Catch the thief reaching the London Circus

  At the moment, there are so many thieves in the arena, and people are not surprised, they are used to it. However, if there is a theft in a civilized country, especially among the cast and crew of a traditional literary and artistic group, I am afraid someone will say that you are making up a story-that is simply incredible. But in real life, everything is possible. Fourteen years ago, when the London Circus from the United Kingdom came to Shanghai to perform, there was a case of internal theft that was specifically “killed”. After half a year of meticulous investigation and arduous pursuit, the Shanghai police finally succeeded in cracking this case called the “3.1 case” involving foreign and domestic robbery.
  The huge envelope disappeared.
  On February 29, 1999, the London Circus performed in a theater in Shanghai’s Putuo District.
  That night, it was the last tour of the London Circus in a foreign land of Shanghai. Facing the enthusiastic Chinese audience, the circus actors performed extremely hard and won the audience’s applause time and time again.
  No one expected that at the same time as the wonderful performance on the stage, a pair of scrambled eyes, but coveted the bedroom of the acrobat Wooding.
  At this moment, Wooding was completely immersed in the excitement of the performance, unaware of the evil that happened in the dormitory…
  That night, after returning to the residence at the end of the performance, the exhausted Wooding washed a little, then went into the bed and fell into a dream. .
  Early in the morning of March 1, Wooding woke up when the sky was bright, and he used to stretch his hand under the pillow. It didn’t matter if he touched it, his heart trembled suddenly, and his whole body was in cold sweat: the envelope under the pillow was gone!
  Wooding jumped up from the bed, rummaged through all the corners, even turned the Simmons mattress upside down, but still didn’t see the envelope. Wooding was finally desperate, sighed deeply, and limp on the ground…What was stored in the missing envelope that made Wooding so worried and sweaty?
  It turned out that it was a large kraft paper envelope dedicated to letters from the “London Circus in England”. It contained almost all of Wooding’s savings-his hard-earned money for months after returning home to support his family, totaling US$5,900. At that time, it was equivalent to about 50,000 yuan.
  14 years ago, the value of theft amounted to 50,000, which is a major case. For Woodin, a circus actor with low and medium income, it was tantamount to a huge sum of money; for the Chinese people at that time, it was also a shocking figure.
  Who did this? The shot is so ruthless, and the shot is so accurate? Wooding was puzzled. He thought of the Chinese police. But does it work to find the Chinese police? He didn’t know what to do, but this might be the last hope. With the mentality of a dead horse being a living horse doctor, Wooding found out that the local Shiquan Road Police Station was in charge of the crime, and hurried to report the case for help.
  ”Friends” Roger disappeared
  major case, but also to the foreigners, surprised the Police Department Public Security Police received more than window, did not neglect. In less than an hour, the Criminal Police Detachment of the Putuo Public Security Bureau reported it level by level, and the case was transferred to the Criminal Investigation Headquarters of the Shanghai Public Security Bureau, where three detachments specializing in foreign-related criminal cases were filed for investigation.
  In the compound of Interpol “803”, the sirens suddenly sounded loudly. A police car with red and blue lights rushed to Zhongshan North Road, Zhenping Road, Putuo District, the temporary residence of the London Circus in England. The investigators conducted non-stop inquiry and investigation, and learned from Wooding about the causes and consequences of the case, so as to identify clues.
  The case is not complicated. On February 29th, at about 7:30 in the evening, on the eve of the last tour of the London Circus, the actor who was removed from the circus-West Asian native Adu Roger Stick came.
  Roger said goodbye to Wooding. Roger and Wooding, who work together in the circus, are “good friends”, but they are very different in their lives: Roger is feigned, not keeping his promises, he is stubborn with performance work, free and loose, three days of fishing and two days of exposure The net is not tolerated by circus rules. When he came to Shanghai for the first performance, Roger was too busy dating his girlfriend and delayed the performance, resulting in errors in the show. This move made the circus team faceless and embarrassed the team leader. In anger, the head fired Roger’s “squid”.
  Usually, Wooding treats his colleagues impartially, treats his colleagues equally, and gets along with everyone in peace. He is a good person. After Roger “fell”, some colleagues ridiculed him, and some coldly despised him. Only Woodin still doesn’t give up and treats Roger as always.
  This time Roger came. Although Wooding had to prepare to perform on stage, he still greeted Roger warmly.
  Wooding recalled that when Roger came this time, he also brought a young woman. Roger called her “Alan” and said it was his girlfriend. At that time, Roger was a little absent-minded and chatted with Wooding politely for a while, then said that neither he nor Alan had dinner and that he was a little hungry, and asked if he could get him something to eat. When Wooding hurriedly got some snacks and other food, Roger said that there was something urgent to do, and it was too late to eat, so he dragged Alan away in a panic.
  After Roger left, Wooding found that his bed was messed up: it must have been Roger and Alan who lay on his bed while he was out looking for food. Friends are casual, maybe Roger is too tired and just lie down for a while. The simple and honest Wooding always thinks about the good of people. He would never dream that his “good friend” who treats politely would stabbed a knife in the back and use his brains to beat him!
  From Wooding, the investigators also learned that the afternoon of March 1st should be the day when the circus members received their tickets, and they were going to fly to Malaysia to perform. Although Roger was delisted, the circus also bought him a ticket to return home. However, Roger did not come to collect the ticket. The logistics staff of the circus contacted him again and again, but couldn’t get in touch.
  This is strange. It seems that Roger not only had the opportunity to get in touch with the bed that Woodin had a huge amount of money, but also disappeared. Isn’t this this place without silver three hundred taels?
  Three night strange phone
  as a former friend, Roger Woodin went “home” in a guest, that in the name of Alan rent temporary rental. With the assistance of the Shiquan Road Police Station, the investigator brought a “search warrant” and quickly found the rental house where Roger and Alan lived together. The room is messy. There were several dishes on the dinner table, as if the chopsticks had not been moved. It seems that Roger and Alan had something serious about brewing here last night, so that they were uncomfortable and had trouble sleeping and eating. From the landlord’s statement, the investigator further confirmed his guess:
  On February 29, from evening to midnight, Alan called the landlady three times.
  At around 6 o’clock that night, Alan called to take care of the landlady: she and Roger were going to Hangzhou for a few days, and there was no time to clean up the room. Please help me clean up.
  The landlady walked into Alan’s room and saw that the dishes on the table were all cooked and still warm; the two pairs of chopsticks and two empty bowls on the table were all clean; the plug of the rice cooker was not unplugged, and the indicator light was still on; The washing machine was still running, and the water inside was spinning like a splash… At around
  10 in the middle of the night, the landlady was awakened by the rush of the phone again: Alan again! She said that she and Roger would spend a few more days in Hangzhou and would not be back for a while. Still repeat those few words and ask the landlady to help take care of her room.

  The investigator is wondering: What medicine is sold in Alan’s gourd? The landlady’s wife interrupted: “There is a third call! She said that they have gone to Guangzhou and will live for a while. I asked her if she can live here or not? She was vague, and said that she was not asking. , Will come back to pick up things in a while. At the end, she asked if anyone had come to her.”
  ”When was the third call?” the investigator asked. “It seems to be two or three o’clock in the morning. I’m so annoying. After the phone woke me up, I didn’t sleep well all night.” Listening to the voice, the landlady seemed to have felt it: this woman’s behavior was a bit abnormal.
  Three calls were made in one night, from Hangzhou to Guangzhou, all sounded, I am afraid that the drunkard’s intention is not in the bar? The investigator speculates: asking the landlord to take care of the room is a vain shot; it is the real goal to make a guilty conscience and to probe the police.
  So far, Roger and Alan’s ulterior deeds made by the men and women are clearly revealed.
  Haidilaozhen find Alan
  in front of Shanghai police, the case is lice on bald heads – the obvious thing.
  Roger is the criminal suspect in the “3.1” major foreign theft case; Alan is not only the only person who knows the case, but also an accomplice who conspired to commit the crime!
  The question is, where is Roger hiding? Where can I find Roger? It seems that to find Roger, you must first find Alan.
  Who is Alan? Who is the last name? How old is it? It is still a mystery to the investigator. Currently, there are only three witnesses familiar with Alan’s face-Wooding and the landlord and his wife.
  Wooding said that he had only met Alan twice, not to mention in Roger’s face, how could he be embarrassed to question his girlfriend? Therefore, Wooding didn’t even know the details of this woman.
  Asked the landlord about Alan’s ins and outs, and the landlord’s old couple couldn’t figure it out. Only know that her surname is Ou, in her 20s, from Jiangxi. That’s it, the clue is temporarily cut off.
  The investigator had to ask the Putuo police for help. With the assistance of Putuo police, they checked the information provided by Alan when renting a house, and finally revealed Alan’s true face. They learned that Alan’s real name is Ou Honglan, a 24 year old from Huichang County, Ganzhou, Jiangxi.
  Accordingly, two investigators from the three detachments immediately rushed to Huichang County, Jiangxi to investigate Ou Honglan.
  With the help of the Jiangxi police, investigators learned that the surname Ou is the common surname in Huichang County, and most locals have the surname Ou. There are five women of the same age as Ou Honglan. Who is Ou Honglan involved in the “3.1” foreign theft case? The situation was very difficult for a while, and the investigative work was once lost.
  After investigators traveled back and forth in Huichang County for more than a month, they investigated and visited one by one, but they finally broke through the iron shoes and found nowhere to find the results.
  The investigators found out that in the household registration data under Huichang County, three of the five Ou Honglan of similar ages were still living there and had not left Huichang County. In addition, two Ou Honglan are still working in other places.
  The investigator checked the household registration information and photos of the two individuals and found that one of them was very similar to the situation of Alan provided by the landlord and his wife. After careful screening, the investigator confirmed that this person is the suspect who came out after all the calls.
  The “803” criminal police deployed a rigorous investigation and control plan, and cast a net of restoration. It is only a matter of time for “fish” to enter the net; the detection of the case is just around the corner.
  This is a tenant households sneaking
  in early July, the situation suddenly solve the case.
  The Jiangxi police, who assisted in the investigation, delivered an exciting news: Ou Honglan is very likely to be hiding in a rented house near Haichao Road, Nancheng District, Shanghai.
  The investigators immediately began the intensive investigation, and O Honglan, who was hidden behind the scenes, finally revealed itself.
  From the cadres of the neighborhood committee, I learned that there are two young couples living in Room 403, No. 4, Xi Nong No., Hainan near Haichao Road. Among the little “husbands and wives”, the man is blond, blue-eyed and eagle-nose, tall and obviously a foreigner. The woman is petite, with long hair in a shawl and a foreign accent.
  The investigators have made a lot of gains in the register of migrants in the police station under their jurisdiction. “Ou Honglan” is written impressively in the tenant column! In the occupation column, Ou Honglan fills in that a hair salon in his jurisdiction is engaged in massage.
  According to the neighbors next door in room 403, this foreign man moved in a week ago. Usually, the door of this family is locked most of the time, and people who live inside often stay away from home. The little “couple” occasionally went out and saw strangers as if they were thieves. They looked flustered and sneaky; they looked around, evasive.
  The police are confident that they will win the game and they are confident: now they are pretty sure-this little “couple” is Roger and Ou Honglan!
  If you don’t enter the tiger’s den, you won’t be a tiger. In order to ascertain the truth, the task force decided to come to contact directly.
  The first time he visited, the investigator hit a wall: General Tie kept the door of this household-no one came back after waiting for a long time.
  For the second time, the investigator, accompanied by the cadres of the neighborhood committee, came back again. The door won’t be opened for a long time, and should not be asked. After spending a lot of tongues, an old woman finally opened the door slowly, and asked in a Jiangxi accent: “Who? What’s the matter?”
  ”Why knock on the door for a long time? We are the census. Staff. Now we are going to conduct a census. I want to know who lives in your family?” the aunt of the neighborhood committee asked seriously.
  The old woman said, “I’m sorry, my ears are a bit deaf. There are daughters and son-in-
  laws , and my old man. They are not at home now.” It goes without saying that the old woman is O Honglan’s mother. The police learned from the neighbors that Ou Honglan was very alert when he learned that someone had come to the house. She asked her mother with a guilty conscience: “Who are they? What’s the matter when they come?”
  ”Nothing, it is the cadre of the neighborhood committee who came to ask about the census. Things.” The mother answered flatly.
  But Ou Honglan was panicked. A slight disturbance will touch the sensitive nerves of this massaging woman. She had a foreboding: disaster was imminent.
  Someone probe balcony looked
  Indeed, the time is ripe arrest, Interpol “803” began to close the net.
  When the task force studied the capture plan, it considered the following possibilities: At present, Ou Honglan, who is in the dark, is already a frightened bird. Under the premise of mastering her working place, arresting this massaging woman is a matter of catching turtles in the urn. However, Roger is the principal culprit of the “3.1” foreign-related and domestic robbery. At present, Roger’s whereabouts are uncertain and his whereabouts are unknown. If the arrest of Alan shocks Roger and causes him to escape the sanctions, he will give up all his previous work and lose out.
  In view of this, the task force decided: wait for the rabbit-ambush Roger!
  The police set an eyeliner around Room 403 and put a snare on the downstairs of the house, only waiting for Roger to drill it.
  On August 4, the task force received a report: “Fish” appeared!
  However, eight investigators waited downstairs for more than 6 hours, but there was no movement on the fourth floor. At 7 o’clock in the evening, investigator Zhang Chen suddenly heard a “creak” of the balcony door on the fourth floor opening. A Western Asian face looked down for a while, then quickly retracted. This person is the Roger the “803” criminal police has been searching for so hard! Roger’s action was a precursor to preparing to go out.
  The nerves of every investigator who participated in the arrest were tense. Sure enough, at 7:10, Roger hurried out with his shoulder bag on his back.
  When Roger walked to the corner of the alley, he suddenly heard a low voice in English: “We are the Chinese police, please come with us!” Roger suddenly became slumped, his face was blue, and he didn’t say a word. He stretched out his hands obediently. He was handcuffed and escorted to the police car that had been waiting for him for a long time surrounded by two investigators.
  The other investigators quickly rushed upstairs and smashed open the door of Room 403. When the police officers entered the room, Ou Honglan was shocked and backed away. In panic, Alan was handcuffed.
  After a careful search, 3 wig sets, 1 dagger and other tools of crime and 4 passbooks were seized from the room. However, there was not much left in the passbook, and Roger had only 10 yuan beside him, and the stolen money had been squandered by them.
  At the interrogation table, Roger poured beans like a bamboo tube and confessed to the theft of $5,900 from his colleague Wooding. Roger also revealed that he and Alan are currently embarrassed and stretched. They are brewing to find the next target, ready to vote again. But they never had this chance again.
  On August 8, West Asian thief Roger and Jiangxi massage girl Ou Honglan were detained by Shanghai police in accordance with law.
  In early October, the Shanghai Intermediate People’s Court opened a court session, and Roger and Ou Honglan were sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment for theft.
  Roger, who was behind bars, finally realized the meaning of an ancient Chinese saying: Don’t stretch your hand, you will be caught!