Artificial intelligence: the future world ruler?

  ”Father of Artificial Intelligence” Alan Turing believes: If you ask a machine through a barrier and still cannot tell whether the other party is a machine or a human for a long time, the machine has reached the intelligent stage. Can you tell if it is a human or a machine on the other end of the network?
  In 2016, artificial intelligence has gone through 60 years of ups and downs. In the future, to what extent can artificial intelligence be developed?
  Artificial intelligence has gradually evolved into a social need, and machines are no longer cold tools in people’s eyes, but machines with self-consciousness.
  Paulin, the founder of the American Survival Research Laboratory, has been trying to make his mechanical creatures autonomous, that is, to give control to the machine. The right of talent is Paulin’s “how to respect them”.
  Scientists from various countries have also been developing “lethal automatic robots” that can automatically select targets and take actions without human intervention after activation. Such “automatic killing robots” can automatically decide whether to kill, and are given the right to determine human life and death. .
  So, if one day, these autonomous robots form a corps, will they still follow the orders of their human masters, or, as shown in Kubrick’s “A Space Odyssey,” the robots will ultimately control the destiny of humans. At that time, humans should How to do? This may not really be science fiction.