UFO first appeared in the late 19th century and early 20th century

  The history of modern UFOs did not begin in 1947, as many critics believe, but in 1880 or so, at the peak of the industrial revolution. Then, is there any connection between the rapid development of western science and technology and the mysterious flying objects that appeared in the same period?
  In fact, UFO appeared even earlier, and there is a secret record of flying objects driven by supernatural creatures in the Bible. However, the most definite period of time when such phenomena appeared in large numbers should be the period from 1880 to the Second World War, when the history of modern UFO also began at this time. Early UFO stories are similar to modern UFO stories. The only difference is that in the early UFO stories, human-looking creatures drive slow-moving, clumsy spaceships, while in modern UFO stories, aliens drive flashing, metallic ships. spacecraft.
  Witnessed the beginning of
  Jerome Clark and Lucius leagues official told us, according to Santa Fe “New Mexico Daily” reported the evening of March 26, 1880, three people saw a cigar-shaped driven by the huge propeller Aircraft. According to the descriptions of these people, 10 people on the aircraft screamed and laughed at them in strange language they did not understand, and one of them threw a few things out of the aircraft. Afterwards, people found a beautiful flower, a piece of silk-soft paper with some unreadable text on it, and a cup with a strange craftsmanship.
  These items were taken to a nearby railway station warehouse. A few hours later, a stranger came to inspect them, believing that these items were from the East, and gave the warehouse clerk some money. It is said that this man is a collector of strange objects. We know that in modern UFO reports, strangers often go to talk with UFO witnesses and obtain some physical evidence. These strangers are called “men in black” because of their black costumes and strange behavior.
  Sea met
  Mr. Li Faure Blythe published in the December 1883 “Knowledge,” the article said, in 1880, a ship has a close encounter with a UFO.
  On a dark and calm night in May 1880, at about 23:30, people on the deck of a steam engine ship “Patna” of the British Indian Company suddenly noticed a huge glowing wheel on each side of the hull. The rotation speed is very fast. Each wheel has about 16 spokes, each of which is two to three hundred meters long, and it takes about 12 seconds to make one revolution of the wheel. When they were spinning past the ship, the people on the ship seemed to hear their whizzes. Although the diameter of the wheel is five to six hundred meters, the spokes can be seen throughout. There are waves on the sea, and there is no visible light above the water. We can vividly reproduce the situation when the spokes appear by standing on the coastal surface of the ship and constantly flashing the lantern in our hand. The captain of the “Patna” Awen and the third officer Manning also saw this phenomenon.
  The spread of sightings
  From November 1896 to May 1897, 19 states in the United States reported similar sightings. Most of the reports describe huge elongated objects. These objects are equipped with bright searchlights. There are occasional reports that they have wings and propellers. These seemingly solid metal machines flew in the wind, making a hissing or buzzing sound.
  Beginning in October 1896, newspapers began to report UFO sightings in the fringe area of ​​Nebraska. At the end of October, a fruit farmer and his family in Bowman, California saw an unknown object with three bright headlights at a speed of about 160 kilometers per hour. On November 17, a similar phenomenon suddenly appeared over Sacramento (the capital of California), which caused great panic among the citizens. The following is a report published in the Sacramento Bee:
  On the evening of November 17, an amazing scene appeared in the sky. On the sidewalk of a street in the city, people saw bright objects flying from above the houses. These objects seem to be “arc lights” propelled by some mysterious force, flying at a constant speed from east to southwestern South Africa, sometimes descending near the ground, and sometimes flying in the air, as if they can sense the danger of collision with ground objects.
  Hundreds of people witnessed the object at close range. Some of them claimed that the object was very large, resembling a cigar, with huge wings on the aluminum fuselage. In addition, people can hear shouts and laughter from the object. An eyewitness named RL Lao Li and his friend firmly claimed that they heard a voice on the object yelling: “We hope to arrive in San Francisco at noon tomorrow.” The
  ensuing mass reports surprised the media. These are in line with the characteristics of the modern UFO boom: the number of sighting reports has increased dramatically in a short period of time; the drivers of UFOs that people see are just ordinary people. Usually, these objects are regarded as mysterious weapons that secret intruders are conducting flight tests. Needless to say, people have never heard of these so-called “intruders” since then.
  Close Contact The
  ”Arkansas News” recorded an experience of the train attendant James Horton, which was as exciting as the third type of close contact. The following is a description of Holden.
  I was going to Texarkana to drive back a special train. Knowing that I would be there for 8 to 10 hours, I went shopping around Homan. It was close to 15 o’clock when I arrived at Homan, but after 18 o’clock in a flash, I hurried back to the station. When walking in the bushes, I was attracted by a familiar voice. There is no doubt that it was the sound of an air hammer hitting a locomotive.
  I immediately followed the direction of the sound and saw the thing making the sound in a clearing. To be honest, surprise is not enough to express my mood at the time. I immediately realized that this is the famous spacecraft that many people have seen. There was a man of medium build on the spacecraft, wearing color-changing glasses. He was beating around on the back of the spacecraft at that time, and it seemed that he was undergoing maintenance. I approached slowly, too shocked to say a word. When he saw me, he was also taken aback, but still said: “Hello, sir.” I asked: “This is the legendary spaceship?” He said, “Yes, sir.” At that time, three or four people walked out from the keel of the spacecraft.
  After careful observation, it was found that the keel of the spacecraft was divided into two parts. There are three large wheels made of curved metal on each side of the spacecraft, which are sunken inward as the spacecraft travels.
  ”I’m very sorry, sir,” I said, “this sounds very much like a Westinghouse airlock.”
  ”It’s possible, my friend, we use compressed air and airplanes. You will know soon. . ”
  ” repaired, sir. “shouted someone in there. Then everyone got into the spacecraft from the bottom. I found that there was a 5 cm tube in front of each wheel spraying gas at the wheel, and then the wheel began to rotate. Accompanied by the hissing sound, the spacecraft flew out suddenly, with the sharp tip pointed directly at the sky; the rudder at the tail began to turn to the other side, and the wheels began to spin so fast that the blades of the wheels were almost invisible.
  People can immediately see the similarities between this incident and a series of recent UFO sightings. For Horton, this incident seemed to be purely accidental: I inadvertently walked through an inaccessible place and happened to see a mysterious aircraft malfunctioning. This is a typical feature of UFO incidents that occurred in the 1960s and 1970s: UFOs often have some similar “faults”, which provides a good opportunity for certain witnesses to “just happen” to pass by and witness the entire incident.

  Because someone was repairing it, Horton stepped forward and asked about the driving power of the spacecraft. The answer given by the other party was very consistent with the characteristics of that era, and it was also quite consistent with Horton’s interests. However, the answer is too general for people to understand. Modern aliens like to talk about electromagnetic motors and the like.
  The newspapers began to quote the testimony of other witnesses. “Long cigar” is Lethbridge’s vague description of the flying objects he saw, and the term is often mentioned in sightings of that period. After the incident, people searched the location of the incident and found a label printed in French, a piece of incomplete letter paper and a few pieces of paper, all of which made the incident even more confusing.
  The sightings at Mount Caerphilly were not an isolated case, but part of a wave of UFO sightings that lasted several months. On May 21, 1909, the front page of the “East Anglia Daily” published a report-“Britain Invaded!” The spacecraft appeared in East Anglia, Wales and the Central Region.” What follows is a detailed introduction article by researcher Carl Grove.
  For the spacecraft that invaded Britain, Wednesday night was obviously a busy night. The word “fleet” is used because there is not only one spaceship, but 6 mysterious cigar-shaped flying vehicles flickering and hissing across the night sky. Witnesses who reported the incident were very scattered, from: Southend, Birmingham, Norwich, Tasboro, Wroxham and Pontypool.
  The citizens of London also saw the mysterious spacecraft. On Thursday, the British Aeronautical Society received a postcard stating that many railway workers in Haringey, London, had seen the mysterious spacecraft. It was last Friday. George Walton and Joseph Cooper are two of these workers. When meeting a reporter from the “London Evening News”, Walton said: “Yes, we did see the spacecraft. It was 3:30 last Friday and we were sorting the wagons on the railway fork line. Suddenly, Cooper pointed out. I asked a strange object in the sky,’What is that?’ I replied,’It looks like a baton, does it look like it?’ He added,’Yes, it’s like a big cigar.’ The object flew from the northeast at a very fast speed, and there was no light on it. We were sure it was not a cloud because its shape was too regular. Besides, it was a clear and cloudless night.”
  A reporter from Southend said in a telegram that at dusk on Wednesday afternoon, people saw a spacecraft in the sky between Southend and Shuberines. It flew for a while before dark, and disappeared when night fell.
  On Wednesday night, Mrs. Turner in Norwich happened to be back from the theater. She described what happened at 23:30 that day: “Just as I turned into the street of my house, a light suddenly shone on me, and the whole street was bright as day. There were two more on the street. Young people, one of them was standing next to a bicycle with a lady beside him. I heard some of them say,’What’s that?’ I could hear a whirring sound like a wheel turning. I looked up and saw that There is a headlight in front of the object and a searchlight behind it. It flew very low. If it flew over Angel Road School at that height, it would definitely hit the spire of the school. ”
  Mr. Chatton is an assistant at the grocery store. . At midnight on Wednesday, he was riding his bicycle home, and when he walked to Thurston Pasture, he saw an incredible scene. He said: “I was blinded by the dazzling light above my head, and the surrounding trees and fences were also lit up. I had seen navy searchlights in Norwich before, so I thought what I saw was searchlights. It’s just that the color is blue, and it doesn’t seem to be as strong as the navy searchlight. After a few seconds, the light on it seemed to go out. I got off the bike and saw a long cigar-like object whizzing up , distal tip made faint light, Norwich flew towards the direction I think there is a bar at the bottom of that object, a frame for supporting both ends of the crossbar have yellow light flashing. ”
  according ponty According to Pu reporter’s news, many people in Pontypool also saw a mysterious spacecraft on Wednesday night. The architect Ghaith Fisher and his wife witnessed the spacecraft, and they determined that the spacecraft looked like a long cigar, with powerful headlights on each end. When the night watchman of the subway smithy claimed that the spacecraft flew over the smithy, then turned and flew away, the direction was almost perpendicular to the direction when it came, and finally disappeared over the town of Hereford. There is a huge sail and a powerful lamp on the spacecraft. Post office staff and local workers confirmed this statement.
  The people of Heath, a small town in Birmingham, have seen the spacecraft in people’s mouth flying over the area for several nights. The spacecraft is also cigar-shaped, but without lights.