Conquer the Kremlin with super powers

  Open super powers
  Messing was born in 1899 near Gora Kalwaria Warsaw Jewish family, at the age of 6 was sent to a religious school to school, because then he would recite prayers demonstrated extraordinary ability to make people remember Surprised. After studying at a Jewish high school for two years, Messing skipped school and went to Germany. On the train bound for Berlin, Messing fell asleep hiding under his chair. When the flight attendant checked his ticket, he picked up a piece of paper from the ground and handed it over. Unexpectedly, he could pass the customs so easily. The journey went smoothly. Arrived in Berlin.
  In Berlin, Messing earned a meager income by doing handyman duties for others. Once, Messing fainted in the street, and a neuroscience professor named Abel rescued him. Abel discovered that Messing’s brain was different from ordinary people, so he began to test the boy’s mind reading technique. He discovered that Messing can enter a state where there is only consciousness and no body reaction. In this state, Messing can predict the future. In addition, Messing can also guess what Abel wants him to do and execute it immediately without error. After further training, Abel took him to the market in Berlin to test whether he knew what the vendors were thinking. Abel became the first person to discover Messing’s superpower and develop it further.
  At the age of 16, Messing came to Vienna, the Austrian capital, and began to perform his own “psychological experiment” program to the audience. In the show, Messing does some actions or things according to the inner thoughts of the audience; tells the past experiences of those who have never met; finds out the objects hidden by the audience and so on. His peculiar performance surprised the locals.
  Acceptance test of celebrity
  as messing claim to fame, he also attracted the attention of more and more celebrities. One of the most interesting things is Einstein’s test on him.
  One day in 1916, Messing came to Einstein’s residence at the invitation of Einstein. Freud, the founder of the psychoanalytic school, was also waiting for Messing at Einstein’s house. They didn’t say a word, and Freud sent an instruction to Messing with his mind. Messing thought for a while, went into the bathroom, took out a pair of tweezers, and then went back to the living room, and said to Einstein: “I’m sorry, Professor.” With that, Messing moved from Einstein’s horoscope at the fastest speed. Hu Li pulled out three beards. This is exactly what Freud wanted him to do. Einstein and Freud admired this.
  In the second year, Messing began to travel around the world. His peculiar performance brought a strong shock to people everywhere. However, his magical powers also caused a lot of trouble for himself.
  When Messing was performing in a theater in Warsaw in 1937, he predicted that if Germany attacked the Soviet Union, Hitler would fail. The superstitious Hitler was furious when he heard of it and ordered a reward of 200,000 marks to capture Messing. In the end, Messing was arrested on a lively street and severely beaten. In the police station, in order to escape Hitler’s murderous hand, Messing once again used his superpowers. He concentrated all his thoughts and asked the guard to open his cell and enter it. Then Messing came out by himself and locked the guard in the prison. Then Messing fled Warsaw from the sewer and came to the Soviet Union.
  Conquest Stalin
  Stalin Messing is also very interested in, in order to test the abilities of messing, Stalin ordered him to rob the bank. So, accompanied by a team of policemen, Messing walked into a big Moscow bank. He walked to the window, handed the bank teller a blank paper, and then instructed the teller to take him 100,000 rubles. The teller actually thought that what he saw was a real withdrawal slip, took the money from the safe, and enthusiastically handed it to Messing in front of these police officers. Messing walked out of the bank with the money, but he immediately returned to the window and returned the money to the teller. The poor teller looked at the white paper in his hand and the pile of money in front of him, and was paralyzed in a chair in fright.
  Subsequently, Stalin assigned Messing a second task, asking him to walk out of the Kremlin without a pass to see if the guards would warn him. As a result, Messing walked out the door unimpeded, and no one tried to stop him. When Stalin asked the guards why they didn’t check the stranger, everyone swore that they clearly saw that it was Stalin himself who had just walked past them.
  Since then, Stalin was convinced of Messing’s superpowers, he soon became a superstar of the Soviet Union, and people like to watch his performances. In the late 1940s, Messing was suddenly taken away by a senior official when he was performing in Kiev. It turned out that Stalin lost a briefcase containing top-secret documents. Messing used his “clairvoyance” superpower, and in his brain appeared a slope of a river bank, a small church, a river, a small bridge on the river, and a black object on the bridge, that was what they were looking for. briefcase. Messing described in detail what he “saw” to an expert familiar with the local terrain. After research, experts found two places near Moscow that match Messing’s description. So the two police cars set off immediately, and a few hours later, the briefcase containing the top-secret documents was placed in front of Stalin.
  Forever puzzle
  Messing as a godlike figure worked until 1974, he had asked his Soviet scientists to conduct research, to explain why he has these special powers. But scientists at the time were reluctant to discuss these unexplainable phenomena, and thus lost the perfect opportunity to study this supernatural phenomenon. Messing’s superpowers have also become a permanent puzzle.
  Messing himself wrote that he believed that foresight and long-distance observation capabilities do exist. We cannot explain these phenomena because we have not yet a truly clear understanding of the nature of time and space, the relationship between time and space, and the cross-relationship between the past, the present, and the future.
  In fact, everyone’s consciousness has its own frequency. The closer the frequencies of two people are, the more they can feel each other’s thoughts. This is called telepathy. Generally speaking, the closer the person is, the closer the frequency of each other, so telepathy often occurs between twins or mother and child, and this kind of induction usually only appears in specific groups of people. However, if a person can adjust his own frequency arbitrarily so that his frequency overlaps the frequency of others, then he can receive messages from other people, and if his mind is strong enough, he can use his own mind. Cover the opponent’s thoughts, then he can control the opponent consciously.
  Although these superpowers make people feel magical, in fact, these so-called strange people only possess characteristics that most people don’t have. Just like some people can hear ultrasound, he is a person with a special function in the human world, but in the world of bats, he is just an ordinary person. Similarly, being able to hear sounds with a frequency below 20,000 Hz, we humans are also gods with superpowers in the eyes of bats.