When i perform writing

When the media came to film my life, they would ask me: “What do you usually do?” “Writing.” “Well, let’s take a picture of you and write.” So, I need to do a very funny job. : Performance writing.

I have done this before. I started writing when I was a child. My relatives and neighbors all knew that Jiang’s family had a young writer. So every time I visited, I said to me with anticipation and amusement: “Little writer, perform a writing.” Holding a pen and a notebook, sitting on the small bench, making a dignified and old look.

After many years, I started this fixed performance again.

The photographer who photographed my writing always thought that inspiration was like a faucet, and it appeared as soon as I twisted it. The lens pointed at me and pen and paper: “Okay! Now you start writing!” At this time, I can only write on paper Write: “There used to be a mountain, it’s a bit annoying recently…” When I was writing for performances, if I dressed brightly and lively, the photographer would discuss with me: “Can I dress more…and write more!” Yes! Writer!”

What should a writer in people’s mind wear? Hanfu cheongsam or Chinese tunic? I have a friend who was extremely surprised when he discovered that a local writer was wearing jeans and driving an Audi car. “You shouldn’t be wearing a peasant’s clothes, with a bamboo basket on your back, and a tongs in your hand. Do you pick up manure while walking?”

Writing can almost be regarded as the most boring industry in the world. There is no interaction with others, no interaction with the environment, no dazzling props, and no visual impact. Just a person, entangled with himself blankly. ——Of course it is boring to show such a profession in the media.

At this time, others asked me: “When you can’t write, what is the general emotional reaction?”

I said: “Usually just keep writing! Keep writing, inspiration will always come.”

The listener continued to frown, expressing dissatisfaction with this answer: “Would you not start scratching your head, biting pens, tearing paper, scratching doors, and smashing windows?”

I said: “Not all writers are schizophrenic… But, oh, that’s okay.”

After I have been engaged in a full set of writing and acting work, I still need to sum up with a look of worry about the country and the people: “I started writing at the age of seven. I am in awe of it. It is an unbearable weight in my life…” I always feel very unbearable. I’m sorry, I can’t wait to give “writing” a kneel and kowtow immediately: “Sorry, write teacher, feel wronged, feel wronged.”

When I watch Hemingway’s “A Feast of Flowing” again, I can’t help but wonder what would happen if Hemingway lived in the present.

He writes alone in a café in Paris, with various lights, cameras, rockers, and microphones facing him. The director told the people around: “Fitzgerald, you go and pretend to exchange literature with Hemingway…No, there must be conflicts, be fierce! Get upset! Get upset!”

Writers perform writing, and cultural people perform culture. Nowadays, many public relations companies do activities, such as cooking and adding condiments: a celebrity is needed to get attention, and a successful person to increase the weight… Then, let’s have a cultural person, which seems to be very profound.

It doesn’t matter what the cultural person writes, his status in the professional field is not important, his thoughts are not important, what is important is that he must look “high-end and high-end”.

So I often see some funny scenes. On some commercial occasions, the scholar in the robe sat in the spotlight incompatible with the microphone, and all the audience and the organizers looked at him with great anticipation, as if they were saying: “Culture, just say a few words, profound A little bit.”

“Culture” had no choice but to start talking: “Traditional imperial China and wine culture”, “Confucianism and Buddhism China and quartz watch”, “tore apart the status quo from contemporary Chinese society and transmit electric vehicles.”

No way, culture also has to eat.