My werewolf life

  Like most children, I have had a heartfelt fear of wolves since I was a child. Until I grew up a little bit and saw a wolf in the zoo, I didn’t know how different the real wolf was from the mysterious animals I saw in books and movies.
  I grew up in a small village in Norfolk, England, and I have been interested in nature and wildlife since I was young. When I was in my 20s, I read an article by American naturalist Levi Holt who established a wolf research center in Idaho, USA. Upon seeing this news, I thought to myself: “There is It’s where I want to go.”
  I sold all my belongings and saved enough money for air tickets. After arriving at the Wolf Research Center, they made me a junior biologist and taught me how to track wolves and collect various data related to wolves.
  Some other biologists and scientists think this kind of work is dangerous, but I still want to get close to the wolves as soon as possible, so as to really understand their habits. I couldn’t help but wonder: “Can a person be a member of the wolf pack?” If it can be done, then the information I have obtained is very convincing.
  After working in the research center for a year, I became familiar with the undulating mountain area, so I walked into the wilderness. The first time I saw a wolf up close, I was less than 30 meters away from the wolf. At that moment, all my fears quickly turned into admiration for the wolf.
  I stayed in a land of wolves, and from a distance I could see two wolves looking after their children. Soon, the wolf family began to trust me. I live with them day and night. From the beginning, they accepted me and allowed me to enter their community. I eat what they eat. Most of the time it is venison and elk. They often bring back some hunted meat, or fruits and berries. I never disliked the food wolves brought me, and my body quickly adapted to the new eating habits.
  Speaking of those now, it is easy to think: “What a disgusting food.” But if you are hungry for a week, those foods become delicious.
  I don’t know how to hunt, but I quickly learned to take care of young wolves. Sometimes I would sit outside the wolf’s nest for several days, observing the young wolves’ living habits, while keeping them safe.
  I stayed with the wolf family for more than a year, and I watched the young wolf grow up to become a wolf day by day. During that time, I never interrupted contact with my human relatives and friends.
  During my life with wolves, I had a strong sense of belonging. Whenever I imagine my old life in the future, I will think of the life of a “werewolf”. In order to survive, I must always pay attention to my habitat.
  When I was with wolves, I couldn’t see anyone. People lived in the safe area behind me. I had a contact point. When I felt in danger, I could leave a note at the contact point.
  I only really felt scared twice. Once, all the wolves were eating, and I ate the wrong meat, because whoever eats which part of the prey has strict grade standards. Because I ate the wrong meat, a wolf pounced on me within a few seconds. It opened its mouth wide, took my entire face into its mouth, and then began to bite hard. I felt that my jaw bones were deforming. At that moment, I realized how fragile my life was, and how restrained the wolves were to me.
  Another danger was that I wanted to go to a creek to drink water. A wolf blocked my way. It roared at me and threatened me with its fangs. I thought: “I’m dead today, it’s going to kill me.” After an hour or so, it licked my face, and we went to the stream to drink water.
  Soon thereafter, I found bear footprints and dung by the creek. Now I understand that the wolf is protecting me. If I encounter a bear, I will almost certainly die under the claws of the bear, so the wolf stopped me. More importantly, my footprints may lead the bear to the cubs, so the wolf did it to protect its children.
  Later, I had to leave the territory of the wolf.
  In that year, I lost a lot of weight, and my face was haggard and tired. Living in an environment in Naxiang, people’s life span may be shortened. I think it’s time to return to human society. Back in the human world, I felt a huge cultural shock, but I knew that the first-hand information about wolves I obtained was of great significance to our research.
  Now, I opened a development center in Devon to protect wild and hunted wolves and tell people about wolves. I want to let people know from my own personal experience that wolves are not as cruel and ruthless as we imagined. They are also a peaceful and reliable animal. They put their family first. This is not worth it. Do we study?