False common sense of animals

  Horses sleep standing
  horse can sleep standing up, but if they feel safe and be able to find a place large enough, then they are also willing to lay down to sleep. Experts who study horses firmly believe that in a herd or a stable, it will never happen that all horses lie down to sleep at the same time. They said that there is always a horse standing guard there.
  The monkeys catch lice between each other
  if the monkeys After asking each other in each other’s fur, then it has nothing to do and look for lice. This gentle and kind fur care is to establish contact. They do this to get the favor of others, to flatter themselves from the “boss”, to form alliances, to ease the atmosphere, and so on. Researchers have found a direct connection between the social structure of the group and the caregivers, care recipients, and nursing time. This behavior can often remove dander and other dirt, of course, it may be lice. However, it must not be assumed that animals are full of parasites.
  Ostrich burying its head will go into the sand in the face of danger
  , if so, the poor guy would suffocate, this is not a good way, why the ostrich often head firmly attached to the ground, because So it can hear the trembling sound. Then, the ostrich’s long legs will help them escape the enemy’s hunt. The running speed of an ostrich can reach 80 kilometers per hour. However, if in order to protect the ostrich eggs laid, they will play dead. They lie flat on the nest of ostrich eggs and even retract their necks.
  People with sweet blood are more likely to be bitten
  Mosquitoes can’t smell blood at all. But they are surprisingly sensitive to temperature. Mosquitoes can feel even a change of 0.05 degrees Celsius. Therefore, it is not a problem for mosquitoes to find a warm-blooded animal that matches their taste in the summer evening. In a group of people, it is not a magical thing that a mosquito can find someone that can bite. In addition, they are more susceptible to the water vapor and carbon dioxide in the exhaled breath and certain scented substances, which means that those who sweat profusely and smell of perfume tend to attract the attention of mosquitoes. Only female mosquitoes bite people because they need to take protein from the blood to lay eggs. But after laying eggs, they no longer bite.
  Ants always very hard-working
  ants working time accounts for only one-fifth of its life time. Besides, they have no reason to always work hard. First of all, their food consists of insect larvae, honey, fruits, and animal carcasses. The nutrients are so rich that they don’t have to spend their time trying to find food. Second, in the ant nest, the ants have a clear division of labor. Some are dedicated to guarding the ant nests, some are dedicated to foraging, and some are dedicated to feeding the next generation and queens. Because there are thousands of ants in an ant nest, and sometimes millions of ants live together, even if only 20% of the ants are working, it will make people see a scene of hard work.
  Any period was cut into two pieces of earthworm can continue to live
  earthworms regeneration rely located its head ganglion. This also means that only the first half can grow the tail again. However, the first half cannot be cut too short. Experts say that it takes at least 40 segments of earthworms to regenerate, and the second half is no longer useful. If the first half of the earthworm is cut off only its “nose” and the ganglion is in the second half, then it stands to reason that it is the second half that is likely to regenerate, but it is impossible to regenerate both. Only some worms with relatively simple structures, such as planarians, can regenerate into new worms after being cut into two sections.
  Man did not evolve from apes
  Indeed, humans did not evolve from the current apes. Humans share a common ancestor with chimpanzees and capuchin monkeys. However, people cannot simply think that monkeys are the ancestors of humans, and in biology people can only call them that way in secret. Primates are divided into suborders of protomonas and simple noses. There are apes under the order of the simple nose. Great apes are divided into new world monkeys and old world monkeys. Those without a long tail are called Old World monkeys, including the superfamily Orangutan. The superfamily Orangutan is further divided into the small gibbons and the large hominid. The hominid can be divided into orangutan, gorilla, chimpanzee and human.

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