A vegetarian lion

  Adoption dying Cub
  George and his wife Marguerita operates a ranch near Glen Washington state’s Green River. In the local area, George and the director of the zoo, Mr. Kelly, are best friends. When he is free, he often goes to the zoo to help. In the zoo, there is a female lion with a special bow. She always looks very grumpy. One night in May 2006, Kelly called George and said, “This lioness is about to give birth. You can help me tomorrow.” The
  next day, George and his wife drove to the zoo. George was very disturbed, because he knew that this angry lioness had become a mother for the fifth time in seven years. Cruelly, it would kill its cub every time. Sure enough, this time when the lion cub was just born, the lioness went crazy again, and she threw the cub out of the cage. At the close of his hair, George caught the little lion.
  Then they called the vet. After a careful examination, the veterinarian found that the cub’s right front leg was seriously injured and needed emergency surgery. Kelly looked at the poor little lion and said, “After the operation, please take it back to the ranch.” And George had this intention.
  Thaci small vegetarian
  lion has since become a pasture George, George gave it the Ming Taqi.
  When Little Taki was three months old, the wound on his leg healed well. Little Taki was at the stage of eating solid food, and George brought him fresh beef bones. But Xiao Ta couldn’t stand it after a strange smell, and vomited everything in his stomach. George was anxious, because zoologists declared that carnivores like lions cannot live without meat. George had no choice but to take hunger therapy, but Little Tucci did not touch the meat even if he was hungry. In the end, Qiao Ye gave up letting Taki eat meat, and summed up its unique recipes, including cooked cereals, raw eggs and milk.
  The amazing thing is that by being a vegetarian every day, Little Taki did not show any symptoms of lack of taurine (an element required by cats).
  Little Tucci lives happily in George’s ranch, wandering in the woods on the river bank with other small animals on weekdays, and wandering on the grass dotted with flowers. Interestingly, this scene was seen by a reporter. He took the photo and wrote: “This is an oasis of love. Sheep and kittens can live in peace with the lion. It is a vegetarian lion.” After the photo was published, many people came to see Little Taki.
  In Hollywood outstanding performance
  even more incredible is that small Tucci competition by a Hollywood movie studio filmmakers invited to shoot a dangerous desert scenario: Let small Thaci stalking a child. In the afternoon, when they came to the quicksand area, George told Little Tucci to lie down and stay still. According to the script of the movie, the little girl was alone in the desert. She heard a low roar from the lion, and then it ran towards her.
  Everyone did not expect that Little Taki’s savvy was very good. It realistically jumped into the air in the desert, flew into the air, and fell directly on the little girl lying on the ground… A large dust of sand rose up, covering their figures. The anxious people waited for the dust to settle. After a while, they saw the little girl stretch out her arms and put her arms around Little Taki’s neck and kindly said, “You are amazing!” Little Taki finished the performance brilliantly. The producer and director were stunned.
  Leaving the owner in his sleep
  this way, a vegetarian lion in Hollywood fame. Soon, Taki was invited to appear on TV. In the live show, the director played a video of Taki living peacefully with kittens and sheep. Interestingly, the director also put a few chickens in front of Little Taki. Maybe the chicks are so cute, but Taki actually put the chicks in his mouth and licked it, making the audience sweat. However, Taki quickly put them down, then licked them one by one, and finally protected the chickens with their front paws.
  Through these things, people think that Little Taki is amazing, and more people come here…
  Time flies, Little Lion Taki has lived with George in the Valley Ranch for 9 years. Later, Little Tuqi contracted pneumonia, and one night soon after, he went away in his sleep. George is very sad, because Little Taki is not only a vegetarian lion, but also a heart-warming lion.