Lost paradise

  The Greeks said that the human century is divided into four ages: gold, silver, bronze and black iron. At the end of each era, human beings will be punished by gods due to their fall and decay, thereby being destroyed and reborn. The Trisolaran said that the irregular movement of the three suns caused the “Era of Eternity” and “Era of Chaos” to intersect, and civilization continued in hundreds of calamities. Geologists say that since the Phanerozoic, life has gone through at least five major extinctions.
  Before the rise of human beings, did other prehistoric civilizations exist on the earth? What happened to all kinds of man-made objects that shouldn’t have appeared on the earth? Myths handed down from generation to generation, traces of the sea, land, and air, what happened to the ancient earth? Let us explore with you.
  Prehistoric memorial – to explore the past lives of human civilization
  also remember that God made man, Nu Wa made man, the dawn of day or fairy tale of Noah’s ark it? When the saying that “man evolved from ape” replaced the saying that God created man, these stories were gradually forgotten by us, or were regarded as the whims of the ancients due to the lack of scientific understanding of nature. But what is the essence of myth? Many cultural relics and ancient books unearthed in ancient times show that, whether in the East or the West, the ancients believed in and respected the gods, followed the principles (myths) taught by the gods (myths), and passed on from generation to generation. However, later, the connotation of myth was not understood by later generations, and people gradually believed that myth was just a kind of floating imagination. At present, more and more scholars have begun to study ancient mythology, and have obtained results that are different from previous studies of prehistoric civilization.
  Found prehistoric civilization of
  today’s science and so many people proud of: people rejoice this unique planet Earth, are rare in the universe gave birth to the life environment, lower organisms glad successfully evolved human beings, especially the people from From ancient ignorance to today’s great progress in science. But in the past two decades, more and more facts of paleontology and archaeology have shaken this scientific belief.
  As a major discovery in the nineteenth century, the theory of evolution is an important part of modern science. It is not only the basis of modern biology, but also the cornerstone of modern physiology, ethics, psychology, philosophy and even social consciousness. However, the crisis of the theory of evolution has caused some scholars to re-examine the true history of mankind and explore the true origin of mankind. On the other hand, the rigorous re-identification and systematic summary of fossils have made the evidence of evolution more volatile, and the discovery and in-depth study of prehistoric civilization is undoubtedly a counterattack to the theory of evolution, which has led some scholars to re-examine modern science.
  The traditional theory holds that modern humans originated in South Africa about 100,000 years ago, migrated from there to Europe and southern Asia, continued to migrate from Asia, reached the New World via the Bering Strait 30,000 years ago, and reached South America 15,000 years ago. . However, some facts deny this hypothesis born out of the theory of evolution.
  A large number of civilization relics have a history far beyond human civilization. These relics from different periods completely break the frame of evolution. In 1880, a number of exquisite stone tools were unearthed from 300 feet of Taibo Mountain in California, USA. They were identified as the remains of 55 million years ago; in 1968, archaeologists Y. Druet and Salfa H. Salfati discovered some different types of metal pipes in a limestone formation in France, the age of the formation is 65 million years.
  In the rock formations on the banks of the Laxie River in Texas, USA, people found 12 fossils of human footprints next to fossils of dinosaur footprints. More than ten years ago, Carl Bow started an in-depth study of this, and he ruled out the possibility of artificial carving with sufficient arguments. Later, human finger fossils and a hammer were found in the same formation. The hammer handle has turned into coal, indicating that this area was buried deep underground in ancient times. The hammer head contains 96.6% iron, 0.74% sulfur, and 2.6% chlorine. This alloy, which is impossible to make now, may show a highly developed human civilization in prehistoric times.
  The famous American Science magazine published a series of archaeological discoveries in 1998: portraits of 15,000 years ago, portraits of 23,000 years ago, horses carved with mammoth tusks 30,000 years ago, and barbed spears 90,000 years ago. We know that it only took about 5,000 years for our human civilization to develop from the ignorance period to today’s glory. These long-distanced civilizations are likely to represent civilizations in different periods.
  Based on these conclusive facts, some scholars have put forward the theory of prehistoric civilization. They believe that the development of mankind is not as previously imagined, but cyclical. Different civilizations existed on the earth in different periods. The catastrophes of the earth in different periods destroyed civilizations at that time, and even exterminated most living things at that time. Those who are fortunate enough to survive, start from the original state, multiply and develop, enter the next civilization, and are destroyed in the next global disaster, repeating itself again and again. This follows the law of “birth-development-death”, and it goes back and forth.
  The fossil record of the evolution of civilization
  theory, history and geology perfect match. When we face the history that has been concealed by the theory of evolution, we should calmly realize that fossils should not testify for the theory of evolution. The most basic evidence of the theory of evolution, the transitional type of fossil, has actually not been found. Johnson, the author of the book “The Trial of Darwin”, summarized this: “Fossils show us some kind of organisms that have appeared suddenly, without gradual Any traces of evolution… Once these organisms appear, they basically no longer change, even after millions of years, no matter how the climate and environment change. If Darwin’s theory were established, these conditions should have caused huge changes in species. “So what are the fossils witnessing? -Catastrophe.
  Fossils cannot be formed under normal conditions. Creatures must be buried deep underground before they decay and weather, and can gradually become fossils under strong pressure. Only catastrophes can provide such conditions, and fossils have become witnesses to disasters. The study of fossils in the stratum tells people that the development of species suddenly appeared on a large area in a short time. They develop and prosper, and then to the great destruction, the remaining and new species continue to develop like this, again and again.
  It is recognized by the modern scientific community that there have been several major extinctions in geological history and almost all living things have been wiped out, but it does not mean that there will be no catastrophe between the cycles of extinction.
  There are many direct proofs of the earth’s periodic catastrophes. Bosnianski studied the ancient city of Di Warnaco for 50 years and found sufficient evidence that the disaster that destroyed that civilization was an unprecedented flood. In the frozen ground of Siberia, the remains of thousands of frozen mammals were found, some were intact, some were torn and twisted with tree trunks. People tested the food in their stomachs and found temperate grasses that had not had time to digest. Living facts tell people that in a very short period of time, this incredible and devastating disaster occurred, and all the creatures in the mild areas were frozen in their current position.
  Additional scientific roadmap
  ancient Egyptians claimed that the pyramid has nothing to do with them. In the past, people could not understand, so they gave this great feat to the ancient Egyptians. Scholars now recognize that the huge stones used in these buildings are extremely smooth and tidy, weighing a few tons, a dozen tons, or even hundreds of tons. For example, the palace sarcophagus in the Great Pyramid of Egypt was carved from a whole piece of granite. The drilling tools used at that time were 500 times faster than today’s diamond-head electric drills. The boulders are so densely packed that even the thinnest blade cannot be inserted. The new discoveries at the Dihuanaco site revealed the superb construction techniques: they cut grooves between adjacent boulders, poured molten metal, and after the metal solidified, they firmly connected the adjacent boulders. Together. This requires a mobile metallurgical workshop that can melt several gallons of metal at a time. As the boulders are piled up high, the metallurgical workshop rises freely, and there is no trace of pressure on the stones below, which shows how portable this metallurgical workshop is!