In the future, these technologies will give you superpowers

  Magnetic implantation
  of this technology allows you instantly have a variety of sports super power, can perceive things around, picked up a small metal object, and may even allow you to transform into Spider-Man to save mankind. After this technology is used, magnets are usually implanted in the palms or fingers so that you can feel nearby magnetic fields and microwaves. When something approaches you, you will feel the vibration. In addition, you can also capture sound waves, ultraviolet rays, high-frequency radio signals, and heat data, and feed back information about various scenes that are invisible to the naked eye to the implanted magnet.
  Head transplant
  only think, not impossible! The brain is the most delicate organ of the human body. When a donor’s head is transplanted to a patient, the scalp is numb just thinking about it. Researchers from the Advanced Neural Coordination Research Organization in Turin, Italy believe that head transplant surgery can be achieved within two years. This technology can save patients suffering from cancer, as well as those suffering from nerve and muscle atrophy. Of course, regardless of whether this technology can become a reality two years later, at present, it can only be a legend.
  Human power
  idle is idle, nothing points electricity it! In a stadium in Rio de Janeiro, people can use “energy-harvesting tiles” to collect the energy generated when footsteps fall to generate electricity. At the same time, this technology has also been applied to shopping centers, subway stations, airports and other crowded places. Feel too tired to walk? Then try using sweat, mouth and body temperature to generate electricity! It is said that scientists can already extract electricity from sweat and convert the energy generated by chewing and body temperature into electricity. In the future, what should I do if the mobile phone is out of power and there is no charging power supply everywhere? It’s very simple. Just chew with your mouth to get electricity!
  Smart tattoo
  In the imagination of scientists, smart tattoos will no longer be a mere painting, it will allow you to have more cool experiences! Detecting human activity and heartbeat are only its basic functions, and it can also detect whether you have signs of illness. Still not strong enough? Well, it is estimated that the University of Illinois has successfully developed a tattoo that functions like an NFC chip, which can meet your requirements. Imagine that when you turn on and enter the door, just raise your hand to open it through tattoo recognition, and mobile payment as long as the tattoo provides the key, is it too cool to stop?
  Internet access Contacts
  Are you still envy Google glasses? Then you are OUT! Professor Parviz of the University of Washington predicts that contact lenses that can connect to the Internet will appear before 2030. An LED set is arranged on the lens of this contact lens, which can perform facial recognition, display the identity of the person seeing it, and automatically translate the subtitles on the lens. Wear it when you see a stranger, you can get to know each other right away, cool enough!
  Mind Reader – clone your mind
  if you read science fiction film “Black Mirror” it? Remember the scene inside? A copy of the consciousness of the person in the play is placed in a small device, which becomes the smart center of the home. It’s dawn, it will adjust the sun, the room temperature, and the music that wakes you up; when you’re hungry, it can automatically connect to the oven to bake bread for you… In the real world, the realization of family interconnection with copies of consciousness is a bit far away, but the current technology It can already help stroke paralyzed patients learn to edit emails, play video games, and surf the Internet with their minds. For many people, this kind of technology may be really helpful. I hope this kind of technology can enter ordinary families as soon as possible!
  Human body invisibility chameleon
  ”The farthest distance in the world is not life and death, but when I stand in front of you but you can’t see me.” This is the human body “invisibility suit” that American scientists are working hard to develop with the environment. You hide in the environment, undetected by people. It is said that this technology is expected to be tested in the near future. It can adapt to various temperatures and various weathers. It is said that the weight of this cloak will not exceed 0.45 kg, and it can work continuously for 8 hours. In the future, can children use this invisibility suit to play hide and seek games? I’m so excited to think about it!
  If the above-mentioned technologies that have been put into use or other technologies that are still in the imagination of scientists are successfully tested, what will our world look like? Will it be safer and more convenient, or will it become dangerous? Can you imagine that in a society where everyone wears invisibility and has superpowers, can people live safely and at ease? Surely you will be flustered and sleepless all night. Therefore, invention and innovation is a science. How to use these innovative technologies reasonably and safely and let them serve mankind honestly is even more a science!