Anecdotes in the animal kingdom

  There is a kind of ant that lives by drinking the blood of its own children; there is a kind of salamander that raises children on its own thick skin; there is a frog that swallows food with its eyes; there is a monkey whose eyeballs grow larger than its head; the infertile emperor Penguins love to steal children from others… The animal kingdom is full of many strange things that ordinary people can’t imagine.
  ● Little moths love to steal the elephant’s tears
  had a moth like stealing an elephant’s tears in the case of an elephant without realizing it. Elephant tears contain salt, water and a small amount of protein, which are the best food for these moths. Another species of moth living in Southeast Asia is not so “friendly”. It is simply grabbing tears-it sweeps its body over the eyes of the intended target, irritating the opponent’s eyeballs, and forcing the opponent to produce tears for it to eat. Those animals with milder personality are wild buffaloes, cattle, deer, tapirs, and elephants that are mercilessly plundered.
  ● green monkey born drunkard
  grows in the grasslands of Africa green monkey seems born to an alcoholic. Some green monkeys die when they see the wine, so they have to get drunk and then rest. According to an experimental study, 1/7 of the green monkeys are alcoholics and get drunk every time they encounter alcohol. Most green monkeys are fairly restrained, and will take the initiative to drink a little juice to dilute the wine after drinking. Only 1/7 of the green monkeys will not drink.
  ● Java Sparrow loved to listen to Bach
  , a study shows that Java Sparrow certain soft spot for the composer’s music, for example, compared to other composers, it seems most like to listen to Bach, Vivaldi on The degree of love for the first is slightly inferior to that of Bach.
  ● Designed suck the blood of young ants ants
  Many people do not know, ants also have blood, but also in the natural world, there is a vampire queen ants are called, they designed their own young ants suck blood. These mother ants live on the island of Madagascar. They cut wounds on the young ants and survive by sucking blood from the wounds.
  ● star-nosed mole 1/4 seconds after eating a good meal
  star-nosed mole is eating the world’s fastest mammal. It has 22 pink tentacles on its face, each of which can help it find food. The star-nosed mole takes no more than 1/4 second from finding food, catching it to eating it.
  ●The stomach content of the female hippopotamus accounts for 1/4 of the body weight.
  Compared with other ruminants, the female hippopotamus eats the most food. The food in its stomach accounts for 1/4 of the total weight.
  ● Water Bear insect is a tough guy to beat to death a
  water bug bear is the planet’s most veritable “tough guy.” This small worm, which is only 1.2 mm long, can withstand the harshest environment on earth by automatically dehydrating and entering a frozen state. Some water bear worms can survive soaking in liquid helium, the temperature of which is around minus 272 degrees Celsius. Water bear insects can also live in boiling water and pure alcohol, and can withstand a pressure of 600 MPa, which is equivalent to 6 times the pressure of sea water at a depth of 10,000 meters.
  ● emperor penguins love to grab the child from others
  and some adult emperor penguin couple seem like the “kidnapping” the other penguin couple’s children. They forcibly pull the baby penguins away from their parents, sometimes in a fight with each other.
  ● Mormon crickets will die behind a
  life in the United States of Mormon crickets with locusts, like mass migration, migration ranks only tens of thousands of Mormon crickets can make up the 10 km long stretch. Scientists have discovered that this mass migration is not only for foraging, but also to avoid being eaten. Once a Mormon cricket stops, it may be eaten by the foraging army behind it.
  ● leopard frog eyes swallowing food
  animals are generally used tongue and throat swallowing food. The leopard frog uses its own eyes. When swallowing food like small crickets, the leopard frog closes its eyes, retracts its eyeballs into the body, retracts to the pharynx, touches the food, and pushes the food into the esophagus.
  ● tarsier eye bigger than the brain
  tarsier this primitive primates, have larger brains than the eye.
  ● first month the baby was born killer whales do not sleep
  tigers whales and bottlenose dolphins within the first month of birth, like his mother, are 24 hours a day without sleep, keep swimming.

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