They met while drinking morning wine.
  The weather is cold and wet, and the rain is about to fall. Lei Ruo if nothing; the two seem to have planned to spend a day in the bar, but such a day is really suitable for staying indoors, and the atmosphere is really suitable for a drink. A few cups.
  The wine bureau started in the morning. They were the first customers today. The taste of the small bar on the corner of the street hasn’t finished at night. The two of them sat at the opposite ends of the bar, not knowing what happened, and they started talking. They didn’t plan to find someone to kill the time, but it was logical that their seats got closer and closer. They are all well versed in the way of drinking people-neither can pour a breath, nor just taste it; as long as they maintain proper drinking, then the other party behaves well in other scenes, or whether the two of them smoke too much, etc. Yes, it doesn’t matter to them.
  His name is Laurent and her name is Laurent. This coincidence made them feel terribly funny, and they couldn’t help but tell everyone who came into the bar and sat near them. After a long time, it turns out that the two of them are almost the same: getting married, divorced, and having a cold relationship with them. They have lived in this town all their lives. The only difference is that she was a sophomore who dropped out of college, and he was a big soldier who was expelled. The feeling that the two of them met late also made each other very funny, funny enough to have another drink. They drank for a while, until he   said ,
  ”I like you.”
She said, “You’re not bad.”
  ”Do you just have such a reaction?”
  ”This is a perfect compliment. You are quite good.” Funny.”
  ”Ha. It’s really the impression I want to leave on others. Funny guy. It sounds like I’m spinning fast, spinning like shrapnel while throwing witty words.” He shook He shook his head, “Why do I feel that this compliment is blatantly exaggerating?”
  ”As far as I know, this is just saying that you are a funny guy.”
  ”Have you never seen that old movie “Good Guy ” ? ”
  ” I have nothing shit interest in film. ”
  ”A bunch of mafia wandering around in the bar. One of them called the other funny guy, and after a while that person felt that he was seriously insulted. Then someone might be about to take a gun or something.
  ” I only know that I have never heard of such a thing. I’m just saying you are funny.”
  He replied: “Then I can hardly accept it.”
  ”Then I’m really relieved.”
  Then he said: “Hey , Have you heard of that castle?”
  ”What castle?”
  ”What you know is the one that everyone has been talking about. The one by the sea.”
  She vaguely imagined. That thing. She remembered that just yesterday, right here, someone had talked about it. “I’ve always wanted to see it. It’s just too busy.”
  He said, “It looks like it’s raining. Phil, do you think it’s raining?”
  The window glass of this shop is too dark, not too dark. It’s easy to see outside, so all serious assessments of the weather fall on the kind of customers who don’t hesitate to go out of the bar to see; but the day-shift bartender Phil has long learned how to deal with this other kind of customers: Yes, it’s always been the case.”
  Laurent said: “We’ve waited too long, and the rain will make that thing messy.”
  Laurent asked, “So?”
  “So what is that thing? On the beach a block away? We should take advantage of the opportunity to go there and take a look.”
  She glanced at the wine in the glass, and there was still a sip from the drink. Of course, she couldn’t count the wines that could have been drunk, and a certain part of her mourned. Immediately afterwards, she couldn’t help thinking about it, having another drink, and it was good to think about it; but another part of her remembered the past: At that time, alcohol was the pathway for her to unlock her nature, and it was the lubrication that made her unpredictable. It’s not something that can hold her on the same stool for two or three hours. An unexpected tour of the castle was a good condolence for her whimsical disappearance. “Okay, yes.”
  They left the bar and headed for the beach. This is a seaside town that can always smell the sea breeze and coexist with the weather blowing from the sea; this is still a town where the temperature changes sharply once the weather turns cold, so it feels like the air is piercing their bones at this moment. It was wrapped in a wet coat soaked in salt water. As far as Loren or Lauren had noticed, the current weather conditions had lasted for almost ten days and had not been able to condense into rain; however, Phil was indeed right. It’s like raining.
  When they reached the end of the road, a wooden barrier stood in front of the tall grass, separating the residents’ street from the beach. After walking for a few minutes on the narrow sand track between the sidewalk and the beach, they arrived at the seaside, where the grey water, silted with seaweed and other debris, beat the shore.
  A huge sand castle is on the beach.
  A team of artists has been busy for three days to build such a sand castle in order to become the world’s top in this pleasant but basically useless skill. They stepped on their little tails in warm weather and came to the beach to create such a short-lived masterpiece. People also rushed in, watching the construction happily. Newspapers, TV and even online videos are all reporting on this project that caused a sensation in the local area and will be destroyed by a heavy rain. All those who can reach here on foot or by car, who have a little bit of curiosity, have all come to visit, just to record this scene in their own brains; as the weather is no longer warm, the crowd is becoming thinner. , Let it wait in the wind and rain for the doomed destruction.
  According to similar standards, it is extremely large: a four-foot-tall wall carved into a brick structure surrounds the castle; under the low arch, there is a narrow and intact walkway that simulates a suspension bridge over the moat. Standing next to a stick, it said “No entry! Sculptures are fragile!” Looking inside, on the other side of the courtyard stands a ten-foot-tall castle with towers, walls and windows, and its structure is complex. There is a downward gate with a colonnade, guarded by two sand sculpture guards on each side, blocking the entrance to the internal structure, but from the gap you can see enough black space, it is easy to think of the inside Continuation of the outstanding level of detail: the complete audience room, bedroom, and the inevitable private conspiracy of courtiers. The entrance is like an arched mouse hole. If the colonnade is opened by someone one day, its size is just right for a person to crawl into the interior with hands and feet.
  Lauren had never thought about how she would react to this place—maybe a little fun—but the actual reaction caught her by surprise: she felt sad. This castle may be a whimsical and stupid thing, but it is also a monument; it commemorates the passion of certain people, the joy they have gained in the process of creating hard, no matter how short the life of this creation is, it is still for those who watch it. People bring joy. She can’t help comparing this with her daily life: alimony maintains her life, part-time jobs (which are about to be lost) fill the void in her life, and the grown-up children have their own way, and she will not let her get involved. among them. This is a place where individual people share some form of happiness, making her feel offended by her existence, and this feeling of offended has long been used by her to numb herself. This thought would put her in the great danger of rashness.