Multiple life

With the development of the times, a variety of musical instruments can be described as everything, blowing, plucking, percussion, orchestra, electric sound, silk and bamboo, it is really magnificent. There are 256 types of “musical instruments” on the CD-ROM released by Microsoft in alphabetical order, and there are several types in each type. You can click on any musical instrument with the mouse to play a piece of music played by this musical instrument. We watched the performance of the symphony orchestra. The scene was very spectacular. There are not dozens or even hundreds of people who cannot be called a band or an orchestra. In order to save money, some actors “walk the hole” to minimize the number of people, but the minimum configuration also requires an electronic piano and a set of drums. The common people have a saying: If you can play the flute, you can’t pinch your eyes. There is some truth to this statement.

But I remember that when I was a child, I saw some folk artists who walked along the street in the countryside. Just one person. He tied drums, cymbals, cymbals and gongs to his body and connected them with ropes. He also held a Huqin in his hand and moved his feet With one kick, those musical instruments can be played, and they are full of rhythm. He is holding Huqin in his hand and singing a small song in his mouth. If we are allowed to do this kind of thing, we must be in a hurry, but when they do it, they are not quick and unhurried. This is probably the most refined performance group and the least number of bands in the world that can be recorded in the Guinness Book of Records.

The computer is one of the greatest inventions of mankind. The most talked about multimedia recently is that you can do multiple tasks in one suit. You can type words or draw pictures, print or receive faxes, and listen to CDs. It can also defragment disks for you in the background. Writing in the gentle melody of Haydn’s “Serenade” or Mendelssohn’s “Spring Song” is also a treat. The machine is an extension of the human hand, and the computer has several pairs of extended hands. The Eight Outer Temples of Chengde and the Longxing Temple of Zhengding, Hebei each have a wood carving and a bronze statue of Avalokitesvara with 42 hands, each holding a vajra, trident, vanity clip, treasure seal, tin stick, treasure orb, and treasure wheel There is a Thousand-Hand Guanyin in the Dazu Rock Carvings in Sichuan with 1,007 hands, and none of them are idle. To use a lame analogy, the computer is like the “Avalokitesvara with a Thousand Hands” and the folk artists who walk the streets and lanes. They have many hands and one mind. Although this is a bit funny, it is really the same. It seems that playing the flute is not impossible.

In fact, many things in the world are not single or opposite, but can be organically unified. Life that is too unitary and lacks color is very boring. For example, if you go to the market to buy vegetables, the purpose is very simple, you will go home when you buy it. This is an idea. But you can also use grocery shopping as a walk, rest, and look at the scenery on the roadside, as well as a market survey, an opportunity to observe society, and observe life. As long as your mind grows a few more hands, the simple matter of buying food also contains multimedia elements.

Life should also be a multimedia life or a plural life, like the Thousand-Hand Guanyin, it should be nothing wrong. Grow a few more hands, take care of many things, and at the same time, do business, work, earn money, family, leisure, entertainment, and play. You must have a sense of responsibility to the society, your friends, your family, and your work unit, and you must be worthy of yourself. The most beautiful piece of music is the ensemble. No matter how good an instrument is, it always makes people feel thin, lacking in layers and thickness.