at the time, the editor of the legend was able to write these details that were not helpful to the plot and he himself could not understand. Therefore, I believe that this is an alien abduction incident that occurred in ancient Ireland, and it has been more completely preserved in folklore.