Ten weird ways to predict the future: Interpretation of the unsolved mystery of prophecy

  From ancient magicians and wizards to the present tarot cards and crystal balls, people always hope to know in advance what will happen in the future. There are indeed some mysterious forces in the world that let us know the future, which we call prophecies. This article will tell you several prophecies that have been passed down since ancient times. Of course, believe it or not.
  Death Clock
  If you can predict the future, then you want to see their exact time of death it? Predicting our life span is a huge project. Government insurance and pension companies spend billions of dollars on predicting the time of our death. The vital statistics of life insurance can give a rough estimate. The frightening thing is that some statisticians believe that with certain information, they can reduce the difference in prediction results to within 3 years. But death is not a good equalizer. When the god of death holding a sickle might knock on your door, sex and race have a huge impact on it.
  There are many factors that determine how long you can live, and genes account for a large proportion. But this has only recently been discovered. Human genes are a very broad field. Some genes can give your death code, and people can use modern technology to explain this code. Other determinants include housing, income, lifestyle, habits, and smoking. The statistician of the death clock analyzes the data and then associates it with your genetic results to finally get the length of your life. Oh, but this calculation method certainly does not include accidents like air crashes or car accidents.
  Time travel
  Okay, now I am talking about is the traditional way to predict the future is different from the one exception, in fact it is not even a way. This concept can be traced back to 700 AD. Time travel means to travel between different places, shuttle between different points of time, without having to go through intermediate stages (at least not under normal circumstances), to transport to a certain time before or in the future. Goals (or sometimes just some information).
  Although time travel has long been a common storyline in science fiction, and in the theory of special relativity, if the speed of light exceeds the speed of light, one-way time travel may theoretically be realized in the future. The same is true for the change in the rate of gravity field in general relativity. But people still don’t know whether the rules of physics can allow time travel back in time. Some interpretations of time travel also indicate that time travel back in the past may bring a person into a parallel universe. When the traveler reaches the past, the original future of the traveler will be rewritten here.
  Einstein’s theory is very simple, even children can explain it, and only when we have equipment that can exceed the speed of light, we can implement this theory. If we can realize this theory, then it can also become a successful way to predict the future.
  super consciousness also commonly referred sixth sense, that is, not to get information through the physical senses but spiritual sense of awareness. This phrase implies the use of existing established scientific theories—for example, that organism can only obtain information by methods other than information from the past to the present.
  It is believed that the hypnotized person can exhibit superconsciousness. Carl Sargent, who majored in psychology at the University of Cambridge, designed an experiment after learning about the early statements about the connection between hypnosis and superconsciousness. He found 40 college students who never thought they were superconscious, and divided them into two groups. One group was hypnotized before taking a test of 25 Zener cards that could perceive superpowers, and the other group could take the same card test on their own. A self-aware group of 25 cards has guessed 5, which is a relatively normal probability. The score of the hypnotized group was more than 2 times higher than that of this group, with an average of 11.9 guesses from 25 frames.
  From this, people infer that remote viewing or the Bible can allow people to obtain information about distant or invisible targets through the use of superpowers, superconsciousness, or telepathy. Remote viewers can generally give information about an object outside the field of view and at a certain distance. This kind of sensing and remote viewing was very popular in the 1990s, after which the Stargate Project, the US federal government’s $20 million investigation into whether superpowers can be used in military applications, was also declassified.
  Michel de NOTERDAEME (Michel de Nostradame) was born in 1503 in France, also known as Nostradamus. He is a physician, astrologer, and fluent in Greek, Latin, and Hebrew. Thousands of his followers believe that he still has the ability to predict the future. He predicted World War II, the atomic bomb, the assassination of President Kennedy, and the moon landing in the 16th century. But how did he successfully predict these things, and what methods did he use to see such a distant future and space?
  Some people say that he is a 16th-century hippie who will do the work of predicting the future without sleep: first use some mild psychedelic drugs, and then stare at the candle flames to predict. But Nostradamus claimed that his publication of prophecy was based on fair astrology, that is, to assess future developments through astrology. However, professional contemporary astrologers such as Lauren Vidal have violently criticized this incompetent “comparative astrology” (compare the positions of the planets with those past events). The term predicting the future. People have been following his language for 500 years and are still trying to interpret more of his prophecies. If his method is correct and can be applied now, then maybe we will end our bad luck.
  Future dream
  dream future is the ability to see the future in a dream. In order to be able to dream of the future, this ability requires the user to be unconscious. But people still don’t know whether users can use this ability as they please.
  People can make different interpretations of dreams. Generally speaking, there are big differences between dreams and actual events. Regardless of whether these dreams are on the surface or not, there are variables in reality. When and where the event will happen, or whether it is just a natural result that cannot be changed is still unknown. At the same time, dreams may be extremely close to actual events. The limits of how close dreams can be to reality are still unknown. Whether people who use this ability can remember a lot of details after waking up depends on whether the dream occurred in rapid eye movement sleep (REM). Some people also think these dreams are as unreliable as telepathy.
  Animal prediction ability
  Animals are everywhere, but can humans not understand the meaning of their actions? Well, it is very possible, because animals’ reactions and feelings are closely related to the occurrence of disasters. They can predict disasters in advance, but we cannot understand how they do this. People have believed for centuries that animals can predict earthquakes.
  In 373 AD, according to historians, animals including rats, snakes, and weasels fled the city a few days before the Greek Helikai earthquake. Many similar animals predict earthquakes that have happened from time to time for centuries. Catfish will migrate on a large scale, chickens will stop laying eggs, and bees will leave their hives in panic. Countless owners have claimed to have witnessed their cats or dogs becoming very strange before an earthquake: barking or wailing for no reason, or appearing nervous and irritable. But what exactly the animals feel and whether they feel any way remains a mystery. There is a theory that wild and domestic animals can feel the earth shaking earlier than humans. Other theories suggest that they are very sensitive to electromagnetic changes in the air or the gases released by the earth.

  Before a huge tsunami destroyed the coast and drowned hundreds of people, an elephant screamed frantically, broke the chain that tied it to the tree, and fled to the high ground. Does the elephant know that a deadly tsunami is coming? In interviews with scientists and eyewitnesses, it can be seen that some animals have the ability to predict natural disasters before we know them. For example, some animals may “hear” the infrasound of storms-sounds caused by natural phenomena, including sounds that humans cannot hear from earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, and storms. This ability may give elephants and other animals enough time to react and escape to a safe place. Another explanation is that animals may be more sensitive to electromagnetics.
  Big Crunch theory of the universe
  who would have thought to see the stars can get information about our past and future of it? Pay tribute to the ancient Egyptians who invented writing and made pyramids. Even the earliest astronomers were born in that period. When they began to use the method of tracking the trajectory of the stars to predict the annual output of the Nile, they mastered astronomy. Even after 5000 years, this doctrine is still helpful to us. This theory holds that life and events that have occurred in the past or present may also replicate themselves in the distant future. This is the theory of the Great Collapse of the Universe. In order to explain this theory, we must first trace back to the origin of time itself. The universe began with a big bang, and time began to count from then (this happened 14 billion years ago) and then it began to expand continuously to gradually accelerate The speed continues to expand. Einstein’s theory believes that this expansion will eventually reach a turning point, and then everything will fall back, and so on. In this case, the universe will eventually collapse and everything will be wiped out. When the universe collapses back to its original size, its interior will be filled with a lot of energy-this is a closed space-and then there will be another big bang, everything expands again, plants regenerate, stars reappear, the universe and Time starts from zero again.
  In cosmic physics, the Great Collapse is something that is likely to happen in the future of the universe. When space collapses, the universe disintegrates again, and the cycle continues.
  People will use Tarot cards to calculate various securities, life spans, purchase of real estate and other issues, but most people will calculate questions about love. love? Oh, of course! It is always closely related to love, and it is love that brings these lovely ladies.
  Carl Jung was the first psychoanalyst to affirm the significance of tarot cards. He is likely to regard the Tarot cards as prototypes: the basic form of people or situations buried deep in the common consciousness of all human beings. The prototype theory has some applications in psychoanalysis. Because cards represent different prototypes, by letting people choose a card that they “recognize”, people can gain a sense of themselves about the thing they want. Similarly, by imagining the original idea that is closely related to each card, you can also try to see the current situation clearly. For example, someone is as reckless as a sword knight, or like the sword two (no action option) in the Rider-Waite-Smith card, blindly throwing the world into trouble.
  The modern Timothy Leary once proposed that the trump card in the tarot card is a painting that shows human beings grow from a baby to an adult. “Fool” represents a newborn baby, and “Magician” represents The baby starts to learn to play tricks and so on. In Lily’s view, the trump card of the Tarot card can probably be regarded as a blueprint for human development.
  Crystal ball
  crystal ball divination is a kind of magic to see something through the media, the usual aim is to look at some footage super powers, and secondly for the future divination or fortune-telling. Generally, it uses reflective translucent or luminous substances, such as crystal, stone, glass, mirror, water, fire or smoke. Crystal ball divination in many cultures represents a way of seeing the past, present, or predicting the future. Under different cultures and operations, viewers will see divine metaphors, souls, soul thoughts, demons or subconscious minds in the media.
  Crystal ball divination is widely used in many cultures and beliefs, and it is not limited to one’s tradition or ideology. In 2009, the parapsychological Ganzfield experiment inspired by crystal ball divination provided the best laboratory evidence for this extraordinary function.
  Palmistry, which is what we call palmistry, is the art of explaining character and predicting the future through the study of the palm of the hand. This tradition exists all over the world, and it is different in different cultures. Palmistry can be traced back to India, and this art spread from India to China, Egypt, Persia and other European cities. Palmistry spread from China to Greece. Anaxagoras researched and applied it. However, modern palm readers often combine traditional prediction techniques with psychology, holistic therapy, and different methods of divination.
  Palmistry involves “reading” a person’s palm to interpret the person’s character or predict the future. It is said that it can be interpreted by the relative size, depth and intersection of different “lines” (lifelines, emotional lines, etc.) and “protrusions”. Sometimes people who read palmistry will also look at the texture of the fingers, nails, fingerprints, and palm skin (dermatoglyphics), the texture and color of the skin, the shape of the palm, and the flexibility of the hand. The viewer usually looks at the person’s “dominant hand” first-the hand he or she writes or uses the most-sometimes people think it represents consciousness, while the other hand represents the subconscious. Palmistry in some countries also believes that the other hand represents genetics or family traditions. For spectators with different cosmological views, it can sometimes convey information about the past or destiny.
  Most people believe that palmistry has a character analysis system that has been investigated and verified. But so far, there is no decisive evidence for the relationship between these handprints and a person’s personality. It can only be inferred from analysis that the person has a chromosomal disease or belongs to a statistical group classified by the proportion of fingers group.