Ghost hitchhiker

  Event F: through time and space
  in this event in 1988, but I can not remember a few months, it should be autumn or winter, when it gets dark early, I just Formby visited one of my sick friend, to After Moss, return to Orton. I chose the route B5195 along Formby Lane, passing through the farm parks of Greater Altka and Ted.
  Although it was still dusk, the sky was already dark, and it was covered by mist. Visibility was greatly reduced, but not everything was invisible. Due to the changeable road, my speed was slower than usual. When I was approaching Ted Farm, I slowed down again and prepared to stop. At this moment, I saw a person sitting in the back of the car, just behind me but the door never opened. How did he get in? I dared not turn my head to look at him, nor did I dare to look in the rearview mirror. I was really scared. I had never experienced anything like this. Even though I am not religious, I still read the Lord’s Prayer over and over again. Hope I can be protected from this person.
  I continued to drive, and at this time I felt that he probably wouldn’t hurt me, and my fear abated. When I was preparing to stop at a parking spot, he got out of the car, and I felt the big rock that was pressing on my heart was removed. I glanced at him. He is a mature middle-aged man, agile and strong enough, and wearing a leather skirt or apron.
  What I want to emphasize is that no matter he gets in and out of the car, the door has never been opened. When I was slowing down, he came to the car and got out of the car when I was about to stop.
  Whenever I drive here into the wide lane, I often let hitchhikers get in the car and take them to the local hotel or other destination. But the riders are not modern people, they should be people a few centuries ago. I tried to solve the strange things I experienced. Perhaps the slowing of the car and the diffuse fog triggered my old memories? That is, if someone travels through time and wants to take my ride? But I can’t recall having such an experience. The explanation I am most satisfied with is that I let a hitchhiker from a few centuries ago get in my car. He may be from the Roman era, because he was wearing a leather apron. He may be looking for a hotel. I think it may be because Moss had experienced many battles and many foreigners died here.
  Event G: A strange fire
  Mrs. B of Birkdale recounted her experience around 2000, when she took a private car along the Carl Moss Lane towards Birkdale and Southport. The road is parallel to the Gregory Lane, but at a distance. There were two friends, a man and a woman, who drove the car. It was not summer, it was about ten o’clock in the evening.
  Suddenly the car left the road and drove into a ditch. Fortunately, no one was injured, so they all climbed out of the car. There was a fire on the side of the road about six meters away from the accident, and it seemed that it had not burned for a long time. They didn’t know where they were, only that it was Moss Flat, there were no houses around, and no one was seen. Who would make a fire on this side of the road, and why do you make a fire in this remote place? They left the scene and walked a long way, asking for help to return home.
  Mrs. B’s story did not show any supernatural phenomena, but she felt that her strange experience was also instructive. She thought that the Harsol Moss area itself was strange.
  Event H: possible sign of
  Mrs. C Bosque told her husband suffered a tragic injury. Her husband is a road maintenance worker and a steam roller driver who repairs the Prix Moss driveway in Halsall Moss. His colleague recalled that on a Thursday in May 1986 at 1 p.m., the weather was clear. At that time, he drove the roller slowly on the road, and suddenly the roller changed direction and hit the ditch.
  A few years later, Mrs. C met a lady who was studying Moss’s bizarre events. The lady told Mrs. C that an insider had seen a supernatural phenomenon before her husband died: an Air Force personnel during the Second World War, wearing a flight jacket, a helmet and a white scarf, was walking In the middle of the road where Mrs. C’s husband was working, the soldier walked out of an old car.
  The woman said that many people had seen the ghost of this World War II veteran, and he always showed up at the moment before Moss’ death. It can be said that his appearance is a sign. She also told Mrs. C that many people died strangely on the highway in Moss, and many people had witnessed ghosts and strange flashes.
  It can be seen that the bizarre event has spread to the entire region, rather than just occurring in one or two specific locations. Incidents C and D occurred on the same road as two other similar incidents reported in the newspaper, both in Halsall and the stable center. The center is located on Gregory Lane, close to the southeast side of the bridge spanning the abandoned railway line. In view of the fact that the scene of these four incidents is very close to the stable center, it stands to reason that the person in charge of the center should receive a call, but the center has not received any similar reports since it opened in 1983 or 1984.
  From the analysis of the story type, the road accident rate of Halsol Moss is higher than average. The “Champion” sent a free information questionnaire to the Lancashire Police Station, hoping to get some real data. The police station’s problems focused on the station, including 8 accidents. Newcastle Lane and Gregory Lane crossed several times. It covers the period from 2008.5.8 to 2015.2.28, which is the latest situation of the new information system. The data shows that among 85 crashes, there are 56 “injuries” and 29 “only minor injuries.” In 6 years and 10 months, there are an average of 12.5 crashes every year, almost one every month, assuming this It is a wide lane, subjectively speaking, this number is too high; however, there are always many difficulties in making objective comparisons because we do not have data on overall traffic flow.
  Undoubtedly, the locations of the first sightings of the disappearance of free-riders are very close and cause concern. They have many things in common, and the following points are summarized from the data:
  Most incidents (except for incident A with two ladies) involve one person. A total of 6 women and 3 men were involved in these incidents. In all incidents, the witnesses were motorists. Except for event A, all events occurred at night or when it was dark. The incident occurred under various weather conditions. Only in incident A there is a supernatural person interacting with witnesses, even if it’s just “he laughed at us”. All supernatural figures are male.
  In the book “Evidence of Ghostly Hitchhiking”, Michelle Gauss sets up a series of concrete manifestations that can constitute strange phenomena, including the final interaction between the ghostly rider and the witness, and unaccompanied Of drivers agree to the rider’s boarding, and the dialogue between the two before the rider disappears. It is worth mentioning that such incidents have occurred in every country in the world. For many centuries, people of all ethnic groups and different cultures have circulated such strange stories.
  However, the incidents described above are incomprehensible, or there are no investigation results. The incidents just “occured”, but I don’t know why they happened. Because of this, they are usually not part of folklore conventions, but more like The main project of psychological research, these ghosts disappeared suddenly and no longer appeared as soon as they appeared.
  This bizarre experience may be explained from the perspective of physiology and psychology: when the eye receives photons of light (waves/particles), the photons are shot on the retina and converted into electrical impulses, which are transmitted to the optic nerve. The received information is transferred and processed through a series of systems and procedures, during which neurotransmitters on the synapses are used, and then transmitted to the brain through electrical impulses for further processing. The eye does not process all the information that hits the retina, but concentrates on processing light from a meaningful angle, such as dark enough light and colored light; the gaps in the brain are filled with imagination and past experiences or memories to understand the eye And the results processed by the vision system. In other words, we always actively understand what our eyes see.
  We have reason to assume that many drivers will definitely be more alert and focused when driving on the road of Halsall Moss, because there are many sharp turns on this road and it is often covered by fog. Driving here is Risky. Therefore, the driver will draw more information from the external environment than usual. In this case, some factors in the environment, such as fog, fragrance, certain smell, sound, etc., will suddenly cause the driver to feel that other people are sitting in the car. The combined effect of the above-mentioned multiple perceptions will produce a perception of additional information.
  I deliberately ignored two related stories that appeared on Internet forums, with the title “The Haunted Highway in Southport and West Lancashire”, but for completeness and fun, I will repeat them as follows:
  ”A friend drove on the Carl Moss Lane in Halsall at about 1:30 a morning 15 years ago. When he passed Moss, he felt cold inside the car and looked at the rearview mirror. I saw a 75-80-year-old man in the back seat, wearing a 1900s costume, but when he looked back, the old man was gone.”
  Another story is: “About 8 years ago on a night 8 At about 1 o’clock, I drove along the Newcastle lane. When the car reached the other end of the bridge, I saw an elderly man standing in the middle of the road, so I slowed down and passed him. When I looked through the rearview mirror, There was no one in the middle of the road. My son asked me who I was looking for because he didn’t see the old man. So I stopped and adjusted my mentality. I was really scared in a cold sweat at the time.”