Find Planet X

  Since Pluto was downgraded, the nine planets of the solar system have become eight planets. However, some astronomers believe that the ninth planet (temporarily called Planet X) may exist at the edge of the solar system. Now, with the discovery of a dwarf planet called “Goblin”, this possibility seems even greater.
  The dwarf planet was first discovered by the Subaru Telescope in Hawaii, USA in October 2015, but the International Astronomical Union’s Asteroid Center did not announce this until 2018. Its official name is “2015 TG387”. The “goblin” is about 300 kilometers in diameter and may be an icy planet.
  The “goblin” is located beyond Pluto. It has an extremely flat elliptical orbit. When it is the furthest from the sun, it is 2,300 times the distance between the sun and the earth. One goblin year is worth 40,000 earth years.
  The “goblin” has such a flat elliptical orbit, which seems to indicate the existence of a planet with a mass larger than the Earth nearby. This planet X should exist near the “goblin” perihelion. If there is no such planet, the orbit of the “goblin” should be a circle; it is the gravity of Planet X that pulls one end of the orbit of the “goblin” closer to the sun, thus shaping it into a Very flat oval.