Do you have the “idiot” gene?

The Nigerians extinct due to stupidity

  About 100,000 years ago, when Homo sapiens walked out of Africa for the second time and passed through the junction of Feiou (where the red star is), he accidentally stepped into the territory of Neanderthals. What happens when two huge races confront each other head-on and start off with one side’s provocation? Anthropologists gave two speculations: either it was a bloody killing or it was hybridization.
  Sure enough, the Homo sapiens who can use language, have excellent stone tools, have strong group mobilization ability, and have excellent immunity, and do not suffer a loss, did both of these things. They carried out genocide against Neanderthals, and He walked out of Asia and Europe with Neanderthal genes, and then spread all over the world.
  Since 120,000 years ago, Neanderthals have ruled the whole of Europe, western Asia and northern Africa with their own “boldness and bravery”. Unfortunately, despite their physical strength, their IQs are very low. There is a hypothesis that they have low IQs and cannot make advanced tools and weapons, so they will be defeated in battle with Homo sapiens. In addition, there are also theories that they cannot speak, because they cannot use language to communicate, they cannot form a complex society, they do not have the ability to mobilize ethnic groups, and there is very little intermarriage between tribes, which leads to many genetic diseases. occur. There is also a theory that the Neanderthal diet is also very problematic. They are pure carnivorous humans and live by preying on large animals. After the end of the ice age, many of the animals on their diets became extinct, and with the appearance of more advanced Homo sapiens, they could not grab food and eventually starved to death.
  In the final analysis, it is still a word, stupid. Therefore, 24,000 years ago, the last Neanderthal in the world died in the Iberian Peninsula. Today, in Spain, this ancient human has been completely extinct in the world.
We have 1.5% of Nepalese genes

  Readers who have seen the movie “Crazy Primitives” should still remember this one-judging from their cave dwelling habits, their skulls and developed muscles that are different from modern humans, they are Neanderthals. And this little brother who is closer to modern humans in body proportions and who can make and use more complicated tools is the ancestor of modern humans-Homo sapiens.
  For a long time, the scientific community has always believed that due to the difference in time out of Africa, the Nigerians and Homo sapiens did not overlap.
  However, the reality is cruel. The sequencing of the Nepalese genome in 2010 showed that modern Eurasians and Nepalese have a certain genetic commonality. Later, after repeated tests and corrections, this commonality ratio was accurately defined to 1.5% in 2015. Also, Chinese compatriots, don’t think that East Asia has no traces of Neanderthals, and we can “survive” without having their genes. In fact, it is precisely because of the presence of Neanderthals in the samples of volunteers from China. The Det gene has allowed researchers to determine that Neanderthals have indeed combined with Homo sapiens. Moreover, East Asians have more Neandertal genes than Europeans…
Disease-causing genes left by the Nepalese to modern people

  This article in the “Science” magazine believes that the encounter between Homo sapiens and Nigerians 50,000 years ago directly created the current health problems that we must endure-depression, allergies, skin damage, blood clots, nicotine formation Addiction, nutritional imbalance, urinary incontinence, bladder pain, urethral dysfunction, etc…. It’s almost been a disaster from head to toe!
  Coincidentally, “Nature” has also published an article, suggesting that the Nepalese genes cause modern people to suffer from type 2 diabetes, Crohn’s disease, lupus, biliary cirrhosis, and other autoimmune diseases. And considering that we carry only 1.5% of Nepalese genes, this contrast makes its impact on human diseases even more dramatic.
  Looking at this list of not short and most common diseases, I can’t help but shout-why these broken genes have not been eliminated! It is said that natural selection is competing! It is said to be eliminated naturally!
  Some researchers believe that most of the diseases caused by these genes are chronic diseases-such as type 2 diabetes, depression, etc., which do not affect the patient’s life to reproductive age, so they will still be passed on by these patients tens of thousands of years ago Next generation.
The beneficial genes of Nigerian people are a stumbling block for modern people

  Other genes—they may be beneficial genes at the time, but the changes in human civilization make them no longer adapt to the times.
  For example, the gene that forms thrombus is essentially to strengthen the blood clotting function. Recall the animation mentioned at the beginning. The protagonist’s family will have a big hole in the body at any time in the wild. At this time, the super blood clotting ability will have It might help. Of course, in modern times where there is no longer a need to go to the wasteland to fight the beasts for the next meal, and the incidence of cardiovascular disease is exploding, this ability may be fatal.
  Another example is the gene that causes skin damage, which can lead to a cancer-causing focus-actinic keratosis. Let’s move our gaze to the beginning. The Nigerian family stayed in the cave most of the time. At that time, there was no electric light or even wax. In order to adapt to this environment, the chemical mechanism of their brain and skin’s reaction to light Make them accustomed to low light doses. However, today we live happily in an environment that can provide artificial light at any time, and the foundation that was retained to adapt to the environment has become a stumbling block.
  Similarly, the Nepalese genes that cause nutritional imbalance are actually genes that regulate vitamin B transport. Vitamin B can help metabolize carbohydrates. The Nepalese eat meat and nuts. They can get enough vitamin B directly from food. However, modern people who eat various processed foods are not necessarily so. This may cause modern people to easily produce nutritional imbalances in this regard.
  In addition, the Nepalese have a set of genes that can enhance immunity against viruses, bacteria, and parasites. This set of genes can effectively fight pathogens under extremely poor living conditions. However, in today’s society with good sanitary conditions, this gene Can cause allergies, inflammations and even autoimmune diseases.
  As for the nicotine addiction gene discovered this time, it is already the second gene related to tobacco addiction in Nigerians. How exactly did the Nigerians produce the tobacco addiction gene? No one can provide an authoritative explanation yet, but the influence of this gene on modern people and the modern medical system is obvious.
  In the next study, the researchers hope to continue to identify the basic genetic genes of modern diseases. If scientists can better understand these diseases, then they may be able to develop more effective treatments. With the development of gene editing technology, in the future, artificial selection may replace natural selection and help us directly delete the annoying disease-causing genes left to us by Neanderthals.

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