Plant blood type solves God’s case

  As we all know, humans and animals have blood, and there are different “blood types”. What is surprising is that plants also have blood types. Recently, the forensic doctor Inoue Aspiration of the Tokyo Police Research Institute in Japan proved this to the world.
  The 26-year-old Yijun Nari lives in Tokyo. She is an elegant woman who is both singing and dancing. At a dinner, she met the 68-year-old rich man Matsumoto Jiang. Although there was a huge age difference, Izumi Nari agreed to his marriage proposal.
  But not long after marriage, Matsumoto Jiang went on a public date with a 20-year-old model. The stingy Matsumoto also quit the babysitter at home, leaving Ijun Nari to do all the housework alone. Not only that, but Matsumoto will personally check the expenses of household expenses.
  Looking back at my marriage, I asked for money but no money, and I wanted to be merciless. Yichun Nali gradually turned from hope to resentment, even coldness and viciousness.
  In February 2016, Matsumoto River caught a cold and fell into a coma. Yi Junna Rika suddenly came to life. She used calcium tablets instead of fever medicine, which made Matsumoto’s illness worse. On February 16th, Yi Jun Nali saw the timing, put on gloves, and smothered him to death with Matsumoto’s pillow. Unfortunately, when she did this, she suddenly found that the gardener Shunsuke had just brought the newly bought lawn mower.
  Izumi Nari is not sure when Shunsuke arrived in the yard. She went to the garden and said to Shunsuke, “I want to go out.” Shunsuke signaled that she would leave as soon as she tried the lawn mower. After finishing talking, Yijun Nali drove to the city dry cleaners to pick up the clothes. When she got home, Shunsuke had already left. So she immediately called the police, saying that her husband was unfortunately killed at home! The murderer was Shunsuke the gardener.
  The police rushed to Yichun Nali’s house. The forensic department collected evidence on the spot, but they did not find any blood. Izuna Rashi cried and said, “The money in the bedroom is gone. He must have killed the master when he came in to steal something.”
  Faced with the master’s blaming, Shunsuke couldn’t argue. Mr. Shi Inoue, a forensic doctor in the Criminal Investigation Department who was in charge of this case, once again came to the home of Izumi Nari. He took some samples from Matsumoto’s pillow and brought them back to the institute. It turned out that Matsumoto’s pillow actually had a weak AB blood type reaction.
  According to the survey, Ijuna Rashi and Matsumoto E are both O blood type, and Shunsuke happens to be AB blood type. In front of the evidence, Shunsuke cried loudly for injustice. At this time, a female assistant of Shi Inoue suddenly said: “Mr. Ito and his wife are both blood type O, only Shunsuke is blood type AB, is it possible that the buckwheat in the pillow is also blood type AB?”
  This mysterious reminder was given to Inoue Zhi a great enlightenment. In order to clarify the truth, Inoue Shi came to Izumi Nari’s house for the third time and took away Matsumotoe’s pillow, and conducted a “blood type” test on the buckwheat husk inside the pillow. The result surprised him: the buckwheat husk was actually Shows the characteristics of AB blood type!
  Plants have no blood, so how can there be blood types? In order to demonstrate this, Inoue Shi conducted experiments on 150 kinds of vegetables, fruits, and hundreds of plant seeds. The results showed that 79 kinds of plants had blood type reactions. In these plants, most of the blood types are O type, and the rest are AB and B types.
  It turns out that the blood type in the human body is determined by the blood group sugars in the cells. Type O blood, type A blood, and type B blood are determined by fucose, N-acetyl, and D-galactose, respectively. Plants also have the same blood type substances as humans. The seeds and fruits of most plants also contain blood type substances. Therefore, Inoue Shi can extract AB blood type from buckwheat husk!
  As a result, the case achieved a major breakthrough. Not only did Inoue Shi find evidence from the scientific argument, but Matsumoto’s autopsy report showed that he should have died before Shunsuke arrived at Izun’s house. Bubbles appeared in his lungs, which indicated that he died of suffocation. Shunsuke was acquitted, but during the interrogation, Yijun Nari was trembling with tears and fright, and confessed to her crime.