Ghost mystery

  You can’t dream of how many colleges you ask.
  - Shakespeare
  you must have felt this way: if there is something in the next to move around; back hair cool; it was breath back, but no one behind …… From ancient times, people have believed that souls of the dead were killed in their place Or the place of burial is wandering, the ancient Greek philosopher Plato is also a faithful believer in the theory of “soul immortality”. We always suspect that at a certain time and place, ghosts will crawl out of the grave and wander around in our lives. To this day, some people have repeatedly claimed to have seen ghosts with their own eyes, and many people have even photographed ghosts in their photographs. For ghosts, we have natural curiosity, but we also have inexplicable fear. So, do ghosts really exist? Can scientists provide reasonable explanations for the various adventures of witnesses?
  Let us walk into the alien space and explore the truth behind the ghost.
  There is no more ideal ghost capital than England. As the country with the most ghost legends, there are more than 300 places on the land of Britain that are rumored to be haunted. There are also various types of ghosts, from headless knights to hell ghosts, almost omnipresent. The “ghost hunting” industry in the UK is also very developed, with more than 500 associations studying supernatural phenomena, which has become a special industry.
  In the early 1930s, there was a very strange house in Essex, England. The house was built on the ruins of a medieval monastery. When the priest Lionel A. Foster and his daughter Marianne moved in, strange things happened frequently. Childish, scribbled writing began to appear on the walls of the house; Marianne said that she was dragged out of bed by something invisible at night and was violently attacked; a crock in the house was lost inexplicably, but after a while The jar came back on its own; the door of the room was suddenly locked by itself, and everyone in the house was asked about it, but they didn’t know anything about it; at night, the priest was reading in the room, and the book on the shelf fell off the shelf by himself? This is only a very small part of the strange things that happened. In the first two years of their moving into the house, the pastor recorded about 2,000 unexplainable strange things in his diary.
  In response to these strange events, in 1931 and 1935, the occultist Harry Price came here twice to conduct field investigations. His first conclusion is: all the problems are purely in the field of psychological research, or purely man-made, ghosts do not exist here. But the second time, Price changed his old saying and declared the house a haunted house. Since then, it has become a famous haunted house.
  A similar haunted house also appeared in the Lamb Inn, a country inn in southern England. What happened here is almost a replica of the haunted house in Essex. The difference is that Lamb Inn is open to the public and welcomes visitors at any time. The haunted rumors in the inn have attracted a lot of business for the inn owner, and many customers come for the ghosts.
  In order to make the ghost nowhere to hide under the gaze of modern science and the detection of sophisticated instruments, the supernatural detectives Julie and Mark Hunter and their colleague Dr. Paul Lee rushed to the Lamb Inn. They placed motion detection cameras in the inn to capture the visions and so-called “ghosts” in the house. There seemed to be ghosts lingering in the inn, and many strange things happened on their first day. Julie saw someone coming down the stairs, and suddenly disappeared again. At night, Julie even saw the ghost in the legend of the inn. The ghost stood a few meters away from her, staring at her. She even felt that the ghost could touch her as long as she reached out her hand, and from her Through the body. Her husband, Mark, saw a piece of furniture being thrown downstairs and almost hit him. But when he went upstairs to check, he found that there was no one upstairs.
  These things made them both scared and excited. Through the detection of the camera, they were surprised to find that the camera captured a cloud of human-shaped fog. Is this dazzling light a ghost? Does this mean that the ghost is changing from an invisible state to a human form, or is changing from a human form to an invisible state? The three of them were a little confused.
  Uninvited “ghosts” in the laboratory
  After returning from the Lamb Inn, the Hunters asked Vic Tandy, a scientist at Coventry University, about this mysterious phenomenon. After Tandy heard this, he was very interested, because he happened to have a similar experience recently. One night, Tandy worked tirelessly in the laboratory alone. Unknowingly, time entered midnight, and suddenly Tandy felt that a gray object had moved to his left. It didn’t feel very obvious at first, but something did move slightly. It slowly moved to Tandy’s side, and then it seemed to begin to condense. Slowly, it seemed to grow hands and feet. Such a terrifying situation made Tandy hold his breath. But he wanted to see exactly what it was. However, just when he turned his head to take a closer look, the mass of things slowly disappeared. The next day, the same strange thing happened again. The gray mass appeared again, and it slowly moved towards Tandy. The difference is that this time it is coming so aggressively, even the things in the room seem to be shaking. When Tandy tried to see it clearly again, it disappeared again.
  In the reports of many witnesses who claimed to have seen ghosts, this thing is the so-called ghost, and it is also something that the Hunters and their colleagues took with detection cameras. But as a scientific worker, Tandy believes there is another reason for this. He thought, perhaps it was caused by the airflow causing the noise, and the noise caused the movement of the air. However, no large-scale equipment enough to cause airflow was installed in the laboratory. But he didn’t give up this idea. One day, he stumbled upon a large exhaust fan in the laboratory. It was installed a long time ago, and he had forgotten it.
  Undoubtedly, Tandy found the answer for the ghost in the laboratory, and the culprit was the big exhaust fan. The exhaust fan produces infrasound, a low-frequency sound wave that human ears cannot hear. The frequency of infrasound is extremely low and can only make the inner ear canal vibrate slightly. Animals can hear infrasound, but humans cannot. According to NASA’s research on the impact of infrasound waves on human vision, low-frequency infrasound waves first make people short of breath, then make people feel uneasy, produce a lot of weird feelings, and may even cause people to hallucinate. In addition, the reason why the unidentified objects are gray is that the peripheral light at the corner of the eye itself is monochromatic, and the use of a monochromatic line of sight will definitely form a gray field of vision-the central part of the retina will filter out the low and medium spatial frequencies. Light-when people change their angles, such as turning their heads to look again, because the corner of the eye is no longer used, the gray color disappears, and the unknown object naturally disappears.
  In order to determine that this is the truth of the ghost, Richard Wiseman, a professor of psychology at the University of Hartford, further studied Tandy’s conclusions. In an experiment, he played a piece of music to the audience. In some chapters, he deliberately mixed infrasound. As a result, the audience’s reaction was very strong, showing emotions such as anxiety, sadness, fear, and even strong hatred, which are very similar to how people feel when they are in a ghost.   Richard Wiseman
  , the wronged “ghost” in the palace,
also organized the largest survey of supernatural phenomena in history. He led a group of experts, with the assistance of 500 members of the public, to conduct ghost hunting experiments in Hampton Palace, the most terrifying haunted house in Britain, surrounded by various ghost rumors.
  Hampton Court is located on the outskirts of London. It was built by a cardinal and later became the residence of Henry VIII. For 500 years, it has witnessed many dramatic events in British history. Catherine Howard, the fifth wife of Henry VIII, was locked here for adultery. One night, Catherine escaped, crying and begging Henry VIII to forgive herself. But the hard-hearted Henry VIII refused her request, and Catherine was dragged back screaming and was sent to the guillotine the next day. Since then, a series of ghost rumors have occurred in this 16th century palace. Centuries later, some people still claim to have heard Catherine’s desperate cry. In 2003, someone filmed a ghost in a cloak at the entrance of Hampton Court. The appearance of this ghost photo seems to further confirm the haunted rumors, making tourists more eager. The visitors who enter the palace do feel creepy. Ian Franklin, a guard at Hampton Court Palace, said: “The palace often gives people a sense of fear and horror. It always feels like someone is pushing or kicking you behind them.”
  Wiseman’s investigation team found that the palace There is indeed something wrong. Tourists fainted inexplicably at a few specific scenic spots. Those who did not fainted also felt different tastes, but could not tell what was going on. The investigators asked these people to write down the various peculiar feelings they had experienced, thereby determining the haunted location. After the location was determined, investigators set up dense infrared cameras and closely monitored changes in the physical environment.
  Wiseman clearly saw from the camera that when visitors entered the palace, their emotions and behavior changed for no apparent reason. Some people appear to be very anxious; others appear to be very sad; others are very scared or even disgusted; some people really fainted inexplicably. When these tourists came out of the palace, Wiseman asked them how they felt, and almost 50% of them said they saw strange things. Some people say that they feel that someone is breathing next to them, and they see things appearing and disappearing from time to time around the corner. Some people say that they suddenly felt a chill, especially when they walked to the corridor where the ghost of Catherine in the legend often haunts, there is still a burning sensation on the arm. When I entered a certain place, I felt the temperature inside changed, and the cold thing was right beside me. Nearly a quarter of people directly described these experiences as ghosts.
  Interestingly, it was precisely in these places where the anomaly occurred, investigators found a particularly strong magnetic field. In this regard, Professor Michael Possinger, who is studying the influence of magnetic fields on human brain activities, explained: If a specific magnetic field is set around the human brain, it can create a sense of reality, as if there are really Something, or a person standing beside you. Therefore, many mysterious experiences are actually caused by brain activities, and these activities can be simulated through experiments. It turns out that everything is caused by the magnetic field.