New Exploration of the Secret Land: Opening the Window of Time

  The window of time allows us to see what has happened in the past.
  To understand time, we must have a correct understanding of the relationship between the past, present and future.
  But what is correct and what is reality?
  The past, present and future continuously replace each other. The present now is soon the past, and the present future will eventually become the present.
  The sudden appearance of a past scene, place and object is recorded all over the world.
  Let us now look at the strange case of the late Edith Oliver (1879—1948). In October 1916, Edith Oliver experienced something unusual. On her way to Avebury, England to see the famous Stonehenge, she witnessed a scene that should have happened at least 66 years ago.
  It was a dark and wet October night during the First World War. Edith Oliver drove alone from Devizes to Swindon. After a few kilometers, she left the main road and entered a strange avenue. She saw a series of huge gray stone steles standing on both sides of the road. However, seeing a boulder in a place like Avebury seems to be nothing unusual. Avebury is the home of Britain’s largest prehistoric Stonehenge.
  Edith had never visited Avebury before. She had only seen these huge stones in a book, so she thought she was approaching the huge prehistoric steles.
  Despite the pouring rain, Edith still decided to get out of the car and feel the atmosphere of England’s mysterious boulders. At the end of the avenue, she reached Stonehenge and climbed the slope. She admired the different forms of standing or fallen boulders. There are some small huts scattered among the boulders. In the distance, Edith saw the outline of a country fair.
  ”The market that night showed the face of this place. The megalithic monument and the small hut partially obscured the faint lights and falling rain, but both were intermittently illuminated by the lights from the stalls and displays. Some were quite primitive. the boat-shaped swing in this dark aura wandered; coconut rolling woodland planted in the distance; the bottle was broken gun, issued crackling landing. ” ”
  during that time, occasionally there is a small group of villagers with Viagra The indifference of the people of Ert County walked from one place to another. Those huge stones, the architectural heritage of an unknown nation, successfully integrated themselves into the villages of another period. I stood on the slope and watched for a while This scene, and then felt that there was too much rain on the back of his neck, so he got into the car and drove away.” Edith Oliver wrote in one of her books.
  Nine years later, Edith visited Avebury again. To her surprise, there were no traces of boulders in the area.
  From a guide book, she learned that the boulder road she saw disappeared as early as 1800, and the last rural market in this area took place 66 years ago. In fact, this fair used to be held every year in Avebury, but it was cancelled after 1850.
  When she talked to some local people, they asked her which way she was to Avebury that night. She said it was through a boulder avenue. When elderly people told her that the boulders had disappeared before 1800, she felt very upset.
  ”So, not only the market, but the whole experience after I left Bakerhampton that night, brought me back to some time in the 18th century.” Edith recalled.
  Several years later, during excavations in Avebury, the boulders were discovered and erected in their original positions. Edith was curious about these findings, so she went to see the work in progress. But she was disappointed that there was no avenue in Bakerhampton Village. Afterwards, Edith attended a lecture given by Mr. Keller, the head of the excavation.
  ”He explained that his reason for starting this work on that special avenue was to see two stones still standing at its end. This gave him direction and made it easy for him to find its way. However, he continued. , Another more attractive job awaits him. Among all the avenues, Bakerhampton’s one has the most enduring tradition, although there are no stones anymore. This time he will not find clues to guide him. He, because the stone on the east side has been found. But he said, if possible, one day he will find that avenue. The audience who listened to his lecture are all archeologists, so I didn’t have the courage to stand up and ask the excavators A place that should be discovered. But despite being timid, I still hope that I can return to Avebury and see the day when these stones stand up again. I believe that I am the only living in the world who has seen the above events People.”
  Avebury’s ins and outs are still hidden in secret. Edith Oliver witnessed scenes from the past, events that took place 66 years ago. So, is it possible that a window of time once existed near Avebury?

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