The “snake curse” in the villa

  In the history of the development of life on earth, human research on snakes has been extensive in terms of category distribution, species characteristics, and related resource utilization. On the other hand, there are still many inexplicable mysteries that hinder the true peaceful coexistence of humans and snakes. The mysterious “snake curse” rumors triggered by a poisonous snake attack that happened in the jungles of South America in 2015, and a year later came true in the quiet English countryside in a particularly horrifying way.
  Blood Fiend “Night of the Stag”
  In the spring of 2016, Juan Ganinya, a Spanish photographer in his early 30s, received a wedding invitation from Devon, England. The person who sent the invitation was a young British botanist, Cory . A year ago, Juan accompanied several European and American scholars, including Corey, to South America to investigate the situation of wild plant species affected by global warming. Since the two were about the same age and could talk again, they still kept in touch after the inspection.
  Corey is a more traditional Englishman, renting an old country house in Devon to plan the wedding. In addition to asking Juan to be his best man, he also invited several other teammates who went to South America to study.
  In Europe, there is a traditional wedding custom of “Stag Night”, that is, a man invites his boyfriends to a banquet on the eve of their wedding to bid farewell to singles. Juan’s scientific expedition teammates are all men, so they went to the bar near the villa to have fun.
  During the drinking and music, Juan found that the bridegroom-to-be Corey seemed to be worried, and he repeatedly mentioned a rumor about the “snake curse” in South America.
  Speaking of this “snake curse,” we have to go back to the South American scientific expedition in July 2015. One day when everyone was collecting specimens of rare plants in the Ukayali Valley of the upper Amazon River, Juan accidentally stepped on a piece of overgrown. The moss stone, and just under the overturned stone are two snakes entwining and mating. He, Corey and another French scholar decisively drew out a portable machete and chopped the two snakes into several pieces. Just as the three were proud to show off, the face of the guide accompanying the scientific expedition team suddenly changed, telling that there was an old rumor in the local area that any fireline snake that was beheaded by humans would cast a mysterious spell on the deathbed, and they would bring killing. All sorts of unexpected events.
  Juan and members of the scientific research team knew that the Fireline Snake was the third species ranked among the top ten venomous snakes in the South American jungle. It was fierce and aggressive. But for the so-called “snake curse”, these people engaged in scientific research do not believe or disdain. Not only that, French scholars saw the colorful snake skins of FireWire, and afterwards made three small key pendants from the two beheaded snake skins. In addition to keeping them for themselves, the other two were given to Corey and Juan respectively.
  Now hearing that Corey, who is engaged in scientific research, talks about the “snake curse” rumors with suspicion, Juan and others can’t help but feel a little strange.
  Corey tells everyone that he and his fiancee Cynthia had encountered snakes near the villa twice before they were preparing for their wedding. The English countryside is densely covered with trees and trees, and the villa is a very old building. It is not a strange thing to have snakes occasionally in spring. But one evening a week ago, when the two of them were walking on the path outside the villa, they noticed that the grass was moving. They walked over and took a closer look and found several snakes of different species trailing strangely, so he couldn’t help thinking of the “snake curse” rumors. .
  Since everyone was in high spirits that night, they were neither serious nor distracted by Corey’s words, and even paid no attention to the French scholars who left early. Unexpectedly the next day, the French scholar was found dead in a shrub-grown creek near the bar. The autopsy turned out to be bitten and killed by a poisonous snake.
  Although this happens occasionally in the local area every spring, it is strange that in addition to finding a deadly viper’s venom mark and toxin, the forensic doctor also found several other snake tooth marks on the deceased’s body. In other words, the French scholar was attacked by an unusual swarm of snakes when he died.
  The friend died violently, and the state of death was very serious. Juan and others could not help but be full of confusion: on the one hand, the deceased had professional experience, and he was not a timid person. It’s unbelievable; on the other hand, most local snakes are non-venomous and low-aggressive species, how can they attack passers-by uncharacteristically?
  In view of the death of the French scholar, Corey decided to postpone the wedding. When he and Juan sorted out the remains of the deceased, he accidentally discovered the FireWire snake skin ornament. The two friends looked at the colorful snakeskin pendants, and Juan and Corey looked at each other suddenly a little nervous. Could it be said that the ancient South American “snake curse” will be fulfilled in the English countryside thousands of miles away?
  Suspicious Clouds
  The death of a French scholar cast a cloud over the jubilant country house, especially Juan and his visitors from afar became more and more complicated about what happened. Especially when he recalled Corey’s various speeches and behaviors at the “Stag Night” party, he felt some instinctive suspicions.
  Corey, who was upset, told Juan that in fact, in addition to two unusual snakes that he and his fiancée had encountered outdoors, there was also one time when Cynthia was staying in the villa because of the arrangement of the wedding room. Several snakes crawled into the bed in her bedroom. head. Although they are just ordinary non-venomous snakes, if Cynthia suffers a sudden shock alone, the consequences for her suffering from severe congenital heart disease are unpredictable.
  After listening, Juan asked Cynthia for details. It turns out that she went to the villa with her uncle Owen that day, and was temporarily staying overnight due to a sudden rainstorm. According to his memory, the bedroom shutters were not closed, so that the snake sneaked in. Although various signs indicate that it seems to be an accident, Cynthia learned from the villa manager that because the villa has been converted into a leisure inn in recent years, the manager will use homemade herbal medicine indoors every spring to prevent snakes. Worm enters. What’s more strange is that just two days before Cynthia and her uncle stayed overnight, their bedroom had just been smoked with medicine. For some reason, the snake would enter the space of the residual medicine smell abnormally.
  Just when Juan faced the messy clues and had no clue, a terrifying and bizarre death came again: a few days later, one late night, Corey went out for a walk alone and never returned. Early the next morning, Cynthia turned to Juan and others for help. Afterwards, everyone found Corey, whose body had been stiff, by a small remote pond behind the villa. The death and autopsy conclusions were consistent with those of previous French scholars. Due to the midnight torrential rain, all traces were washed away by the rain. The police only found that the deceased was clutching a fire thread snake skin ornament wrapped in an embroidery silk pavilion.
  The two lives died differently, and Juan couldn’t help thinking of the rumors of the “snake curse” he didn’t care about, especially thinking that he was still one of the three snake slayers, and his back was chilly. After Corey’s death, the police searched the surrounding wild valleys and found no venomous snake. As a result, the originally calm countryside has become more and more filled with all kinds of discussions, speculations and rumors, especially the residents around the villa are more skeptical or scared.
  Such a repressive environment also made Juan quite nervous. Moreover, judging from all the superimposed details, the abnormal situation of the two deceased seems to be related to the “snake curse” rumors, and many situations cannot be explained by common sense. However, based on scientific cognition, he felt that there were some inexplicable strangeness behind the abnormality.
  Just when Juan was puzzled, the police told an even more peculiar detail: The large amount of water left in the stomachs of the two deceased was the same as the water source where they died. People nearby asked for help, but were eager to find water to drink.
  This abnormal behavior caused Juan’s heart to move. He convinced Cynthia to obtain an autopsy report from the police as a family member. Sure enough, it was learned that the main deadly snake venom toxins in the bodies of the two deceased came from a small local viper subspecies, and the poisoned people would have symptoms such as thirst at the beginning of the attack. However, this viper is almost non-aggressive. It usually lives in wet and damp places far away from human settlements, especially its toxicity is slower. With the experience and experience of the two dead, they have time to seek help or save themselves. Will you die?

  Almost at the same time, Cynthia also discovered from Corey’s personal computer that he had discussed the “snake curse” rumors several times with French scholars via email more than a month before his death, and the French scholar also specifically asked several South American folklore experts for advice. , Got some information about “Snake Curse” rumors.
  All the mysteries seem to return to the ancient “snake curse” rumors, and Juan has a lot of confusion and anxiety in his heart.
  Clearing the air breaking
  Juan and Corey’s fiancee Cynthia though full of sadness, but are hoping to find a reasonable answer. As a result, the two contacted relevant experts several times and learned that although snakes have attacked humans and even caused heavy casualties in many areas of the world, the same species of snakes have appeared in this situation. Then, why do French scholars and Corey attacked snakes with snakes with different living habits?
  Two days later, Juan and Cynthia made a request to the police, hoping to provide relevant information and data about the two deceased, so that they could go to London to consult with the snake research experts of the Royal Academy of Sciences.
  Upon learning of this, Cynthia’s uncle Owen called and expressed enthusiasm that he would pass a few items of Corey’s life. Because Owen lives in a hotel not far from the country house, Juan and Cynthia went there as scheduled that evening.
  In the hotel, Owen handed them a leather bag, in addition to a few personal belongings of Corey, there was also a bottle of beautifully packaged women’s perfume.
  ”Oh, this was originally ordered by Corey and I planned to spray it on Cynthia’s bridal gown on the wedding day.” Owen picked out the perfume and explained in a slightly sad tone, “It’s a pity that it suddenly changed and the fragrance did not embellish happiness. Ah.” As he
  said, Owen opened the perfume bottle and sprayed a little on Cynthia with the love of the elders, and the room was filled with a faint fragrance.
  The three sat facing each other sadly for a moment, and Juan and Cynthia got up with Corey’s relic and left. Owen stood at the window for a long time, watching the backs of the two young men going away, and then closed the curtains.
  The next morning, a gentle knock on the door woke Owen from his sleep, opened the door, and saw a few policemen standing outside: “Sir, your niece and Mr. Juan met when they left here and went home. a sudden attack of snakes. ” ”
  God help me! “Owen asked eagerly,” how they like it? ” ”
  they take precautions, safe and sound. “police solemn expression and said,” would you, you should go with us to the police The bureau will explain why you want to mix South American wild tea pollen in perfume?” After hearing this, Owen’s pretended surprised expression changed drastically, and the panic that could not be concealed was revealed.
  It turned out that Cynthia’s parents died since childhood, leaving a lot of inheritance to be managed by her guardian Owen, and she could take care of herself after her marriage. By the way, as an uncle, Irving secretly used this inheritance for venture capital investment. Unexpectedly, the global economic downturn caused investment failure and huge losses. It just so happened that Cynthia decided to get married and mentioned her inheritance. As a result, Owen was worried about the incident and felt bad.
  Earlier, Owen had heard the rumors of “Snake Curse” from Corey, so he secretly purchased a wild tea pollen from South America. The pollen itself is non-toxic, but it can stimulate the secretion of snake hormones and induce its strong aggression, and at the same time it can get into confusion.
  Owen’s original design was relatively naive. He knew that Cynthia had a congenital heart disease and that being frightened would be dangerous, so he wanted to bring a snake into the room to “scare” his dead niece, but fortunately it did not cause harm. Cynthia, who was frightened, told her fiance afterwards that Corey, who had professional knowledge, was extremely surprised, so she consulted a French scholar who specializes in snakes. Now Owen felt that the situation was serious, so he tried to kill his niece and his fiance.
  Corey experienced two dangerous situations similar to the “snake curse”. He was even more confused and wanted to clarify the facts. He simply invited French scholars and others through the wedding. This made Owen more and more mad, so he took the risk and sprinkled Tumiao pollen on the clothes of French scholars and Corrie, secretly following him on the wasteland at night, and released the previously captured vipers when he was confused by the effect of pollen. However, when the viper hunted for the “incense” attack, other irritated snakes in the field also followed the “hunting” move-this is why the two deceased with professional experience could not effectively deal with the attack of the snake group The reason is that Juan finally discovered the strangeness of the whole incident. Therefore, he and the police jointly set up a bureau and claimed to ask authoritative experts to expose Owen.
  After all, the so-called “snake curse” of the South American FireWire snake is just a biological phenomenon, and the poison caused by the “evil” of human nature has far exceeded the “snake curse” itself

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