The gate of eternal life to the underworld

Teotihuacan’s gate of immortality

  American archaeologist Gomez Sergio held his breath. At the site of the ancient city of Teotihuacan, his team spent six years digging a 138-meter-deep tomb. He and his team have moved 1,000 tons of stones and fragments, bringing countless treasures to the sky. Now, at the end of the tomb passage, three tomb chambers appeared in front of him. What puzzles will these three buried tombs reveal or solve?
  Between AD 100 and 700 AD, the ancient city of Teotihuacan was very prosperous. This 36 square kilometers piece of land once raised 200,000 urban populations. It was one of the ancient large cities in Central America and was established Complex regime system. This is “the place where the gods of the sun and the moon were created” in the Indian Nahua language, but after 600 years of existence, it disappeared overnight, leaving many unsolved mysteries.
  Among them, the biggest puzzle is that the most magnificent buildings in the ancient city are two pyramids-the Pyramid of the Sun (the third largest pyramid in the world) and the Pyramid of the Moon. At first, archaeologists thought they were places where living people were used to worship the sun and moon gods, but more evidence shows that things are not that simple.
  Archaeological findings indicate that there is a 6-meter-long cave below the center of the Pyramid of the Sun, divided into two levels. At first, archaeologists thought it was just a natural cave, or it might be a temporary residence for local tribes, but now some archaeologists are beginning to believe it might be a king’s tomb. The astronomical position of the Pyramid of the Sun also seems to confirm this: from the upper hall of the cave, through the airflow channel on the southern wall of the pyramid, you can directly see Sirius, which indicates that the dead can communicate with Sirius; In the lower hall, through the airflow channel on the north wall of the pyramid, you can directly see the North Star, which indicates that the dead can communicate with the North Star. Such a carefully selected geographical location makes the pyramid seem more likely to be a psychic place for the dead.
  Is it a psychic or a sacrifice? Scientists have not yet reached a conclusion, but compared with the mysterious Huangquan Avenue, it seems that the latter makes the archaeological community even more helpless.
  This Huangquan Avenue is the central axis of the Teotihuacan ruins and runs north-south. The buildings on both sides are dominated by pyramids and temples, presenting a strict lattice structure. Archaeologists have speculated that this may be the site where people from the ancient city of Otihuacan offered sacrifices to the gods. People or animals who had previously become sacrifices had to pass through this avenue to reach the altar. However, the tombs hidden under the major temples indicate that this road and surrounding buildings are more likely to be built by the ruler who wanted to continue to be the king of the universe after his death and found the gate of eternal life.
  Now, Gomez Sergio and his team have entered a deeper tomb. They found a large amount of mercury in one of the tomb passages. In the past, mercury represented the river leading to the underworld, which also implies that this may be a royal tomb. If Sergio succeeds in finding the owner of the tomb before the excavation is over, the DNA analysis of the bones will explain to us the main controversy at the site, whether a single dynasty or several ruling families ruled the mysterious civilization? Or did they build this ancient city to find the gate of eternal life
Map of the Underworld of the Ancient Egyptians

  The archaeologist Zahi Hawass couldn’t hide his disappointment. After three years of exhausting excavation, he and his team managed to reach the end of the 174-meter tomb, but found nothing.
  This tomb is located in the Valley of the Kings on the west bank of the Nile River. The Valley of the Kings buried 64 pharaohs from the 17th to the 20th dynasty of the New Kingdom era in Egypt. Only 17 of them are open, and there are many tombs waiting to be excavated. What Hawass excavated was a tomb path under a tomb in the center of the Valley of the Kings.
  At first, Hawass imagined that there must be some discoveries under the 3000-year-old ancient Egyptian pharaoh’s tomb, but the tomb path seemed to refuse to reveal its secrets and ended briefly and hastily somewhere. Is it because the project has not been completed, or does this structure symbolize the ladder to the underground world?
  The latter seems more likely. Because the walls of the tomb above the tomb passage are painted with mysterious epitaphs and a series of symbols that lead the dead to eternal life, the whole picture looks like a map of the underworld.
  For the Egyptians, the map of the underworld is of course important. In Egyptian culture, the underground kingdom is often described as a labyrinth, full of locked doors, obstacles, and countless challenges. According to Egyptian mythology, a soul-eating evil spirit can hide in any corner at any time. The dead pharaohs need to successfully traverse obstacles and avoid the hunting of evil spirits. After six hours in the maze, the pharaohs have to accept the judges from the underground world. The judge will weigh the souls of the pharaohs together with the feathers of the god of truth and justice. If the balance is balanced and the soul is as light as the feathers, he can get eternal life. If not, the soul of the pharaoh will be eaten. , Pharaoh will die again, this time is the final death.
  The pharaoh in the tomb seems to have full confidence in the results of his trial, because the characters in the painting are very relaxed, showing that the pharaoh has gained eternal life. Before the pharaoh became a mummified, he had become the king of all descendants. Father.
Theater in the desert

  In southern Jordan, there is the city of Petra, which was once the capital of the country of Edom. This ancient city, almost entirely carved out of the rock, is praised as the “Ancient City of Roses” because of its beautiful colors given by its special topography. However, this ancient city with such a romantic name was mysteriously abandoned, and it was only re-discovered by Swiss travellers in 1812 that it could be seen again.
  A long narrow canyon is the only population that leads to this ancient world. The gorge moved back and twisted for 150 kilometers, flanked by rock walls up to 100 meters high. After passing through the pitch-black and startling gorge, you will see a large number of three-dimensionally carved red stone walls. This is the city of Petra, a capital of Nabataean civilization that has been forgotten for centuries. . Even today, although archaeologists have unearthed more than 1,000 sites, they only account for 20% of this ancient rock city. It still leaves too many unsolved mysteries.
  Among them, the biggest puzzle is the large-scale theater building carved in the rock. The theater has 45 rows of chairs, which can accommodate 6,000 people. The stands are fan-shaped and are arranged in steps along the mountain. You might think this might be an ordinary theater, but archaeologists don’t think so.
  On the rock wall at the site of the ruins, there are many cavities, which are a group of tombs made from rock. And this theater is right next to these tomb clusters. A coincidence? Probably not. If you visit the scene in person, you will find that the auditorium is closer to the Kingdom of Death than you might think. On the walls of the last few rows of the theater, there are some black caves. These caves look like peepholes from another world. Later, archaeologists also confirmed that these caves are indeed tombs. Imagine that this empty theater was actually prepared for the undead. Will it shudder?
Labyrinth of the Andes

  An ominous cry came from under the ground. The crowd stood in front of the magnificent temple, nervously listening to the sound, which was a strange sound similar to the roar of a jaguar, and blue smoke billowed from the ground. Listen, the gods have spoken!
  This is a scene from the Chavin de Vantaa pilgrimage center in Peru. This sacrificial center, built in 850 BC, is a holy place of religious belief in the Andes region. Its sacred status in the hearts of the locals is similar to that of Mecca for Muslims and Jerusalem for Christians. Countless believers have come here sincerely to listen to the oracle, and they all believe that they have heard the will of God. So, are those strange sounds from the underground really words from another world?
  Under the square base of a three-story pyramid, archaeologists found the population of another world in the legend. This is a huge underground maze, with narrow passages, stairs and countless rooms extending in all directions. The zigzag passage extends 1.5 kilometers. Many passages and stairs suddenly ended, while others led to deeper underground. Could this complex underground system be the source of oracles?
  When the priest’s trumpet sounded, the believers brought their sacrifices and were asked to pass through the dark tomb until they finally reached a god. This deity is carved on a granite prism almost five meters high. It has the characteristics of a terrible cat. It has a wide cat’s head on the body. A snake hovering on its head. At the same time, there is an eagle pattern. , The bottom of the body gradually becomes thinner and inserted into the ground. In Chawende culture, the eagle represents the air, the snake represents the water, and the cat represents the earth. People believe that by worshiping such gods, they can maintain a harmonious relationship with the universe. However, when the believers pray religiously, some rooms in the maze and their interconnected spaces can amplify the echo. At this time, the oracles the believers hear are probably the words after their own voices have changed. Therefore, archaeologists believe that the oracles are nothing more than the priests of Chawenjiao using the acoustic effects of the underground system of Nuo Da to manipulate their followers.
  Although current science can explain these strange sounds, in the eyes of people thousands of years ago, this is undoubtedly the words from the underground gods. Countless people sacrificed here with rich sacrifices, and the priests were also here. Held grand sacrificial activities.