The birth of the colorful beach

  The beach is the dividing line between the sea and the land. They are natural beauty embedded in the waves. Nature paints them with strange colors with colorful brushes.
  ”Red Moon” – Red Beach Hana
  Hana red sandy beach in the south of Maui, Hawaii’s Hana Bay. With the impact of waves, the rust-colored beach was washed into a deeper red by the sea.
  Maui is a volcanic island, but it has not been active for many years. The black magnetite in the volcanic rock has been oxidized over a long period of time to become brick red iron oxide. The sand of the red beach is formed by the erosion of these iron oxides by sea water.
  The red sand beach is relatively hidden and narrow, so people like to call this relatively hidden beach “Red Moon”.
  ”Emerald Twilight” – Papa Cora desert
  with the “red moon” echoes the southernmost island of Hawaii is a beach – Papa Kola Beach, it’s kind of special colors often people praise the “Twilight grandmother green”. According to aboriginal legends, Papacola Beach has mysterious powers.
  The color of this beach is because its sand contains olivine. The source of olivine is Pumaha Volcano, which is a common substance in volcanic lava. When the limited volcanic rocks are exhausted, this bizarre green beach may disappear. Therefore, the locals cherish the Papacola Beach and ask all tourists who come here: When admiring this green beach, don’t take away anything except photos.
  Black Pearl bleeding – Puna Lu Wu beach
  Puna Lu beach as if it was pavers by the numerous black pearl made. Even if you step on it with bare feet, you won’t have the feeling of sticking your feet. The sand on the beach is delicate and soft, and the color is dark and shiny.
  The formation of this black sand beach is also related to volcanoes. The volcanic lava flows radially, rushing to the sea, and when it meets water, it cools and turns into black rock. After day after day of collision and friction, the lava was scattered into gravel and finally piled into black sand.
  The deep black color of the beach is good for better absorption of sunlight, and many tourists like to lie down here to tan themselves. Hawksbill and sea turtles also like to visit this beach very much.
  Purple miracle – Buddha Beach Koh non-
  par non-Buddha Beach, California United States, this magical purple beach is how did this happen? It turns out that there is a purple garnet mine on this coast. Due to the erosion of wind and waves all the year round, the mine is gradually weathered and broken, and fine sand is formed after repeated impacts and grinding. The purple garnet is very precious, and the beach of Phafeifo has the reputation of “jewel beach”.
  These purple fine sandstones are mixed with ordinary yellow and white sand grains, presenting different shades of purple on the beach.
  Pink Beach – Beach Harbor Island
  Harbor Island is a coral island atoll beach coral powder usually constructed. Under normal circumstances, the color of coral powder that has been worn and weathered is close to white under repeated washing by waves. But on Harbour Island, the color of the beach is a dreamy pink.
  The beach turns pink due to a creature called foraminifera. Many foraminifera with pink outer universe are attached to the reefs around Hub Island. When hit by a big wave or hit by fish, they will fall off the reef in groups, and finally washed up on the beach, mixed with the reef and shells, and become pink “sand”.
  ”Blue Teardrop” – Beach Waa De Oahu
  in Maldives Waa De Oahu beach is known as “blue tear drop”, in fact, the beach here is not blue, but here once staged a The magical “Martian wave”. Countless seaweeds emitting blue light rushed to the beach with the waves, and the shining fluorescence instantly turned the beach into a blue galaxy.