Demystifying the Sichuan version of Bermuda: 60-kilometer-long geomagnetic anomaly brings people and animals without return

  There is a mysterious place-Heizhugou in Ebian Yi Autonomous County of Leshan City, Sichuan. Whether it is a person or an animal, as long as it is close to a place called Shimenguan in the ditch, there is no return. Disappeared here are the 30 remaining members of the Kuomintang Hu Zongnan, 3 soldiers from a surveying and mapping team of the People’s Liberation Army, and 4 homing pigeons used by experts for testing…
  Heizhugou is located at 30° north latitude. This latitude is full of too many mysteries question. The legendary sunken place of the Great Western Continent, the puzzling Sphinx, Bermuda, which has become synonymous with mysterious disappearances… Is
  the “weird” incident in Heizhugou also related to this mysterious latitude? What kind of magic power does Shimen Pass, which repeatedly “eat people”, have? After more than two years of research, experts and scholars on the Heizhugou geomagnetic subject discovered that there is a 60-kilometer geomagnetic anomaly zone here. However, this discovery is only the beginning of the road of exploration-the mysterious Heizhugou remains mysterious.
  Mystery of the missing “people swallow” in Shimen
  on the network, “frequently appear in people and livestock into the ravine disappearance and death”, is listed as the first six unsolved mystery of the ravine.
  At the beginning of 1950, more than 30 people from the remnant of Hu Zongnan of the Kuomintang did not believe in the evil of Heizhugou “swallowing people.”
  In 1977, a team from Sichuan Senkan visited Heizhugou for survey. The two technicians took the steamed buns to the mountains and never came back. After searching and rescuing for more than a month, they only found the paper they used to wrap the steamed buns.
  In 1995, three soldiers of a certain unit of the People’s Liberation Army Surveying and Mapping Corps also mysteriously disappeared while transporting grain through Heizhugou. The troops sent out two platoons to search, only by the stream, they found two rifles they were carrying.
  Decades later, such things are still happening.
  On August 16, 2014, 5 travel friends entered Heizhugou for an expedition. Four days later, three people lost contact mysteriously. Search and rescue personnel only found the bodies of two of them, both of which were located in the most mysterious Rosoida area in Heizhugou.
  In August 2015, Chongqing guy Li Mingshan also lost contact in the Heizhugou Scenic Area, and there is still no news.
  Coincidentally, a few decades ago, the place where the paper wrapped in steamed bread and the rifle were found was not far away, both at Shimenguan. The Rosoyida area is not far from Shimen Pass.
  Pigeon missing compass failure
  this place called Shimen, a Gap ravine hinterland, have passed “without a trace into the hound, warrior gone” argument.
  According to Guo Yuncheng, Director of the Management Committee of Heizhugou Scenic Area, Heizhugou has dense vegetation and dangerous terrain. The developed area is less than one-tenth. The undeveloped areas, especially the Shimenguan area, have many underground rivers or cliffs. It will fall if you are not careful. However, the complex terrain cannot explain the “weird events” that occurred here:
  In 2007, 10 CCTV programs of “Into Science” went to Heizhugou to film the “30° North Latitude” series. The shooting team carefully selected 4 pigeons with good breeds to fly to Mizoguchi Scenic Area. These 4 pigeons, which never got lost, never flew back. The staff of the Southern Sichuan Forestry Bureau went to survey the ditch. After 6 pm, the forest was filled with heavy fog, and the staff could only rely on the compass to move forward. However, when I walked around, I kept spinning around in one place-the seven or eight compasses I carried with me failed at the same time.
  A few years ago, a TV reporter entered Heizhugou to shoot. The strange thing was that the fully charged camera suddenly ran out of power and couldn’t turn it on. After leaving, everything returned to normal.
  Quest Ravine
  The mysterious disappearance of livestock dead zone, in the end what hidden dangers and secrets? Since 2014, the Sichuan Provincial Department of Land and Resources has organized experts and scholars from Chengdu University of Technology and West China Hospital of Sichuan University to explore the spatial distribution and variation of Heizhugou’s geomagnetic field in an attempt to uncover its mystery.
  Before that, experts had tested the magnetic field in Heizhugou. A few years ago, Professor Li Caiming of Chengdu University of Technology came to Heizhugou. At Mikoukou, the value on the Meridian Tester was 49,300 Nat.
  We know that the earth itself has a magnetic field. This magnetic field changes with the change of geographic latitude. When going from the equator to both sides, the closer the poles are, the stronger the magnetic field. Heizhugou is located near the mid-low latitude line of 30° north latitude, and the earth’s magnetic field should be around 50,000 nats. In other words, at this time, the value on the Meridian Analyzer is in the normal range.
  Continue to walk in, still no abnormalities. However, after entering Shimenguan, strange things happened. Under the guidance of GPS, after traveling two kilometers south, Li Caiming discovered that the value on the Meridian Measuring Instrument was 49,500 Nat. In the northern hemisphere, the closer you go to the south, the closer you are to the equator, and the weaker the magnetic field should be. Why is the reverse here?
  And this just proves the experts’ conjecture: there is a geomagnetic anomaly in Heizhugou-in addition to the earth’s magnetic field, there are other magnetic fields.
  Where does this abnormal magnetic field come from? As far as I can see, except for the dense vegetation, it is the towering rocks. Li Caiming took out the magnetic needle and walked in one direction. However, the magnetic needle deflected. The closer to the rock, the more obvious the deflection. It turns out that this humble rock is magnetic.
  With empirical judgment and sampling identification, the identity of the rock is determined-basalt.
  Basalt is a magmatic rock formed by volcanic eruption and solidification of magma, with high iron content. There are a large number of basalts in Shimenguan, each of which releases magnetism to form a magnetic field and interferes with the original earth’s magnetic field. In this way, the compass “failed”.
  Different basalts have different iron content, some are more and some are less. Therefore, some have a strong magnetic field and some have a weak magnetic field. Therefore, the angle at which the compass deflects is different, and the maximum deflection is 20°.
  These magnetic fields make the compass no longer reliable. How can we not get lost if we rely on it to find the direction?
  Proven anomalies
  so, how much memory the ravine in the area of abnormal magnetic field? Where is the strongest abnormal magnetic field? In order to clarify this problem, the experts spent more than two years on field detection, even with the help of drones.
  In order to determine the area of ​​the abnormal magnetic field, a team of more than ten experts went to the hinterland of Heizhugou four times.
  From the place of residence to the hinterland of Heizhugou Scenic Area, the journey takes two hours. When the car drove halfway, there was no way, so I could only “throw the ham”. Before entering the ditch, sufficient preparations must be made. In addition to GPS and satellite phones, local Yi people must also lead the way.
  At the end of November 2015, Heizhugou had entered late autumn, and fog began to form in the ditch at four or five in the afternoon. This is the fourth time the group has come to Shimen Pass. Here, almost all of the virgin forest, under the leadership of the local Yi people, experts walked along an earlier lumberjack transporting wood to the gravel road.
  The path is less than 1 meter wide and there is no guardrail. There may be a cliff next to it. The experts are holding instruments and measuring while walking.
  Some places are overgrown with vegetation, and some places are cliffs where people cannot go. At this time, drones are on the field.
  The drone flies according to the set route, and the fluxgate magnetometer tied to it records the size of the magnetic field at each point in real time. Because this kind of small drone needs to change the battery every 20 minutes, the set distance cannot be too far at a time, otherwise it will not fly back. Each route has to fly twice. After the fluxgate magnetometer detects an abnormality, it needs to be replaced with an optical pump magnetometer for further confirmation.

  The drone flies back and forth in the sky, exploring this mysterious land little by little.
  After two years, the experts finally figured out the distribution of geomagnetic anomalous points, and sorted out the geomagnetic anomaly belts that existed in the scenic spot from the aeromagnetic data of tens of thousands of square kilometers.
  Just a few days ago, at the Heizhugou geomagnetic research results release conference, this geomagnetic anomaly zone finally revealed the true face of Mount Lu.
  After detection, it was found that this anomalous zone is east-west, 60 kilometers long, covering the Shimenguan-Ronghongde-Rosoida line. From the surface survey, the anomaly zone almost coincides with the shallowly exposed basalt body or dyke. This also confirmed the previous conjecture: the magnetic basalt caused the abnormal magnetic field in Heizhugou.
  In this abnormal zone, the situation at each point is different. Experts found that in the core area of ​​the scenic spot, along the Maanshan-Meadow line, the geomagnetic anomaly points are more densely distributed. Most of the anomalies are concentrated around 500 nits, and the local area can reach thousands of nits, especially in the Shimenguan basalt area. The value even reaches 4000 Nat.
  Near the mouth of the scenic spot, as well as the large and small azalea ponds in the southeast, the difference values ​​measured by drones are mostly concentrated in hundreds of nits, which are much smaller than the Maanshan-Meadow line.
  All the puzzle to be solved
  proven magnetic anomaly zone, and have unraveled the mystery of the ravine, but raises more questions.
  Where do the basalts that cause geomagnetic anomalies come from? The discovery of the geomagnetic anomaly zone did not fully reveal the mystery of Heizhugou. On the contrary, a “stone” stirred up waves and raised more questions.
  There are many secrets in this geomagnetic anomaly zone that we still don’t know-when were these basalts produced? In such a long period of time, what geological changes has it experienced? Why is the iron content of basalt in Shimenguan higher than other places? What is the maximum magnetic properties of these basalts?
  Experts said that according to the geomagnetic anomaly measured by the drone, it corresponds to the ridge and also has a good correspondence with the late Permian formation. From the geological map, Heizhugou is affected by at least two phases of east-west and north-south tectonics. “It may be the late north-south tectonism that lifted the Permian stratum that was originally buried underground to the shallow surface.”
  And these are only at present. Just guessing. Experts will continue to walk into Heizhugou to sample and analyze a large number of basalts in order to restore the “past and present” of the mysterious Heizhugou.
  A puzzle that cannot be explained by geomagnetic anomalies. In addition, this geomagnetic anomaly zone cannot explain everything that happened in Heizhugou, such as the mystery of the disappearance.
  In addition to the earth’s magnetic field, there may be many ways for homing pigeons to find their way. Why did the 4 homing pigeons disappear? If we say that in the past, people had to rely on a compass to guide the way, but now that there is a more advanced GPS, why are some travel companions lost in Heizhugou?
  Could it be that this geomagnetic anomaly will affect the direction of pigeons and people? Experts from West China Hospital of Sichuan University said that because the mechanism of action of magnetic fields on organisms is very complicated, the amount of existing evidence is limited. Does the magnetic field affect the human body? How much intensity does it have to have an impact? This also requires more in-depth research on larger scale and high-quality evidence.
  During this investigation, the experts also noticed that the vegetation community in Heizhugou has a zonal distribution trend. Is this related to geomagnetic anomalies?
  There are still many puzzles in the misty Heizhugou, waiting for us to solve.