Ghost submarine

  There are two common ghost submarines at sea, one is the submarine that reappears after missing for many years, and the other is the submarine that comes and goes without a trace. Although they are both called ghost submarines, the nature of the two submarines is obviously different. This article focuses on collecting and sorting out those submarines that come and go without a trace.
  According to records, during a naval battle between the United States and Japan during World War II, the Japanese combined fleet and the US aircraft carrier Kitty Hawk were tracked by a mysterious submarine. When it was discovered by the ship, it disappeared without a trace in the blink of an eye. In the ocean near the Mariana Islands, when the US and Japanese fleets fought fiercely, this mysterious submarine suddenly appeared again, but it was just watching the battle, not participating. At first, both sides suspected that it had any intentions, or that the good fisherman would profit by sitting on the mountain and watching the tigers fight. However, neither side expected that it rescued many soldiers who fell into the water on both sides of the war – sending the fallen soldiers onto the lifeboats with ordinary mysterious waves. Watching the battle without participating in the battle, saving people without leaving a name, this mysterious submarine becomes more mysterious.
  The speed and response of this mysterious submarine are astonishingly fast. Even at such a high degree of modernization, no country can build such a submarine. For a long time, the US Navy has referred to this mysterious submarine as a ghost submarine, and believes that whoever can obtain the technology to build ghost submarines will win the future naval battles. For this reason, after World War II, the United States, the Soviet Union, and many NATO countries ambitiously used their country’s most advanced submarines to conduct careful searches in the Pacific, Atlantic and other relevant waters, but they all returned in vain. The ghost submarine, like a myth, has evaporated on the ocean and never appeared again. For this reason, many people question the authenticity of ghost submarines.
  It was not until the end of the 1960s that people discovered ghost submarines in the vast waters of the South Pacific. It tracked the submarine many times, and sometimes appeared on the sea as a whole. When the fleet sent a helicopter to approach it, it immediately disappeared without a trace. Especially when the USS Enterprise was preparing to counterattack after it was discovered in the Pacific Ocean, the ghost submarine suddenly disappeared from the sonar location. By the end of the 1980s, ghost submarines continued to appear in Scandinavian waters and sneaked into some military ports in Norway, Sweden and other countries.
  In 1990, during a large-scale military exercise organized by NATO, the ghost submarine made a public appearance. For this uninvited guest, many NATO countries are very wary on the one hand and want to intercept it for their own use. As a result, more than 10 warships from many countries were in the same hatred, and all kinds of shells and depth bombs rained on their targets. But it disappeared silently in the bombing of bullets in full view. When the ghost submarine surfaced again, all the radio communication systems, radars, sonars, etc. on the warships on the scene all failed and did not automatically return to normal until the ghost submarine left. The military used the most advanced anti-submarine “killer” torpedo to automatically track the target, but unexpectedly, the “killer” torpedo not only did not explode, but disappeared without a trace. As a result, military researchers and experts from many countries can’t decide, the ghost submarine is piloted by aliens. Fortunately, the ghost submarine has no intention of attacking NATO’s military targets, otherwise the consequences would be disastrous.
  Even if an alien is driving a ghost submarine, there should always be a base on the earth. At this time, people naturally think of the troubled sea area-the Bermuda Triangle, so some people combined the collected data to conclude that the Bermuda Triangle is close to the Bahamas. The base of the ghost submarine is under the sea of ​​the archipelago. It is based on the fact that in 1985, British underwater explorers discovered a huge underwater structure at a depth of 1,000 meters in the waters near the Bahamas. It seemed that there were machines roaring inside.
  This discovery stirred up waves like a stone and aroused great interest among explorers. In July 1993, a team of experts from the United States and France discovered a huge undersea pyramid in this piece of water. Scientifically measured, the bottom of the tower is 300 meters long and 200 meters high, and the spire is 100 meters from the sea. There are also two huge holes in the pyramid, and the water flows in and out at an alarming speed, making the sea in this area misty. Many people think that the two huge water holes above the undersea pyramids are where ghost submarines enter and exit.
  There is also a record that shows that the ghost submarine and UFO are brothers. In the late 1960s, a ghost submarine was found frozen by ice in the waters near the Nekola Peninsula in the Soviet Arctic Circle. The Soviet military thought it was an American submarine that had invaded the border, and quickly sent a large number of fighters to capture it. At this moment, the UFO came, and all communications, radars, and various instruments on the fighter plane stopped operating. The UFO flies to the ghost submarine to help it break the ice and open the way, so that the ghost submarine can be freed.
  Researchers also believe that aliens are divided into two categories after they arrive on Earth, one is on the ground and the other is underwater. Underwater aliens built ghost submarines and used the underwater pyramids in the Bermuda Triangle as a base for activities.
  It is also believed that while human beings climbed from the bottom of the sea to the land, one group remained on the bottom of the sea. This submarine group has already developed into a highly civilized and highly intelligent creature. The undersea people are the closest neighbors of the people on the earth, so they have no intention of attacking the people on the earth. The Bermuda Undersea Pyramids are nothing but electromagnetic networks built by the undersea people. The mysterious events that people have collected about Bermuda are all the masterpieces of people on the bottom of the sea. One day, those planes, ships, and people missing in the Bermuda waters will be sent back to the earth one after another, and this is what people have found floating in this waters many times. The unmanned ship, or the crew who disappeared years ago, reappeared. However, after returning to the surface of the earth many years ago, the crew members who disappeared have no memory of the missing period, just like what happened yesterday, and no matter how many years have passed, the age of the missing person has not changed at all. Researchers have been unable to explain these phenomena. They have to pessimistically believe that, in order to fully solve the mystery of the Bermuda Triangle and the ghost submarine, it is only possible when humans and the civilization of the undersea people are close to understand the driving of the ghost submarine. Is it an alien or an undersea man? At the same time, I also hope that mankind will not easily become enemies with ghost submarines for self-interest, thereby ruining human civilization, because ghost submarines do not harm humanity. If there are people on the seabed, human beings should protect the marine environment from pollution and maintain a good marine ecological balance, whether for themselves or for the seabed humans. Because after all, human beings have only one home, the earth.