Hungarian Ghost Lake

  In Hungary, there is Lake Balaton, the largest lake in Central Europe. The long and narrow lake is divided into two sections from one third of the Tihani Peninsula. The long section is a resort with charming scenery, and the short section is also a deep section. In the eyes of the locals, it is a fascinating lake. Legend has it that there is a deep cave at the bottom of the lake, which can directly reach the purgatory depicted in Dante’s Divine Comedy.
  Lake Balaton is mysterious and unpredictable. It is often surging and thundering in a moment of calm and calm. There will be dense fog and mirages above the lake. If someone is sailing on the lake at this time, they might see themselves in a mirage. It’s just that this is not a good thing, and I often see scenes that predict my own death.
  Mysterious e-mail
  at the end of April 2012, New York, USA. Belloc opened an unfamiliar email from Hungary in his office. The letter said that there is a big treasure in the cave at the bottom of Lake Balaton in Hungary.
  There are too many such emails on weekdays. But this time he read it attentively. When he saw the last picture, he couldn’t help taking a breath. It was a picture of a coin, with a double balance on the front and Caesar’s head on the back. It is a double-balance gold rupee cast after Caesar took Egypt in 50 BC. There is only one surviving one. It is now in the Oriental Museum in New York. Belloc once observed the gold coin up close in the museum, and the one in the picture looks newer and more refined. The author of the anonymous letter said that he had obtained this gold coin from the bottom of the Nether Lake, and there are countless gold coins in the cave at the bottom of the lake.
  Belloc is the owner of the Rock Marine Salvage Company, which specializes in salvaging sunken ships and treasures on the high seas. If, as the letter says, there are countless double-balance gold rupees at the bottom of Lake Balaton, it is indeed a big treasure. Soon, assistant Lorna found relevant information. In the late 1970s and mid-1980s, the Hungarian government conducted two bottom surveys of Lake Balaton, but they all failed. And all happened in the section of Nether Lake. It is said that for the second time, they have found the entrance to the legendary purgatory and dropped the sounding hammer. But that night, the calm lake was suddenly shrouded in thick fog, and the visibility was almost zero. The next day, when the supply ship arrived at the predetermined location, the survey ship had tipped over and everyone was gone. Three days later, the only survivor was found on another section of the lake. He had already lost consciousness, but his survival instinct allowed him to hold on to the life preserver. When people rescued him and asked about the scene of the accident, he seemed to have seen a ghost, trembling all over, saying that after the fog that night, the people on the survey ship saw a mirage heralding death in the fog. The god of death said that they disturbed the peace of another world, and in this way predicted their fate. Since then, no one dared to approach that section of the lake.
  Lorna said mysteriously: “Boss, I found this in the Central European Volume of 1970-1990 archives declassified by the National Archives in Washington, D.C.” Then, she took out a photo, which turned out to be another double-balanced gold rupee. Black and white photo.
  It turned out that in the summer of 1979, an ancient tomb was excavated in the Bauconi Mountains on the shore of Lake Balaton. A large number of exquisite relics of ancient Rome and ancient Egypt were found in the tomb. Later, when the plane carrying cultural relics flew over Lake Balaton, it suddenly fell into the lake, and all the cultural relics also sank to the bottom of the lake. Belloc decided to take a trip to Hungary.
  Crazy treasure hunt
  when Belloc and Lorna as tourists come to Lake Balaton, are catching up with the most beautiful time of the year. On the tour boat, the narrator told the horrible legends about the Nether Lake and the mirage that predicted death on the Tihany Peninsula. After the cruise ship docked, Belloc suggested to the narrator that he wanted to go to the Nether Lake on the other side of the island, and the narrator’s face immediately changed color.
  Bellok said that as long as he found himself a boat and a guide, he would pay a lot of money. “No one dares to go there, and there is no one who is familiar with the situation there. Except for Father John who lives by the lake, but he easily does not come into contact with outsiders.” After some hard work, the commentator agreed to take them. Go to see Father John. Father John is in his sixties and is strong. After listening to the narrator’s introduction, he kept looking at Belloc with falcon-like eyes. After a long time, the old man returned to the house, but calmly agreed to them. The narrator couldn’t help but stare.
  The two got into Father John’s boat, and the breeze swept across the calm lake, but they did not dare to take it lightly. The boat stopped in the middle of the lake, Belloc was busy observing the surrounding environment and extracting water samples, Rona and Father John were chatting. To her surprise, Father John turned out to be the only survivor in the operation of surveying the bottom of the lake. When Lorna asked curiously what happened at the time, Father John squeezed out a few words from his throat: “In the thick fog, we saw a mirage. It is like a movie, foretelling our way of death. The storm comes. At that time, I saw myself in the fog drifting on the sea, and the god of death was above my head. But fortunately, I was rescued at the last moment.”
  Belloc heard this and asked: “Where is the hole and how deep is it? “Father John said, pointing to the front with his finger: “At that time, we put down the seven connected measuring hammer ropes of 200 meters each, and didn’t go to the end.” Hearing this, Belloc ordered to draw back. By the time they returned to the shore, it was already past 3 o’clock in the afternoon. The narrator brought the professional diving equipment they had placed in the hotel.
  That night, a bright moon illuminated the lake as bright as day. The boat arrived in the water above the cave. Belloc and Rona put on diving suits and took turns into the water. They soon found the legendary entrance to purgatory at the bottom of the deepest lake. It looks like a volcanic crater, and streams of black lake water gush out from the cave mouth from time to time, and the water is cold to the bones. Bellok marked the location and returned to the ship. After he was ready to negotiate with the government, he waited for the company’s salvage personnel to arrive.
  Father John looked at the full moon above his head and suddenly said, “It’s going to fog.” Soon a milky white mist floated out of the deep water and slowly approached the boat. In a moment, the boats have been surrounded. In the thick fog, the few people on the boat could not see each other’s faces, and only heard Lona’s exclamation: “God, look!”
  Belloc saw several figures appearing in the thick fog ahead. It is a mirage. What surprised him was that the few people in the mirage turned out to be the three of them. The faces of the three people became hideous and fuzzy in the looming thick fog, as if they were struggling before death. After a long time, the fog cleared, the mirage disappeared, and Rona and Belloc saw the fear in each other’s eyes.
  ”The god of death is angry. He is warning us that anyone who gets close to the eyes of the netherworld will die just like the death notice.” Father John whispered.
  Death notice
  boat suddenly shake up, as if the bottom had a huge monster beat, boat creaks. The ship shook more and more severely, and there was a sudden loud bang on the deck, and a sharp jet of water sprayed out from below, shocking all three of them. Rona hurriedly put on her diving suit and shouted: “The boat is sinking!” Just when she was about to go into the water, Father John grabbed her: “Don’t go down, there is a cannibal ghost below!” Wait for death!” As soon as the voice fell, there was a loud noise, the boat split into two, and the three fell into the cold water. Bellok struggling in the water and swiping a few times, suddenly felt a pain in the back of his head, his eyes went dark, and he passed out.
  When he woke up again, he found himself tied to a tree, and Rona was also tied to the side in a coma. Belloc called Rona’s name, and the first words of Rona who woke up were: Where are we? Have you already been tortured in purgatory? A dark shadow flashed in front of them with a grinning grin: “Yes, you are in the hands of Death!” Looking at the man in front of them, the two were shocked. He turned out to be Father John. Father John walked up to Belloc, grabbed his chest, and asked fiercely: “You are not Belloc, you are Pedel’s son Pei. I recognized you the first time I saw you, yours It looks exactly the same as Pedel 40 years ago. Tell me, where is he?” “Who are you, and how do you know my father?”

  It turned out that he and Belloc’s father Pedel once served in the Hungarian Air Force in the 1970s. In early 1979, someone found a tomb in the Bauconi Mountain and unearthed many cultural relics, including a small box of Caesar’s double balance gold rupees. The task of returning the cultural relics to Budapest was assigned to Pedel and John. But the two had coveted these treasures. Since they were both born in Lake Balaton, they decided to use local legends to create a plane crash into the lake. Before the incident, John, who was doing ground handling, installed micro-explosives on key parts of the plane. When the plane flew over Nether Lake, Pedel pretended to encounter a mirage. When the plane entered the water and he escaped with gold coins, John immediately destroyed the plane. . They knew that the undercurrent at the bottom of the lake would send aircraft fragments into the deep cave in the center of the vortex. So no one will ever know this secret. But things went counterproductive. When John learned that the plane had fallen into the lake, but did not receive Pedel’s escape signal, he had to blow up the plane in desperation, and Pedel disappeared.
  For years, he has been searching for Pedel and the box of gold coins. He thought that Pedel was buried at the bottom of the lake with the gold coin, so he lived by the lake for decades and became a monster in the eyes of the world. He also volunteered to participate in two large searches, and used his familiarity with the place to create two death predictions. In fact, all the people involved in surveying the bottom of the lake were murdered by him, just to hide the truth.
  When he saw Belloc, he knew that the opportunity he had waited for years had finally arrived. So uncharacteristically, he took Belloc and Lorna to the Nether Lake, used his special mechanism under the boat to cause a shipwreck, and took the opportunity to knock them out.
  The truth behind the mystery
  ” Back when I learned that your mother and son went to the United States suddenly, I had a bad feeling. But God bless me, let me wait for you. Say where is Pedel?” When Locke told the whereabouts of Pedel and the gold coin, a figure came quietly behind John. John suddenly felt a tight waist and was held up by something.
  When John saw the person standing behind him, he couldn’t help being taken aback: “It’s you!” It turned out that, taking advantage of his distraction to force a confession, Rona took out the knife hidden in the cuff and cut the rope. Father John flashed around and kicked Rona down. Just when he was about to kill Rona, Belloc yelled: “Look, look at—” I saw thick fog floating on the lake for some time, and a mirage appeared in the thick fog. An airplane appeared in it, rolling, and two people on the airplane were struggling in horror. John yelled, as if he had seen a ghost: “Pedel, it’s Pedel!” He fell over his chest. Rona on the side also yelled: “Dad, Dad–”
  The plane in the mirage crashed into the lake and disappeared. Father John also died of a heart attack. Only Belloc and Lorna remained on the desolate wetland. Rona said that her father died here because of a plane crash when he escorted the gold coins. Her mother has never believed this fact. Until one day Rona received a gold coin sent to her from the United States, allowing her to realize the hidden secrets. It turned out that Pedel conscience discovered that he wanted to compensate their mother and daughter. In order to find out the truth, Rona was admitted to a prestigious American school, and after graduation, she joined Belloc’s company with the purpose of learning deep sea fishing techniques. But she didn’t know that Belloc’s father was the one who flew the plane.
  It was she who sent an email to Belloc’s mailbox, only for the company to enter the Nether Lake area for salvage.
  Belloc and Rona left Hungary sadly. Just after returning to the company, they received a call from the lawyer. The dead father left him with the box of gold coins and confessed in his suicide note. Due to temporary greed, they grabbed this box of gold coins, but they endured it. Condemned for a lifetime.
  Belloc and Rona went to Hungary again and returned the box of gold coins to the person who should have owned it. The mirage of the Nether Lake predicted the secret of death also in broad daylight. In the water samples submitted by Belloc, a large number of metal elements such as aluminum ions were found. It turned out that there is an aluminum mine in the Baconi Mountain next to Nether Lake. The water in the mineral vein flows into the lake. The water rich in metal ions becomes a medium that can record images under the action of the Atlantic current and magnetic force. Under certain circumstances, events that have happened on the lake can be played. It was this peculiar phenomenon that saved Rona and Belloc’s lives.