School bus traffic tragedy supernatural incident

  One morning in September 2004, a school bus bound for Sacred Heart Canossian College on Hong Kong Island was full of school students. When it arrived at Wah Chui Street, which was a few intersections away from the school in Chi Fu Path, Pokfulam, because It was early in the morning and there were fewer people and cars on the road, so the driver was driving very fast. It happened that a dazzled and deaf old lady crossed the road in violation of traffic rules without looking at the traffic lights. What’s more unfortunate was that the driver didn’t see it. When the car passed by the old lady, she rolled the old woman into the bottom of the car. . According to a later confession, the driver only felt the car bumped upside down, and no abnormality was seen in the mirror, so he continued to drive until he reached the school, where the police found him. After being caught under the car, the old woman was run over by the rear wheel, and died on the spot. What’s more terrifying was that she was crushed by a heavy school bus at the time. After her upper body was crushed, her lower limbs were broken and left on the scene. The blood stains were shocking. The internal organs were squeezed and splashed all over the floor, and the minced meat of the upper body was carried far away by the wheels. The blood stains continued for hundreds of meters on the road. From the part above the neck, that is, the head was stuck at the bottom of the car without deviation. , Did not fall midway, was taken to the school by the school bus.
  After the car entered the school, the students got out of the car and entered the classroom to prepare for class. The school bus driver stopped the car and rested in the lounge. After getting off the car, the driver did not pay attention to the splash of blood and meat on the rear tires of the school bus. Of course, he would not find the car. The head stuck firmly at the bottom. On the other hand, passers-by found blood and residual limbs on the road immediately to report to the police. After the traffic police arrived, based on the blood line and road surveillance video, it was speculated that it might be a traffic accident caused by the school bus of Sacred Heart Canossian College. Some people began to deal with the road scene. He also collected broken limbs to search for the head, and a team of men went to the Sacred Heart Canossian College to look for the accident vehicle and driver. When the police and traffic police arrived at Sacred Heart Canossian College, the driver was still reading the newspaper in the lounge. He heard that the school bus he was driving had a car accident in the morning. He didn’t believe it at all, so he went to the garage with the police to check it out, and when he opened the garage, he heard a pungent nose. The smell of blood, and then the blood and minced meat on the rear of the car and tires were found, and the driver was terrified. The traffic police immediately found the head of the deceased in the mechanical gap at the bottom of the carriage, and even pryed it off with a metal tool. The surface tissue has been damaged and the facial features are not easy to identify.
  Subsequently, the police found that the victim of the accident was a mother-in-law near Huacui Street based on street surveillance video and residents’ investigation. The family later took the school bus driver to court. Although the responsibility of the traffic accident lies with the mother-in-law, the court ruled that the school bus driver should be given financial compensation in view of the seriousness and horror of the accident, and warned the driver to avoid pedestrians and increase driving vigilance.
  The event finally had a result, but it did not really end. The family members of the deceased burned paper at the traffic lights at the intersection of Huacui Street to pay homage to their mother-in-law. The autumn night seemed even more lonely. The neighbors all knew about the tragedy and avoided it. Guys are usually more careful when working in nearby streets, because the traffic accident is too bloody, making everyone work more rigorously to prevent this “car’s head stuck in the rear of the car and continue driving”. For a period of time, a nearby private car driver complained that strange images appeared at traffic lights at night, affecting the normal driving of the driver, and even the neighbours told the police to walk across Huacui Street at night and saw something similar to “mother-in-law” The figure lingered in the street, but disappeared in a blink of an eye, something unusual. The traffic police did not take it for granted. They thought that everyone was too sensitive. It might be caused by the night’s mentality or the lighting problem.
  Finally one day the buddy patrolled the night watch and ran into a strange thing. This buddy had never believed in these things. He treated street car accidents or traffic tragedies with frankness, so he laughed at the rumors in the neighborhood. This night, the same colleague patrolled the night watch and passed by the intersection of Wah Chui Street in the early hours of the morning. Because it was a late car and there was basically no one in the street, the two of them talked and laughed all the way. After a few intersections, they could return to the police station to finish the change knock off. When the two were talking, they caught up with the traffic lights, so the car stopped at the intersection. The man looked around to see the road conditions. At that time, there was no one on the street, and the car was about to start. When the red light changed to green, the car suddenly appeared on the zebra crossing opposite the intersection. An elderly mother-in-law was standing in the middle of the road at a distance of seven or eight meters. Although the street lights were dim, under the shining of the car lights, she could clearly see that she was an old man, wearing old-fashioned floral clothes and long white hair. She should be a mother-in-law. , Stood motionless on the side of the road, looking down at the ground without looking at the car or the road.
  The driver slammed on the brakes, and the two were driven forward by inertia. The colleague immediately asked, “Strange, how come someone is standing in the middle of the road suddenly, and there was no one at the red light?” The guy was also puzzled: “Yes. Ah, the whole street is empty, grandma won’t get lost and don’t know the way back home, right?” As soon as these words came out, the two immediately thought of the school bus crashing and killing their mother-in-law a few days ago, and the two looked at the car. After a while, I felt a little panic, but then the guy told his colleague: “You get out of the car to see what’s going on. It shouldn’t be that bad. Maybe it’s a dementia grandmother who got lost!” So the colleague drove the door and got off the car. , And the guy clasped the steering wheel with both hands and stared at the mother-in-law in the middle of the road. As soon as my colleague got out of the car, the mother-in-law suddenly raised her head slowly, turned her sideways head slowly by 90 degrees, and looked towards the night police car driver, which is the direction of the man. The man was shocked, but he had not seen the mother-in-law clearly. With her face and eyes, this mother-in-law “ran” towards the front of the car at a very fast speed. She said it was impossible to run because she was so old that she couldn’t run, and she didn’t have her shoulders and legs when she came over. Move, that is to say, it should be “floating”. When the colleague who got off the bus saw her mother-in-law moving, they shouted “Hello” in fright. Before I finished speaking, my mother-in-law was almost at the front of the car. This friend of mine, the guy in the driver’s seat, did not see her eyes clearly in the dim and frightened state, but felt that her face was gray and expressionless, and she was shocked. Cold sweat, numb scalp, I accidentally pressed the horn, and the harsh “di-di-” sound rang out on the streets without people. The mother-in-law’s figure disappeared instantly when she hit the windshield, man. He still pressed his hand on the horn and didn’t let go. He didn’t let go until his colleague came back and opened the car door and patted him on the shoulder. He woke up, his hands were sweaty. At this time, the two of them had not spoken to each other in the car for a long time, and they were still in shock, because in the later words of the buddy, this was something they had never encountered since they were traffic police. After that, the two quickly got out of the car and patrolled left and right. There was no one within a hundred meters of sight. Waiting for a moment was nothing unusual. So the two drove back to the police station and immediately burned incense for blessing, then patrolled and passed by. Cuijie wears safety signs, and is cautious.
  Since this school bus tragedy occurred, the school has begun to shrouded in an atmosphere of terror. Some parents have complained to the school bus management office, and the school has been a headache when it comes to discussing that this kind of incident will have a certain impact on school students. Some students reported seeing strange figures in the toilets or unmanned music rooms, like an elderly mother-in-law, walking back and forth, seeming to be looking for something, but there have been rumors that there has been no surveillance TV to actually take pictures, it is only in the students Rumored from time to time, the school didn’t care.
  One day late at night, school workers patrol the campus and classrooms normally to see if the doors and windows are locked and whether there is any theft. As usual, from the classroom to the campus, after patrolling every classroom, there is no abnormality. Because it is so late, there is no he thinks. Then the school worker walked down the floor to patrol in the direction of the school bus garage, while shining the flashlight everywhere. Suddenly, when the school worker’s flashlight hit the door of the school bus garage, he seemed to see a figure, and the school worker pointed the flashlight at the distant garage. At the door, the light is relatively dim. The school worker carefully observes that it is really a figure, and she looks like an old woman, with gray hair, only her back can be seen, standing motionless and facing the garage door. Although the garage door is locked at night, it seems to be waiting for the garage door to open. The school worker also knew about the school bus accident. At that time, he was very nervous, but he still kept pace and walked over. At the same time, he began to shout loudly: “Who are you? What are you doing?” In fact, the school worker knew in his heart that there could be no one in the middle of the night. The mother-in-law was standing still in the school, and asking so loudly was to embolden herself. Walking in this way, she was about to reach the garage door of the school bus. The direction of the flashlight in her hand has not changed, and the light has been shining on her back. The mother-in-law neither looked back nor answered the school’s inquiries. Because I was very close, the school worker’s eyes, legs and feet were very good. I was already convinced that there was someone standing there. The more I was convinced, the more I felt like drumming, and he jumped.
  At this time, the school worker was too nervous and anxious, and his feet were unstable. When he stepped on the steps, his body did not maintain his balance. When he shook, the light of the flashlight flickered. After he stood firm, he used the flashlight to shine again. The back of the mother-in-law standing at the door was gone. The school worker quickly ran to the switch to turn on the street lights on the campus and in front of the garage door, and found that there was only himself in the huge campus, and there was no figure of the mother-in-law who had just seen on the empty playground. At this time, the school worker was sweating and went back to the duty room without turning off the street lights, and kept observing the movement of the garage door, until dawn did not find her mother-in-law back.
  The next day, the school worker told the story to the school. The school was dubious. He didn’t believe it until the school bus driver resigned after encountering a supernatural incident that day. After the school bus driver paid compensation to the family of the deceased, he was always anxious. Although he went to burn the coins and worship Buddha, he still had lingering fears. The work of picking up students every day continues, of course, driving on the road is much more cautious than before. That morning, after picking up the students to the school normally, the driver was going to park the school bus in the garage. After parking the car, check whether the position of the car is in the middle of the garage, and look back in the mirror at will. On the left, the position is shown in the mirror, and then on the right, there is no rear of the car, only a mother-in-law standing in the car tail. At that time, the driver shivered and yelled, jumped out of the car, ran to the rear of the car, the car was close to the garage wall, there was no one, let alone a mother-in-law. The driver didn’t dare to be careless. He went around the car several times and lay on the ground to check the bottom of the car. There was nothing, but his heart was already strongly stimulated. Back in the lounge, the driver decided to resign and ceased to be a daily school bus driver. The school can also understand, coupled with the school worker’s night patrol experience, and worry that the driver’s mental state is not good, which will affect the driving work, and readily agree.