Devil footprints on the snow

  On the morning of February 9, 1855, residents of Devon, England saw a strange scene on the snow: a series of neatly arranged footprints appeared on the snow, about 10 cm long, and the distance between the footprints was about 20 cm. It looks like horseshoe prints or animal footprints. Footprints emerged from the Tonys Parish Garden in Devon, traversed several villages, and finally disappeared on the wasteland, spanning a range of about 160 kilometers.
  These footprints caused panic among the locals, because they not only appeared on the snow, walls, and roofs. Some people also found that the footprints stopped in front of his garden, and then appeared directly behind the house a few meters away. There are no footprints on the snow. Others saw the footprints stop in front of the haystack, and then appeared directly behind the haystack. No footprints were found on the left, right and top of the haystack. Because it is so fascinating, local people call these footprints “devil’s footprints.”
  Since then, mysterious footprints have appeared. For example, in 1957, someone discovered that mysterious footprints extended to the middle of their garden and then mysteriously disappeared. Until 2009, there were similar reports in North Devon.
  Is this a man-made prank? After investigation, it can basically be ruled out. Some people think that the footprints are left by some mysterious creature, while zoologists believe that it is probably the footprints left by rabbits or other small animals. But this kind of statement seems difficult to convince people, because the rabbit’s footprints cannot be horseshoe-shaped, and the rabbit can not fly, how does it make the footprints suddenly appear and disappear? Someone used hunting dogs to track these footprints, but in the woods, hunting dogs barked as if frightened by something. Others followed their footprints to find, and finally found a toad in the grass. Until now, who is the owner of these footprints is still a mystery.

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