Britain’s top prison restaurant

  There is such a restaurant in the United Kingdom. If you want to eat in, you must not only make a reservation 3 months in advance, but you must also apply to the British Ministry of Home Affairs and go through strict security checks. However, once you enter, you can not only enjoy the luxury food with three Michelin stars, but also a large number of police officers for your security. What is even more incredible is that you may be served by drug criminals, rapists, robbers, etc. This is the most famous prison restaurant in the UK-Clink Cymru.
  This restaurant is located in Cardiff Prison in Wales, UK, which is a Class B prison in the United Kingdom and holds 780 prisoners. British prisons are divided into four levels of ABCD. Level A has the most stringent management and detains prisoners who pose the most serious threats to social or national security; Level B is the second, and Level D has the most loose management. It is not an easy task to open such a high-end restaurant in such a forbidden place where no one enters.
  In 2009, British chef Albert Chrissy proposed the idea of ​​opening a restaurant in a prison. He approached Cardiff Prison for cooperation. The prison has very strict management of prisoners, and there are very few dangerous incidents such as prison escapes and riots occur. Albert hopes that this restaurant will provide prisoners with opportunities to contact the outside world, help them find employment, and provide the public with an opportunity to learn about the prison. In September 2012, the British Home Office formally approved an application for the reconstruction of Cardiff Prison. The prison invested 362,485 pounds (about 3.563 million yuan) to formally transform the visitor center of Cardiff Prison into a high-end western restaurant. The reason why it is called a high-end restaurant is because they hired the top British chef Gordon Ramsay to personally take the lead. Those who come to eat here are either rich or expensive. A casual meal will cost about 150 pounds per capita, which is 25 pounds more expensive than the Michelin three-star flagship store in London.
  However, for foodies, having three-star Michelin dishes is enough to pay for it. However, more customers are just to have a chance to visit the prison and take a look around. Another reason why this prison restaurant is expensive is that its ingredients are all organic and pollution-free. They all come from the plantation in the prison and are planted by the prisoners themselves.
  Unlike ordinary high-end restaurants, every person who comes to eat here needs to undergo very strict security checks in addition to pre-booking. It is stipulated here that diners are not allowed to bring mobile phones and various sharp weapons, and they must actively hand in at the entrance. If a dinner who is hiding a cell phone and a sharp weapon is found, the police will immediately ask you out. Not only that, it is also strictly forbidden to carry large amounts of cash here, and it is required that each dinning person cannot bring more than £50 in cash. For safety’s sake, the restaurant’s business hours are also very short, only open from 12 noon to 2:30 pm, the rest of the time, no matter how much money you spend, it is difficult to get a full meal.
  In addition to hiring various Michelin chefs, the other chefs, helpers, and waiters are all prisoners in the prison. But you don’t need to be afraid of this, because all the “three good prisoners” can come here to serve. The prison restaurant stipulates that only those prisoners who have six months to one and a half years remaining in prison, who behave well, and can manage their emotions, can apply to join. Due to the limited number of places here, including chefs, waiters and cleaners, the entire restaurant only needs 30 people, so the prisoners working in the restaurant are carefully selected.
  For diners, this may be a prison restaurant worth a visit. However, in the eyes of the hundreds of inmates in Cardiff Prison, this is an exit to normal life, even a paradise. According to a British authoritative investigation, more than half of criminals in the UK will commit another crime after being released from prison. These people in prison often have neither family nor skills, so they live a life of sneaky. Nowadays, the prison restaurant provides them with an opportunity, a chance to have a good skill, and a chance to return to normal life. There are various Michelin three-star chefs teaching in person. In addition, the prisoners selected into the prison restaurant can also earn nearly 15 pounds a week.
  If their performance is good enough, they will be recommended to work in Michelin restaurants after they are released from prison after their culinary skills are approved by Michelin chefs, and their annual income will reach 19,000 pounds. And this is definitely a good start for life on the right track.

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