Did there really exist giants in ancient times?

  They have lived in this world before us. They have left countless legends. They made megaliths, sculptures, and temples. They left handicrafts that we can’t replicate. All we can do is to appreciate them. They are giants. !
  Giant ancient legends
  in ancient Greek and Roman legend, the kingdom of heaven drop of blood fell on the earth goddess Gaia lap. She then pregnancy, birth to Titans, also is the legendary giants. The giants are tall, powerful, and irritable, making them daunting. The most famous giant is Goliath, one of the five giant brothers of the Philistine tribe. He was good at fighting, and he was fighting endlessly with Israeli soldiers, and stories about him were widely circulated. But Goliath was finally killed in the plain 7.5 kilometers southwest of Jerusalem. The man who killed him was not a giant warrior, but the young David who later became the king of Israel. One kilometer away from this famous battlefield, there is a large mound of 24 meters high, which is generally considered to be the resting place of Goliath. Since no one has excavated it, it is impossible to determine.
  Archaeological excavation of the remains of prehistoric giants The
  19th century was in the heyday of archaeology. Everyone wanted to find the remains with a shovel. Therefore, a large number of huge mummified fossils and bones were excavated. They have no specific excavation sites. They are found in Greece, Italy, the Middle East and the United States. Has been discovered. There are also false or misidentified ones, but there is still a lot of evidence that giants once existed on the earth.
  In 1912, ranchers went to a desolate cave in Lovelac, Nevada to dig bat droppings as fertilizer. When they dug to a depth of 3-4 meters, they found strange crafts. They found duck-shaped bait in the basket and dried it nearby. Fishing and hunting tools were found in the lake. Later, to their surprise, they found the mummy of the red-haired giant. These giants are about 2 meters tall, and most of them resemble Egyptian mummies, with long red hair reaching shoulders. The rancher had never seen such a strange thing, and could not explain it. But the nearby Paiute Indians already knew about their existence. As early as 1883, Sarah Winnemuka, the princess of the Paiute Indians, wrote a book “The Life of the Paiute”, most of which described living. The red-haired giant in the cave by the lake, she claimed that they are cannibals, “They declared war on my clan, my clan picked up wood, blocked the cave entrance, they ignited the cave shouting abandon or death, but no one answered.
  Archeology Jia Qizhuo is fascinated by the legend of American giants. According to his research, there are many large mounds in the Midwest of the United States. After being excavated in 1850, it was found that many of them were more than 2 meters tall, and most of them had two rows of teeth. Some have 6 fingers and 6 toes.
  In addition, a group of miners found a tomb in Bridal Falls, California. They found complicated hieroglyphics on the wall. They thought it was gold behind the wall. They broke the wall but found two mummies. is a woman holding a child, extremely tall stature, body covered with fur and strange dust. later in other areas also found the mummy belongs to tall women.
  this is evidence of the existence of giant it
  carved on rocks in South America There are huge figures. They are so huge that they can’t even be distinguished from the ground, but they are very clear from the sky.
  There are huge stone figures staring at the sky in Britain half of the earth. The long man of Wilmington is 80 kilometers away. He It is more than 80 meters tall and carved on the mountainside of Britain like ancient giants. There are many places in the UK with portraits of such giants.
  Giants have also appeared in the mythology of prehistoric megalithic pillars. They may be the most famous megalithic buildings in the world. The tallest upright boulders are 9 meters high and weigh 50 tons. They have been erected for thousands of years. The early British called the stone pillars “dance of giants” and believed that the builders were giants, and the people and methods for building the group of stone pillars are still the same. puzzle.
  There are many boulders 15 kilometers away from Lake Titicaca in Bolivia. The largest stone is 29 meters high and weighs 900 tons. It is located at a height of 4,100 meters on the Andes Mountains. There are no trees and nothing on it. If there is no wooden wheel, it would never be possible to transport 900 tons of heavy stones. Even if there is a wooden wheel, the process is very complicated. We still don’t know the details of who built it.
  Modern tall originated from ancient giant
  giant is certainly Homer, “Odyssey,” said bloodthirsty Cyclops? Or the cannibal in a fairy tale? Are there gentle giants who live like us? Now there are two kinds of people who can be regarded as giants. One is because of genes, they are normal, but genes make them grow tall; the other is dysfunction, the most common is acromegaly. Diseases are caused by excessive growth hormones, which not only make people grow too tall, but also may cause bone and internal organ problems. So do they originate from ancient giants? Scientist Dr. Marvin Antiman believes that if our genes are derived from the first humans, it is not surprising that there will be giants among us, because the first humans may have recessive genes that caused giants. For example, the people in the western part of modern Vatu are very huge, their males are almost 2 meters tall on average, which is surprisingly tall.
  Ancient whether favorable environment for the growth of giant
  fossils reveal some species, such as dinosaurs, many times larger than today’s animals, but fossil evidence also shows that California redwood much larger than the modern high in ancient times. There is a theory that the ancient environment is conducive to the growth of organisms. In this case, the bodies of animals and plants are larger, which is consistent with the fossil and geological records. Modern 3-meter-long creatures were 5-6 meters long in ancient times. The same is true for insects. For example, today’s dragonfly has a wingspan of 10 cm, and the fossil record of an ancient dragonfly has a wingspan of 1.5 meters. Scientist Dr. Carl Bow supports this thought-provoking and controversial theory. He believes that optimal gene performance refers to the best aspect of biological performance of DNA because they are in a favorable atmosphere. When the atmospheric environment is better, organisms live longer and grow taller.
  Giants and dinosaurs cannot live today because the atmosphere is no longer suitable for them. In ancient times, the earth’s ozone layer was thicker, but now it is about one-seventh of that time, so the life span of living things today is different from before. The thin ozone layer means that it cannot shield the ionizing radiation from the sky, and it can provide relatively little protection for animals and plants. And after 35 years of researching related topics on the earth’s primitive environment, he reconstructed the situation at that time. He asked engineers to build a biosphere, double the atmospheric pressure, increase electromagnetic energy, increase the proportion of oxygen, but not to the point of poisoning, reduce ultraviolet radiation, etc., the experimental results are quite satisfactory, in a controlled situation, fast Breed huge creatures. Perhaps with the development of human history, surviving organisms have smaller gene pools.
  Giants are not you from other planets
  in the Middle East in ancient times, there had been several great civilizations, which Babylon because of its rich, brilliant and legendary place. But as early as before Babylon, about 6000 years ago, there was another great civilization here, that is, the Sumerians with advanced culture. They have many pioneer civilizations, some of which are very similar to modern society, such as the bicameral system and writing And the school system, etc. They wrote their history on the tablet, leaving many pictures of giants. The Sumerian Cylinder Seal in the Berlin Museum records that there is another star besides the nine planets. The Sumerians call it Neboru, and they think that it is the home of the heavenly giant Ananaki. . In order to search for aliens, scientists continue to go deep into outer space. Recently, they discovered a mysterious celestial body, its location is close to the position of the star Neberu in the Sumerian paintings. As for whether it is the home of Ananaki, it needs to be explored continuously.