Where is the time

A few days earlier, a friend, in his spare time, compiled his electronic diary, which he had maintained for 12 years, on the computer into a book. It was a daily chore for more than 4,300 days, only a few words each time, but I never thought that there were as many as 500,000 words. With such a large amount of text and Tiancheng’s database, a friend came to his interest. He curiously searched for keywords or individual words, and reviewed the experience piece by piece, so as to pass that moment of time. It was also an unexpected joy.

Among the many keywords, I am very interested in several sets of data that are full of life. From the perspective of daily life, friends mentioned rest 2057 times, walked 683 times, and surfed the Internet 473 times; there were 1167 times with alcohol words. Interestingly, it recorded 47 times of drinking but 70 times of being drunk, indicating “drunk” I have a deep memory for everyone. Others are staying in hotels on business trips and gatherings with friends to go to restaurants; the son is recorded 2579 times and his wife is 753 times. Children are the real “kings” in every family. Judging from the mentality record, he was happy 79 times, tired 41 times, happy 36 times, regretted 27 times, and cried 15 times. Curious about why he cried, he explained that he had recorded his son’s 12 cries, and he only had 3 times.

Time carries a sense of reality. Compare each person’s life to a computer program. After running the world for decades, the memory you leave is not only data, but also a time that can’t be returned. My friend spends some time sorting and sorting out. This is just another piece of time data generated in the long river of his life process. This friend and colleague and I have more than ten years. Through his analysis, I seem to have found my own shadow, but the realism given by time is not as realistic and shocking as his. Time recorded in words has vitality.

Many times when I go home from get off work, I plan what I will do today, with a lot of determination. When I sit at the desk, it is a different situation. After browsing the circle of friends for a while, I am tired, change the channel to watch the news; friends are on a new paragraph, take a look; I am silly, and there is another news feed! In this way, unknowingly play until 11:30 in the evening. The day ended relentlessly, and the prologue restart of the next morning on time. I regretted that I didn’t even keep the time.

Talking about reasoning is a thankless thing. It is said that the greatest education among adults is not to try to persuade others. In terms of self-discipline and time management, I don’t want to change anyone. The only thing I want to remind is myself, because time is indeed the most fair and just measurement unit in the world, and it has never deceived anyone.

After all, a person’s life is really not long.

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