Tucker’s newly bought refrigerator was covered with a layer of rosy blue light. Allie really hoped it was the sunlight outside the window, but it was a pity that it was raining outside. Even if it is not raining, depending on the orientation of their kitchen windows, it is impossible to get light at night. In addition. Allie is also pretty sure that this is not a problem of lighting. After all, the other metal appliances in the kitchen are still glowing with cold gray as usual. She shook her head. “There is a big problem with this refrigerator.”
  ”Yeah,” her husband Kyle said. He picked up a glass from under the ice dispenser and said, “The damn ice maker is broken.” A
  strangely colored light leaked from the refrigerator, and he was actually concerned about the ice? what is happening? There was a deep creak in the freezer compartment of the refrigerator. If his new BMW made this noise, he would have called the mechanic instead of just clicking on the control screen.
  ”Junk stuff!” Kyle shouted, slamming a fist on the control screen.
  Allie shrank. His anger did not know where it came from. She wasn’t worried that she was in danger. No, he has never done anything to her. He didn’t need it. If a man who is six feet two tall and as strong as a tank happens to have an irritable personality, then he doesn’t need to do it, but anyone younger than him will treat him with respect.
  Obviously, the machine is too soft and afraid of hard. I saw a green light on the control screen. There was also the sound of the machine running from behind the refrigerator.
  Kyle gave a proud smile. “Unfortunately.”
  He put the cup under the ice dispenser again. But the green light on the screen flashed a few times and then went out.
  ”Fuck you,” he snarled in a low voice, “you tell the bastards bought by Baijia, and fix them for me before Saturday, otherwise they will regret knowing me Kyle H. Tower. Mr. K’s!”
  In fact, Ellie has regretted it recently.
  I saw him banging downstairs to the basement, where there was a working refrigerator. Ellie leaned against the food delivery port in the dining room, trying to relax. This extreme emotional change is just a management strategy he is trying. Although Kyle can persevere in kneeling and licking senior partners in the law firms of Blalock, Mills, and Zhang’s law firm, he really doesn’t have much patience when it comes to long-term emotional abuse.
  At least, she convinced herself so, even though the seeds of anxiety had taken root in her brain. If she was convinced that he was emotionally abusing her, then she would have to find a divorce lawyer who was harsher than Mills or Mr. Zhang. This is a fantasy.
  At the top of the control screen, a row of colorful lights flashes in sequence from left to right, and then a group of two lights, a group of three lights, and a group of five lights flashing together. Has this machine been reconsidered? Really smart. She grabbed a cup from the drain rack and placed it under the ice dispenser.
  no response. She tried to restart the refrigerator according to the instructions, but the refrigerator did not like her fingers as well as Kyle’s fingers. Now she understands why the deliveryman has obliterated his phone number from the receipt. He is not joking with her. He is just avoiding complaints. This product has so many “special functions”, it is estimated that it is particularly prone to problems. The worst thing is that he still uses a marker. The receipt has been placed on the black granite kitchen counter in the only place where water can accumulate. Now the number on the receipt is a mess.
  The kitchen clock shows that it is now 7:45, and in fifteen minutes, the after-sales customer service of Baijia will be off work. Allie rubbed her temples. Today, she was at home all day, working remotely while waiting for the deliveryman to come. She was exhausted, but she had to go shopping later. If Kyle went shopping for groceries, he would definitely find a way to fill up the food storage room at home—they couldn’t afford it now. Every time Kyle shopped, he seemed to have become a partner in the law firm. But if you can handle the after-sales problem tonight, it will be worthwhile to sleep in the shopping cart.
  The customer service representative of Baijiamai who was in charge of answering Ellie’s phone call was Neesa. After hearing her situation, she sighed. “I’m sorry, we don’t have your address in our system.”
  ”There must be,” Allie said, “Baijiamai deducted money from my account.”
  ”The deduction is in charge of the finance department. They leave work at five o’clock.”
  Allie pinched the bridge of her nose. “I’m not looking for finance. I just need to come and fix the refrigerator you just sent today.”
  ”Madam, the problem is here. Baijiamai didn’t deliver anything to your address. We haven’t had any trips to Pennsylvania this week. The arrangement of the Radner dispatch.”
  ”But let me tell you, that refrigerator is right here, in my kitchen. I’m staring at it now.” In Ellie’s mind, both hunger and anxiety The hammer is tapping her skull in turns, it is not a wise move to get angry in this state. The light of the refrigerator has disappeared, but the two-color phosphorescence still remains in the fine lines of the brushed steel surface.
  Sky blue powder. The word suddenly popped out of Ellie’s mind—it was a non-existent color that his high school boyfriend came up with to describe indescribable things. His name is Jason Foss. She hadn’t thought of Jason for years.
  ”Madam, this is impossible.” Neresa insisted, “This Centaur XLII is currently out of stock.”
  ”I can send you a photo.” Allie said softly. If Kyle has become more adept at using anger as a management tool, then Ellie is about to become an expert in negative confrontation. “And it’s not just the refrigerator, I have a receipt here.”
  She picked up the receipt and looked at it carefully. “The top of the receipt says Baijiabuy, and the bottom is the contact number. The installer is…J. Foss?” Her voice turned into a questioning rising tone, “This is impossible.”
  No, this is impossible. It is true that the man looks a little familiar and his age is similar. But what can this prove? From high school to college, she was surrounded by a bunch of boys with thick glasses and rustic hairstyles. According to the current situation of an old classmate she later ran into, this group of people have been in this shape all their lives. So this “J. Foss” cannot be Jason. He couldn’t be a blue-collar worker so close to his alma mater in high school. He will be recognized by classmates whose grades are worse than him.
  ”Of course not. This Centaur XLII will take at least two weeks to be restocked.”
  ”I understand, but there is a broken refrigerator in front of me, and my husband’s boss and his wife are coming over for dinner this weekend.”
  ”It sounds like our service department’s job.”
  ”That’s OK. Please transfer me to the service department.”
  ”I can make an appointment directly for you.”
  ”That’s great,” Allie said, “When can you come to fix it?”
  ”Two weeks from tomorrow.”
  ”You are here .” Are you kidding?”
  ”No, ma’am. The company stipulates that we are not allowed to joke with customers.”
  But someone must be joking with her, and when Ellie finds out who this person is, she will definitely make them regret it. But before that, she shouldn’t put her anger on Neresa, this woman did nothing wrong, and she also counted on Neresa to make an appointment for her on-site service. She took a deep breath and changed the calm and rational tone she used to speak to poorly performing employees at the bank.