Future power to change lives

  A bold assumption, a brave attempt, will often change the future world. Scientific research and technological development have not only reversed our understanding of the universe and our place in the universe, but also helped us understand and deal with some changes beyond our control. In the process of changing the world, they all have enough influence to permanently change our understanding of ourselves and subvert our way of life.
  Holographic glasses
  realization time: 2020
  in virtual reality technology continues to develop, but failed to truly enter the consumer market situation, Microsoft dished out the “holographic glasses,” the intention to develop, it has brought more advanced computer “holographic Interactive” interactive form. The core experience of “holographic glasses” is a holographic image. Simply put, it is to leave the display screen and turn the living space into a computer interface. “Holographic glasses” are different from virtual reality devices. Virtual reality is actually just a simulation of a non-existent scene through two displays placed in front of the eyes, while “holographic glasses” are superimposed on the real environment. This mixed reality Technology combines the digital world with the real world. At the same time, “holographic glasses” are not restricted by cables, and the wearer can move freely. However, the hardware of “holographic glasses” is still being adjusted.
  Artificial Intelligence Assistant
  achieve time: 2025
  All giant technology companies will imagine that day: our daily affairs will be arranged by the mobile computer in “artificial intelligence assistant” or. Siri, the voice control software of Apple mobile phones, Cortanna, an artificial intelligence assistant developed by Microsoft, and Google Now, a voice assistant developed by Google, all currently play this role, but in the future these services will be smarter, more powerful, and more mobile. These “artificial intelligence assistants” will handle emails, IM (IM software, such as instant messaging, QQ, WeChat, etc.) for you, book hotels and air tickets, reasonably arrange a day’s itinerary, purchase necessary items, and even help you while you are running. You arrange the meeting.
  Information Eyes
  realization time: 2030
  At present, eye tracking technology from companies such as Tobii is widely used in usability research. This technology can synchronize people’s attention or stay at a certain eye position on a web page at a high speed, and can provide your personal information according to the speed of eye movement and eye change. Mobile computers provide a very natural user interface that is almost invisible. The future eye tracking technology of this information eye will be combined with augmented reality technology, and is widely used in speech-to-text. What you say and see will be transmitted to your personal mobile computer to understand your intentions, and then find and calculate the results, and the results will be fed back to you through images and sounds. For example, you see a restaurant and ask: Are there any delicious salads here? After a while, you will be able to hear or see the superb salad through your information glasses.
  Family Mini Electronic Factory
  realize time: 2025
  in the future may allow consumers to have a more diversified product family mini-electronics factory, in fact, is the use of ultra-intelligent microcomputer 3D printing technology. Researchers from Cornell University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and the University of California, Berkeley are working together to develop this new technology. Of course, the process of using this kind of mechanical and electronic equipment to manufacture products at home also requires existing circuits, switches and other detachable parts. For example, if the remote control of the TV at home is broken, you can use it to make one. The method is: download the digital circuit diagram from the Internet and use it to print out the required circuit board. Its “cartridge” is filled with polymers and other materials, and one layer of the circuit board is completed each time it is printed. According to experts, this is a breathtaking DIY (do it yourself), users only need to pay for the materials used in digital circuit diagrams and mechanical and electronic products, not for the product itself. The launch of this device reflects the endless pursuit of DIY in the future, and its widespread application will have a revolutionary impact on the world’s manufacturing industry.
  Refrigerator magnets
  realization time: 2025
  Household appliances such as air conditioners, refrigerators and freezers in daily use all need electric power to drive, and the electric power consumed accounts for 1/3 of the electric power consumption of modern households. To some extent, all magnetic materials heat up after being placed in a magnetic field, and then cool down after being removed from the magnetic field. This characteristic is called the “magnetic cooling effect”, although this effect was discovered as early as 1881. But its commercial value has been ignored. Not long ago, American materials scientists accidentally discovered that a special alloy composed of gadolinium, silicon and germanium can show a huge magnetic cooling effect at room temperature. American Aerospace Corporation is developing this new technology that relies on magnet refrigeration. If this new technology is applied to household appliances, it can significantly reduce the energy consumption of this part by more than 85%.
  Wave – rotary engine
  to achieve time: 2025
  all of today’s cars and trucks use piston engine. Even the latest hybrid vehicles use small piston engines to provide power and charge batteries. However, Michigan State University is developing a completely different engine that does not use pistons. It is called wave-rotary engine or shock wave engine. If successful, this compact engine will only be the size of a household steamer, and it will require much fewer components than a piston engine, because it will no longer need pistons, connecting rods, and cylinders; under the premise of driving the same distance, It can reduce the energy consumption of a hybrid vehicle by 80%, and the corresponding carbon dioxide emissions will also be reduced by 80%.
  Network contact lenses
  to achieve time: 2030
  Can you imagine going online one day as simple as blinking your eyes? At present, Professor Barbak A. Parviz of the University of Washington in Seattle is studying this contact lens that will let you understand that everything is possible. This kind of contact lens is lined up with a combination of LEDs, which can form various images in front of the eyes, such as identifying the facial features of people and displaying the life of the person they see; it can also translate one language into another. This way people can understand the subtitles displayed on the lens. Most of the materials of this kind of glasses are translucent, and people can move freely while wearing them. The further development of this new type of contact lens can also allow people to surf the Internet on their own, allowing you to browse all kinds of information on the Internet. Perhaps the students preparing for the final exam will be the first customers of this contact lens, and I believe it will also be loved by science fiction fans.
  Quantum photocell
  achieve time: 2030,
  current solar cell market can only be 10-15% of the received light energy into electrical energy, so that the high cost of electricity. One of the reasons is that the theoretical upper limit of the solar absorption efficiency of a single layer of silicon is about 31% (the best photovoltaic cell in the laboratory can reach 26%). New research on semiconductor crystals (or “quantum dots”) shows that this theoretical upper limit can be increased to more than 60%, which brings hope for the development of low-cost power generation equipment. In traditional photovoltaic cells, electrons in silicon are knocked out by incoming photons and become free electrons, which can flow freely into wires to generate current. Unfortunately, many photons in sunlight are too high in energy. When they hit the silicon, they will produce a kind of “hot electrons”, which will quickly lose energy in the form of heat, and return to it before being caught by the wire. The initial state. If the hot electrons can be captured before they are cooled, the upper limit of the efficiency of the photovoltaic cell will double.
  Future technology has left unlimited imagination and scientific research prospects for mankind. Because mankind’s understanding of natural science so far does not even have a one-billionth of the mystery of nature. Therefore, future technology does not refer to illusory conjectures and conjectures, but requires humans to research, invent and create. It’s just that we have not yet reached that advanced level.
  In fact, the development of human science and technology is a long journey. No one doubts that in the past 100 years, the development of human science and technology is the sum of tens of thousands of years of prehistoric human inventions. According to this development law, what will the development of science and technology look like in another 50 or 100 years? Including automobiles, housing, aviation, aerospace, television, the Internet, etc., people with a little education naturally have a basic imagination and judgment.
  We believe in science, and we believe that our science needs continuous development. Far from turning the world into omniscient, science constantly turns the unknown into the known. This is the great essence of our human beings and the purpose of promoting the spirit of exploration. .
  In fact, omniscience and ignorance do not exist, but the ideology of omniscience and ignorance generally exists in our actual scientists and expert groups.
  As far as these two kinds of consciousness are concerned, I believe that omniscience is the highest state of intelligence and wisdom, and also the pinnacle of science. Ignorance is not only lack of culture, nor is it extremely poor in knowledge. It is actually the arrogance of using known knowledge to negate and jump to conclusions at will.
  So, there are many scientific research projects being carried out by mankind. These projects have not yet been invented, created, mastered and used by mankind. Are these future technologies? Of course it is future technology! Tonight after get off work to go to bed, invented at 9 o’clock after work tomorrow, it is also the future technology!