Fine wine

  There was a beautiful layer of foam on the big glass of beer, and the liquor underneath was a good brew.
  Doris passed by Jerry Blitz holding an empty tray; she was short, dark, and ugly. Jerry put a hand on her arm.
  ”Is there any news about Dion?” he asked quietly.
  She shook her head, looked around the long black table like a bright mirror, making sure everyone had an unlabeled beer on their elbows, and then exited the room.
  Jerry sighed and looked back at the glass of beer in front of him.
  It was a glass of newly brewed beer, and even the glib hawker couldn’t boast the taste of this wine. In the incomparably clear dark yellow liquid, small crystal clear bubbles rose leisurely to the top. On the sweaty outer wall, water vapor formed beads, slowly making a mark on the glass.
  Jerry can even imagine an advertisement for this beer on a color TV: the capitalized “Blitz” logo is printed on the top, and the slogan below: “One drink to quench your thirst.” The letters are all hollow, like neon tubes; the tubes are filled with slightly bubbling beer.
  Jerry gave a shock. This advertisement is really good. But the question is: after seeing the real thing, will the people attracted by this advertisement still want to drink this wine?
  For some reason, the foam on the beer piled up, forming a girlish shape in the center of the glass. She was about three inches tall, exposed from the waist, beautiful and lifelike. She raised her hand and stroked the long foamy hair. Jerry thought, this is the most elegant gesture a girl can show.
  The girl seemed to be slowly finishing her appearance in order to show herself to Jerry. He raised his head and glanced at the unchanging faces around him. Can’t they see it? He turned the cup carefully, but the girl slowly turned around and continued to face Jerry.
  But they did see it. Baldwin was very old, he swallowed his saliva and made a noise. His face is a mask; there are thousands of faces, and he has spent his life perfecting them. Mask one: enthusiastic audience; Mask two: honest and reliable businessman; Mask three: loyal friends. Now this mask is: a shrewd and calm materialist.
  Where is the real Arthur Baldwin? Where did the man who laughed, roared, shouted passionately, and shed tears? Lost in his countless mask? Would it be useful to post a missing person notice?
  ”Missing person notice-falsely recruiting a person of true temperament, the mask he wears when he is lost is a’sincere, young manager’, and he is told that Art will respond.” There
  is no trace of “art” in Baldwin’s body. Only conspiracy and trickery remain. Jerry looked around the table slowly: Rivers, Williford, Woodbury, Albergh. Of these, only Bill Alberg acted as if he saw the foam girl on the glass; he was trying not to look at her. He is still too young and has a lot to learn.
  This is a typical board of directors. Rivers is taking notes; Baldwin is talking. There was a tacit understanding in the room, and no one mentioned the girl. They use words like “unusual foam layer” or “foam effect” to conceal the fact that miracles are happening in the room.
  What happened to them? They have lost the ability to marvel at miracles. Everything is reason and motivation.
  Nothing in their lives is done just for fun. Despite this, Baldwin still cannot completely ignore the reality in front of him-with the use of the foam girl, the brewery will eventually fall into his hands, and everything is under his control. Jerry can’t help it.
  What are they doing here? They should direct the operation of the railway, not the brewery. The brewery is a place full of tradition and magic, a magical kitchen, mixing, cooking, and standing still. The most critical materials can never be controlled with absolute precision, and there is no point in blindly pursuing standardization.
  The board of directors is a machine that produces money. It is mechanically solidified like a minuet. It has little to do with actual brewing. Their understanding of brewing is not as good as a tour guide who leads a day tour of the brewery…
  The fifth floor is a mill. There are piles of coarse burlap sacks filled with slender barley with a gray husk and light yellow corn residue. (Smell: the smell of grain elevators or haylofts) “We can follow the whereabouts of these ingredients to understand the process of winemaking. Using gravity, they will be carried down layer by layer, going through a different process at each layer. Malt is here The mill is ground into powder, and then measured in the bin. We use about 60% of malt and about 40% of corn residue.” Grain fermentation produces enzymes that are essential for brewing to produce fine wines. How to convey the secret of I’m afraid the tour guide doesn’t know.
  ”If this wine has such characteristics,” Baldwin said word by word in his dry voice, “it looks like it is, then the question is: how much do we have in this beer?”
  ”There are in the cellar. Thirty boxes,” Jerry said, “that’s 19,800 barrels.” Dion, Dion! Where are you?
  ”God! This is more serious than I thought!” Baldwin roared.
  serious. Winemaking has always been something that needs to be taken seriously. How much malt? How many excipients? How much water? At what temperature should the malt batter into the dough? How much heat preservation? How long is it kept warm? Catalytic enzymes must play a role-treat starch, dissolve it, and convert it into sugar by catalytic enzyme. “On the fourth floor, we have an auxiliary stove—a place where corn dregs is pasted—and a mashing cylinder. The heating is done by steam—the dual boiler principle.” Tell them. Tell them that ninety-one percent of beer is water; tell them that most of the difference in beer is determined by the traces of hardening substances. See if they can understand.
  ”There is a catalyst,” Jerry said. Baldwin stopped, frowning at Jerry. “Sorry,” Jerry said, “I just lost my mind.”
  ”I was just talking,” Baldwin said coldly. “We need to vote to re-select the person who manages the brewery—”
  ”Wait a minute,” Jerry said. “You can’t judge the quality of beer by appearance. The taste of this wine—”
  ”No need,” Baldwin quickly glanced at the glass in front of Jie, then looked away, “I– uh– don’t drink beer. You can tell from the appearance that this wine cannot be sold.”
  Do you think that you have high morals, so you don’t allow others to drink for fun? ① Jerry thought secretly.
  ”This time I can only trouble you to make an exception and drink a little bit,” he said. “You have to guide the operation of the brewery. It’s not good if you don’t understand the product. You have empty glasses and open bottles in front of you. If you pour it carefully , The foam layer will not be poured out.” No matter how reluctant, Baldwin could only carefully pour a little beer into a shiny goblet. He raised his glass, sniffed it, then moved his tall nose, opened his mouth and sipped a few drops of the liquid in the glass. Suddenly, his eyes widened. He took another sip, poured all the remaining wine in the bottle into the glass, and drank it. Baldwin’s dark old face showed satisfaction, he licked his lips and put down the empty wine glass. “This is beer?” he asked.