Beautiful lawyer wit to solve the mystery of serial killer “reincarnation”

  Emily, a 32-year-old lawyer, bought an old mansion more than 100 years ago in the beautiful town of Spring Lake. What she didn’t expect was that when digging the swimming pool, she found two bones. One was a young girl who disappeared in the town 4 years ago; the other was from the Emily family 120 years ago. A 19-year-old girl! The killing methods of the two bodies were similar.
  When the police and Emily were investigating, the bones of two young girls were dug up in the small town of Spring Lake. Similarly, one died more than 100 years ago, and the other died 4 years ago, with the same modus operandi! A cloud of horror and suspicion suddenly enveloped the peaceful town of Spring Lake, and the serial killer’s “reincarnated rebirth” talk was rampant… The
  twin corpses were discovered
  on March 20, 2014, Emily, who had just experienced divorce, moved from Manhattan to Spring Lake Small town. The old Victorian house she bought was actually the ancestral house of her family. Because one of the most beautiful and lovely girls in the family disappeared inexplicably, the family was so sad that they decided to sell the house and move away.
  Emily decided to dig a swimming pool in the back garden. She wanted to build a warm and sweet home here. On March 21, the three workers invited by Emily started digging in the back garden. In the evening, she heard an exclamation: “Oh my God! Stop digging! There are dead bodies!” Emily was shocked and rushed to the yard. In the big hole that was dug, there really was a bone wrapped in a plastic bag! Emily couldn’t help taking a breath, rushed back to the house and called 911! Soon, Officer Dugan, the forensic doctor, and other police arrived.
  However, the police discovered an even more startling thing when investigating the scene-there was a corpse under this corpse! Two corpses overlap each other! Newton’s forensic examiner quickly concluded that the first body was a young girl who died in about 4 years. The second body may have been dead for more than 100 years, and it was also a young girl!
  Police Officer Dugan said in surprise: “Could it be Martha Lawrence who died in about four years? Four and a half years ago, the 19-year-old Martha disappeared inexplicably when she was on vacation with her grandparents in Spring Lake.” Who is the young girl who died more than 100 years ago? “Is it my great-grandmother?” Emily exclaimed, “As far as I know, 120 years ago, there was a girl in my family who disappeared inexplicably, and her name was Madeleine.”
  Soon, the forensic examination results Out. The first body found was indeed Martha. After Martha’s disappearance, the police had extracted her hair from her pillow and comb, and after identifying it with a few strands of long hair behind her cranium, they found a complete match. The second body can also be identified as Madeleine who died 120 years ago-her DNA is extremely similar to Emily!
  The police coroner, through a detailed investigation of the corpses, also came to a surprising conclusion-the two corpses had almost the same cause of death! A sequin silk scarf was wrapped around Martha’s neck, but it was incomplete. Madeleine had her own linen belt wrapped around her neck. What is even more weird is that when the police checked the files of Madeleine’s disappearance a hundred years ago, they found that a total of three young girls were missing in the Spring Lake area at that time-Madeleine disappeared on September 7, 1891; August 1893 Leticia disappeared on the 5th; Allen disappeared on March 31, 1894. And the three of them are good friends. What is even more bizarre is that both Madeleine and Martha died on September 7th!
  According to police investigations, two years after Martha’s disappearance, a girl named Carla had disappeared in Spring Lake somehow. The time was August 5th, which coincided with the time when Leticia disappeared in the 19th century! Did they die by the same murderer? Could this murderer be immortal? Or is the murderer reincarnated?
  What is even more frightening is that according to this inference, March 31, 2014 is the 120th anniversary of Alan’s disappearance, and a girl may be killed again that day! This is the law of the murderer!
  Century massacre
  Spring Lake town discovered the bodies of two news spread like wildfire. With regard to “undead serial killer”, “killer reincarnation and rebirth,” and other claims are rampant, media reporters flock to them. For a time, the once beautiful and quiet town of Spring Lake was shrouded in a cloud of horror.
  Detective Dugan suggested that Emily go back to Manhattan for a while. Emily is determined to stay, she wants to quietly investigate the truth about the death of her grandmother Madeleine. Fortunately, Emily is not alone in Spring Lake. She has a good friend. His name is Will Carter, and he is a real estate lawyer with a good reputation.
  Horrible things continue to happen. On the morning of March 26, Emily received a postcard with two tombstones painted on it, with the names Carla and Leticia on it. Next to it is the backyard at 15 Drum Street, Chunhu Road. Emily immediately dialed the phone of Officer Dugan.
  An 82-year-old woman lives at 15 Ludrum Avenue. Detective Dugan didn’t have to spend a lot of words, so the old woman agreed to dig up her backyard. In an instant, a large number of police and media reporters arrived. The police pulled up a cordon around the house. People watched the huge excavator dig down suddenly, and then turned the dirt up… about an hour and a half. Later, someone suddenly exclaimed: “Found it!” The scene immediately exploded.
  Sure enough, under the excavator, a tightly wrapped plastic bag appeared in front of people. This was a complete bone. Not far from her body, there were some scattered bones and a skull… The
  next day, the coroner who fought day and night produced a detailed autopsy report: the two bodies belonged to Carla and Leticia! Now, the only thing not found is Ellen’s body!
  What made the police feel even more incredible was that the coroner found that the murderous silk scarf wrapped around Carla’s neck was exactly the same as the silk scarf that strangled Martha! Masha and Kara died more than two years apart. In this way, this murderer not only has a specific pattern of time, but also has the same method of killing!
  If the calculation is correct, March 31 this year will be the time for the murderer to complete the murder of reincarnation!
  Close to the truth
  Emily and police investigations are continuing. March 31 is approaching, and everyone can perceive the growing horror atmosphere in Spring Lake. The police are fully armed, the number of patrols has increased, and the investigation has been tightened. People rarely see a lone girl on the street, even during the day.
  At the same time, Emily has found some information about the great-grandmother Madeleine. At that time, 19-year-old Madeleine fell in love with Douglas, a young man in the town of Spring Lake. They were about to get engaged, but a tragedy happened the day before their engagement. Madeleine went out for a run that morning and never came back. A year later, sad Douglas also committed suicide in depression. But what makes Emily unable to understand is that Leticia, Alan, and Madeleine are good friends. They also live in the town of Spring Lake. Why did the murderer kill them?
  When the police checked the scarf that strangled Martha and Carla, they had some eyebrows. Someone reported to the police that on the night of Martha’s disappearance, her grandparents had held a large party for her. Almost all the people with identity in the Spring Lake area attended. At that time, someone saw a noble lady surrounding such a silk scarf. However, after the police visited the owner of the silk scarf, the owner said that the silk scarf had suddenly disappeared on the night of the party! The police decided to ask everyone who had attended the Martha party for questioning one by one. Because everyone on the night was suspected of committing the crime.

  At the same time, Emily’s investigation also made progress. She found an article written by a former friend of her great-grandmother Madeleine, who wrote and published Madeleine’s misfortune as a story. In a story titled “Sorrowful Spring Lake”, the friend wrote with regret: “Douglas’s mother was sick all the year round and had hemiplegia. Madeleine often went to accompany her, chat with her, and make her happy. Douglas loves his mother very much, but a year after Madeleine disappeared, he shot and committed suicide. This is a sad thing. Didn’t he know that it would be devastating to his mother? The blow…” Seeing this, the professional sensitivity suddenly made Emily’s mind bright: Maybe Douglas discovered the truth about the disappearance of his lover and was killed?
  Emily called and told Will excitedly: “I’m about to find the truth! I am going to find out from Madeleine’s boyfriend’s house, I doubt his father…” Will exclaimed, “I’ve heard You are an amazing criminal defense lawyer, and you really deserve it. However, this is a very time, there is nothing special, don’t go out!” Emily felt warm, “Thank you, I will.”
  March 31 Day arrived as scheduled. Emily flipped through the collected materials in her study as usual. The day passed quickly, and nothing unfortunate happened in Spring Lake. At 8 o’clock in the evening, Emily found out something that shocked her-after Douglas’ father died, his mother took her sister to Denver!
  ”Denver? Isn’t Will from Denver?” Emily cried out. “Yes, Emily, I did grow up in Denver, but my ancestors lived in Spring Lake more than 100 years ago.” Suddenly, a gloomy voice came from the shadow of Emily’s study. Before Emily could move, her arms were already tied to the back of the seat. It turned out to be Will!
  Killer reincarnation
  Will seemed to guess her thoughts. He sat down opposite her calmly: “Baby, now I’m telling you a nice story. When the story is over, you should go to Alan’s grave with her.
  ”120 years ago, my great-grandfather, Douglas Carter, had a very unhappy life. His sickly wife was almost useless and her beauty was lost. He fell in love with the young, warm and beautiful Madeleine from the neighbor’s house, but she belonged to His own son, he was very jealous. He did not allow her to lie in the arms of others, even if this person was his son. So, one morning, when Madeleine came to his house to chat with his wife, he possessed and Killed her. Later, his son discovered his father’s secret, so the son also “suicided”. Later, Madeleine’s two friends Leticia and Allen came to look after poor Douglas’ mother from time to time. Naturally it became the lamb of my great-grandfather…”
  ”When I was 14 years old, I followed my mother from Denver back to Spring Lake to visit my ancestral home, and occasionally turned to my great-grandfather’s diary from a pile of old clutter on the second floor of the ancestral house. . The first page of the diary wrote a sentence,’Madeleine died in my hands’, and I quietly took the diary. At that time, my father was just like my great-grandfather. My mother had no choice but to swallow her anger. I also wanted to help my mother vent my anger, but I couldn’t beat my father. I could only bury my hatred in my heart and find a time to vent. And the diary of my great-grandfather made me grow up and found a perfect one. The means of revenge-do it like a great-grandfather! Better than my father! So I moved to Chunhu, imitating my great-grandfather raping those beautiful girls, and imitating my great-grandfather’s practices, in the same way, in the same way It’s a wonderful feeling to bury them and the girls who died in the hands of my great-grandfather in the 19th century… Today is March 31, 1896, and Alan from my great grandfather Ascended to heaven. And you, will also reach the peak of happiness in my hand…”
  Will fiddled with a piece of silk scarf in his hand, just like the one on Martha’s neck. “I stole the noble lady’s silk scarf from Martha’s party because I heard Martha compliment it.” He wrapped Emily’s neck with the silk scarf, and slid his lips over Amy. Rei’s face… Emily closed her eyes in despair.
  Suddenly, there was a sound of footsteps outside. There was a gunshot, and Will fell to the ground. Officer Dugan and several policemen ran into the house, Dugan pulled up Emily, who was still in shock, “It’s dangerous, we almost came late. Tonight we called all the people who participated in the Martha party for questioning, only Without Will, and you did not appear, our first feeling was to come to your house. Because today is March 31…”
  Now, Spring Lake Town has restored its former tranquility. Girls in twos and threes appeared on the streets of Spring Lake again. Emily finally made the home very warm. However, her swimming pool was filled up and a row of holly trees were planted. The wind blows, the leaves are swaying, like a beautiful girl…