After being swallowed raw by a whale

  Jonah and the big fish
  have a story in the “Bible”, he says that a man named Jonah after offend the Lord, the Lord arranged a great fish to swallow. Later, Jonah piously repented in the belly of the big fish for 3 days and 3 nights, and finally obtained forgiveness. So the Lord ordered the big fish to spit Jonah on the dry land, and Jonah was killed.
  The myth belongs to the myth, but on August 22, 1891, the British media reported the news that a diver was rescued alive after being swallowed by a whale for 18 hours. For a while, the whole Britain was in an uproar, this is simply the real version of “Jonah and the Big Fish”!
  According to reports, this amazing diver is named James Bartley. At that time, he was a member of the Whaling Expedition and his colleagues went to the Falkland Islands to hunt whaling. In the process, their ship was attacked by a whale, and Bartley was unfortunately swallowed by a huge whale. However, his colleagues did not know. Eighteen hours later, when his colleagues accidentally found Bartley in the belly of a hunted whale, he was still alive, only temporarily in a coma. However, Bartley lost his eyes due to the corrosion of the whale’s gastric juice. In addition, his skin was also “bleached” on a large scale by gastric juice.
  After three weeks, Bartley fully regained consciousness. When talking about the adventure after being swallowed by a whale, he recalled—I remember I slid in along a slippery and dark tunnel. I was still able to breathe, but it was so uncomfortably hot, and then I passed out. .
  Bartley died 18 years later. His tombstone reads “James Bartley-Modern Jonah”.
  However, as time goes on, more and more evidence shows that James Bartley’s story probably does not exist. For example, historians have discovered that although there was indeed a ship in and out of the Falkland Islands at the time of the incident, the ship was not a whaling ship, and the name “James Bartley” did not exist in the crew list. . In addition, the scholars also found the captain’s wife who had been on the ship at the time. She said that no one fell into the sea from beginning to end, and the news of “Batley and the Whale” was pure nonsense.
  Of course, the Sri Lankan is dead, and the truth of the matter is difficult to investigate. However, Bartley has left us with an interesting topic and conjecture-is it possible for whales to devour humans? If it is unfortunately swallowed, can we still survive?
  Whales are not big eaters
  before you begin to explore these issues, we may wish to know about whales this animal.
  For most people, the understanding of whales may stay at the level of a huge mammal in the film and television works. In fact, there are many species of whales. There are more than 30 species in my country’s waters alone. Looking at the world, there are more than 80 species of whales. Generally, people roughly divide whales into two categories, baleen whales and toothed whales, based on the differences in their feeding methods. Therefore, in order to study the possibility of whales devouring humans, we must first distinguish between baleen whales and toothed whales.
  Baleen whales are huge, with an average length of about 15 to 20 meters (the smallest species is also longer than 6 meters). They only have baleen and no teeth. In the process of feeding, the baleen whale will first open its mouth, and then swallow a large amount of sea water, including plankton, krill and small fish that it depends on for survival. After swallowing, the baleen whale’s mouth is half-closed, and the tongue is pushed up to the jaw. At this time, the seawater in the mouth will be pressed out of the mouth, while small “food” such as plankton will stay in the baleen or mouth. Finally, just lift the head. Baleen whales can swallow the remaining food.
  This way of feeding determines that their food is mainly small fish and shrimp, and because of this, the esophagus of baleen whales is usually very narrow-basically from a few centimeters to a dozen centimeters. Therefore, it is impossible for a baleen whale to swallow a human being-neither can chew nor swallow.
  The only possibility – sperm
  with different baleen whales, toothed whale’s body vary widely, the minimum length of the kind only about 1 m and a maximum of 20 meters. Toothed whales have teeth, but the shapes and numbers of different types of teeth vary greatly, with the least one having only one single tooth, and the most having dozens of teeth. The famous “Sea King” killer whales (also known as killer whales) that can compete with great white sharks belong to this category. They have 10-12 sharp teeth on their upper and lower jaws. They are fierce, good at offensive, and , They eat meat!
  So, is it possible for killer whales to devour humans?
  Don’t be afraid, although they have a big mouth, their structure is thin and long. So even if the killer whale tries to open its mouth to the maximum extent, it can only swallow a person’s head at best, and the rest of the body parts. Will be completely stuck. In addition, compared to the size of the open mouth, the throat of the killer whale is more “pocket”. If there is an analogy, it is basically equivalent to the diameter of a thin thigh. Therefore, it is impossible for killer whales to swallow humans, just as you cannot swallow the whole watermelon in one go.
  Of course, this does not mean that killer whales will not kill. Although human flesh is not in their diet, it is entirely possible that they will tear you to pieces with sharp teeth because of panic, fear, or declaring “sovereignty”. So, if you run into a killer whale in the sea, run away.
  The hypothesis of the killer whale tells us that if we want to have an adventure of being swallowed by a whale, we must at least find some “guys” with big mouths, big throats, and teeth that are not sharp. So, let’s take a look directly at the “sperm whale”, the largest toothed whale in existence.
  Comparing horizontally and vertically, the sperm whale is indeed the species that best meets these conditions and is the only species that is likely to swallow humans-with a large head, a large mouth, a large throat, and few teeth (only the lower jaw has teeth). It feeds on large squids and octopuses. And even better, the purpose of its teeth is not to chew food but to catch prey.
  So, what if we were swallowed by sperm whales as large octopuses while swimming in the ocean?
  Adventures maw
  before us is a long road in the dark.
  First of all, the first challenge we need to face is the throat. Although the sperm whale has a large throat, its muscles are also very developed. Just as humans squeeze food when swallowing, the force of the throat muscles may also squeeze you and other foods together when the sperm whale swallows you.
  Of course, if you are lucky enough or if you have “extraordinary bones”, it is still possible to pass through the throat alive.
  Next, you have to face a smooth and narrow esophagus. Here, the small space will make your whole body unable to stretch. With hands and feet curled up, it is also very difficult to crawl forward. If you are a rock climber, you may have the idea of ​​climbing up and back, but climbing the esophagus and mountaineering are completely different things. Here, you can’t find the focus at all-imagine a tight, damp, long and narrow sleeping bag covered with greasy foam. It is almost impossible to climb up with your bare hands.
  Moreover, in addition to the narrow space and claustrophobia, the more terrifying thing about falling into the belly of the fish is that there is no gas in the whale. Even if there is, it may just be methane and other gases that are useless to humans. However, if you are lucky enough to have the oxygen device on your back, congratulations, you may also pass this level.
  After that, what awaits you is the stomach of the sperm whale. Like dairy cows, sperm whales have four stomachs, but cows can ruminate, while sperm whales do not. So, don’t try to “hitch a ride” from your stomach to your mouth again.
  First, you will arrive at the first stomach, which is the “warehouse” for temporary storage of food and the largest of the four stomachs of the sperm whale. Therefore, relatively speaking, the environment here is much more comfortable than the esophagus. Although the first stomach does not secrete gastric acid, the whale will constantly squirm here to crush the food, so you have to hurry to the second and third stomachs before turning into “meatloaf”.
  However, even there, the situation is not optimistic. Because what is waiting for you will be high concentrations of digestive juices and various decomposing enzymes-if the story of James Bartley is true, his skin and eyes should be burned here. If you happen to be wearing powerful anti-corrosion equipment, or if you have an incorruptible body, then you are very likely to live through the fourth stomach alive.
  Then? If you pass here smoothly, congratulations, you will enter the last stop of the fish maw journey-the intestines. So, does this mean that you can be excreted from the intestine as a large “feces” by the sperm whale?
  Don’t be too happy! The intestine of the sperm whale is more than 100 meters long, and even if it enters, it will not get out like a maze. And most importantly, studies have shown that sperm whales’ excrement is liquid, and they cannot excrete solid feces-which means that once you enter the intestine, you are done!
  Should you bring your own sharp weapon to puncture the whale’s belly? Basically, the fat thickness of a whale that can swallow you alive is calculated by the meter, so give up this idea before you become exhausted or exhausted.
  Escape to
  either go back nor down, you can not stay still pierce the belly, can only be trapped in the belly of the dark to die in it?
  Don’t worry, when we are in our stomach, we actually have a silver lining to grasp. Although the sperm whale does not spontaneously regurgitate, you can actively toss it “courageously” and make it nausea and “forced” to vomit. So, when staying in your stomach, hurry up and do everything you can to stimulate the whale’s stomach wall. If you are lucky, after some tossing, maybe the sperm whale will vomit you out completely when it “disgusts”.
  Although the chance is slim, this is the only chance.
  In fact, after this assumption and reasoning, James Bartley “single-handedly” heard the authenticity of fish maw, it is self-evident.