Aliens reply to the crop circle

  In the confusing UFO incident, there is a strange phenomenon-the wheat field circle, that is, the wheat standing upright in the wheat field is inexplicably pressed into flat circles or other complex shapes overnight: triangles, petals, Hand shape etc. What is puzzling is that this is not an isolated phenomenon. It has appeared many times in southern England since the 1970s, and it has become more and more intense since the 1980s.
  This is indeed a strange phenomenon: the wheat fell in a certain direction, as if it was hit by a magical force; strange circles often appeared in places where UFOs frequently appeared, and seemed to be related to aliens; some witnesses claimed that in some wheat fields At night when the strange circle appeared, they saw unusual light, heard a strange buzzing sound, and even saw the process of UFO making the crop circle.
  There are also people who illustrate that most people cannot create a strange circle overnight. In 2001, a group of 409 circles (some with a diameter of more than 20 meters) suddenly appeared in 4 hours on Mt. Milk. If they are man-made, the total available time for the producer from entering the venue to leaving the venue is only 4 hours, that is to say, it only takes an average of 30 seconds to make a circle! Who can create a circle in such a short time?
  The cluster of confusing phenomena prompted scientists to examine the bent main stem of wheat and the soil in the enclosure. The test results often appear abnormal, for example, there are more magnets in the soil inside the strange circle than outside the circle. Based on various phenomena, some scientists believe that the crop circles may be caused by aliens who patronize the earth. They also said that the strange circle pattern is an alien’s telegram, and the objects around the strange circle are space equipment used by the aliens. The purpose of the aliens in creating the crop circle is to warn the earth that it is about to face ecological disasters and to try to introduce a kind of “new physics” to the people on earth.
  However, some scientists disagree with the view that the crop circles are created by aliens. They believe that the crop circles are natural phenomena, because cyclones or plasma vortices can cause crop circles. The so-called plasma vortex refers to the vortex produced by gases with equal positive and negative charges. The theory of plasma vortex refers to: under certain conditions, a fixed air current in a hilly area can produce a small, charged cyclone; the cyclone grows into a column, then collapses and becomes the force that flattens the wheat into a strange circle; complex formation in the wheat field The energy required for the pattern is the electric energy released during cyclone discharge. This discharge can also be accompanied by light and sound. Therefore, witnesses will see flashes and hear a “buzzing” sound when the crop circle is formed.
  In fact, most crop circles are just man-made pranks. In the past 20 years, making crop circles has become a form of entertainment for the British. It is said that this craze was caused by two Hampshire artists-Doug Powell and Duff Jorry.
  One evening in the summer of 1978, Doug Powell and Duff Jorry stayed in a small hotel called “Pier Hobbs” in Winchester, and because they were bored, they took a walk in the surrounding wheat fields. . At this time, Doug remembered a novel he had read about a mysterious circle that appeared in a wheat field in Queensland (a state in Australia), so he had a whim and decided to make a circle in the wheat field. See if you can fool people and make them believe that a “flying saucer” has fallen there. Since then, the “alien spaceship landing on the earth” prank has begun, and they have made strange circles for 12 consecutive years.
  In 1991, paranormal expert Eric Bakyod created a crop circle. He has been investigating supernatural phenomena for many years and deeply believes that the crop circle is the echo of aliens. So, he had the idea to press a line on the wheat field: TALK TO US (please contact us), hoping to get a reply from the aliens. A few days later, a miracle occurred, and a crop circle that seemed to be written in ancient Latin appeared! At first no one believed it, but after 10 years of deciphering by various investigators, a piece of information from an extraterrestrial civilization finally surfaced!
  British archaeologist Michael Green thinks these letters resemble ancient Hebrew. Based on the Basque alphabet, he translated it from right to left, which means: Phehthi or Ptah (the ancient Egyptian god of creation) and Ea-cheche or Ea-Enki (the ancient Sumerian god of wisdom). According to the interpretation of archaeologists, the interpretation of these letters is very obvious: we are creators, wisdom and fraternity.
  Later, Professor Hawkins Gerald, the author of “Decoding Stonehenge”, decided to investigate and crack it himself. He took 12 scholars, and after a lot of calculation and analysis, he finally got an exciting result:
  First of all, no letter in the entire character map is human readable. After comparing 18,000 common phrases in 42 languages, he found that the circles on both sides are full stops, and the left and right sides are a word. The first word is my objection (Latin: OPPONO), and then an object is missing. The second word ends with O-, which can be interpreted as “OS” (plural). In the end, they locked the most likely result “ASTOS”, which is the plural of “astus”. It means: acts of craft and cunning. The final translation is: I am opposed to artificial and cunning.
  Subsequently, in 1995, another investigation team Simon Burton began deciphering work. He believes that this is a universal language that can be used by people who speak different languages ​​to communicate. And Latin is the predecessor of the international common language English, and it is a charming language. He abandoned traditional thinking, used mirror image thinking to decipher, and finally got the result!
  The translation is: I am hiding, so far.
  The next result is attributed to the most critical decipher, the crop circle researcher Robert Berman. He has been struggling with the explanation of Stonehenge researcher Hawkins, and there is a voice in his mind constantly reminding him that there must be other angles for analysis, so he asked a linguist friend to analyze it together. By chance, they deciphered Sewet Cham Anasim Gadasim in Hebrew, which means A New Breed of People. According to the results of the first translator, Phehthi or Ptah, Ea-cheche or Ea-Enki are all ancient gods of creation. According to Sumerian stereotypes, these gods created modern Homo sapiens! In this way, everything makes sense!
  An accidental human call of “please contact us” has attracted many researchers’ wonderful deciphering over 10 years. Combining these explanations, we have seen an amazing message: “Hello, I am Ea, and you too You can call me Enki and Ptah. I represent a new race, full of fraternity and wisdom. I am your creator. I don’t like man-made and false, and I can’t show it yet (to hide).”
  These explanations are of course not all Paraphrase, this short character must have other angles to be analyzed, and it is also the crop circle closest to human language so far. In fact, compared to text, images can go beyond the time limit and hit the depths of the brain. This may be the reason why image crop circles account for a large part of it!

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