Interesting Christmas customs around the world

  Although Christmas has been lively and lively for many years, but after all, this festival is a festival of “imports”. Below, let us first go to countries that have a long history with Christmas to observe and shake people’s interesting and peculiarities. Christmas customs!
  United States
  , Alaska, in front of each house is usually decorated with pineapple type of jewelry, on behalf of the owner’s hospitality. In the capital of Washington, the governor will personally light up the huge and spectacular Christmas tree. Boston is famous for the celebration of chants. Hawaii, Santa Claus came by boat. In California, Santa Claus comes with a surfboard. Colorado, set a huge star model on the top of the mountain, which can be seen even in Pennsylvania.
  In France, the manger is the most distinctive symbol of Christmas, because Jesus was born according to legend beside the manger. After singing the Christmas song praising Jesus, people must drink happily. Champagne and brandy are traditional French Christmas wines.
  in the subconscious Englishman’s Christmas must eat happy. So Christmas dinner is extremely rich, including pork, roast turkey, Christmas pudding, Christmas minced meat pie and so on. Everyone in the family has a gift, even the servants. The gifts are distributed on Christmas morning. Sometimes when the choir sings Christmas songs from door to door, they will be invited into the house by the host to entertain refreshments or give small gifts.
  in Germany, has been relatively strict German people have happily drinking beer or white wine, sweets, food acids, acid trotters, beer braised beef, dairy products and all kinds of lettuce. Every family that believes in Jesus in Germany has a Christmas tree, which was the first to appear in Germany. Germans are very particular about making Christmas cakes. There are many styles of cakes, which are given to each other between relatives and friends.
  Christmas is a major feature of Australia, and the best Christmas gift parents give their children is a small water paddling. On holiday evening, take a drink to the forest to hold a “Babel House” picnic. People use dry branches to make a fire in an open-air stove built with stones, and an iron plate is placed on it, and sausages, beef, fresh fish, etc. are put on top for frying. After eating and drinking, they danced a “disco” or “kangaroo dance”, and the noise did not end until late at night. In Australia, women of marriageable age will also pour molten tin into cold water at Christmas time and look at its shape to predict the appearance, tall, short and thin of the husband in the future.
  In Poland, every year December 25, Christmas celebrations held on the 26th, every household decorated Christmas tree, ornaments are sold on the streets of the Christmas tree. During the holiday, relatives and friends congratulate each other and give gifts to each other to show friendship. When eating at night, put some grass under the tablecloth to show the birth of Jesus. Dinner is very rich, but meat is not allowed. After twelve o’clock in the evening, the family went to church to worship. During Christmas, people generally do not visit other people’s homes, except for those who are kindly invited by the host.
  In Italy, every Christmas, we all like home placed on some models nativity story. On the eve of Christmas, the family reunited for a big meal and attended Christmas Mass at midnight. Then everyone went to visit relatives and friends, but only children and the elderly received gifts. There is a good custom in Italy at Christmas. In order to thank their parents for a year of upbringing, children will hide their compositions or poems in napkins, tablecloths or plates before eating Christmas dinner. Take it out and read it aloud after eating a big meal.
  according to Bulgarian calendar, Christmas is haunted soul, Yaoxie crazy day. Therefore, people must use fire to drive away evil spirits. On the eve of Christmas, fires were set ablaze in every family until dawn, and they must not be extinguished, otherwise they would cause misfortune. The man took the Christmas wood and set it alight into the house and said loudly: “Christmas is coming, cows, sheep, pigs, and horses are full of circles, wheat shoots are full of ridges, and everyone is lucky.” The people waiting in the house are all. Replied: “Amen!”
  The Swiss Santa Claus is different from the well-known Santa Claus. The Swiss Santa Claus wears a white robe and a mask. They are often dressed up by poor people, asking for food and gifts from the rich in groups, and only splitting the proceeds when they leave.
  In the Philippines, December 16 Christmas Day began nine days is Christmas. People often pray for 9 days, and devout believers get up at 4 o’clock in the morning to pray. They believe that they can get the special blessings of the Infant Jesus and the Virgin Mary, and the Christmas celebration will not end until the 22nd, when they come to Asahi for three days.
  In Norway, on Christmas Eve, before going to bed each family member needs to be arranged in a descending shoes. Norwegians believe that by doing this, their families can find peace and peace in the coming year. The next morning, the family met each other and sang their favorite Christmas songs.