All odds

  Every day, weird things happen in every corner of this world. We believe that people’s attitudes towards “strange things” in life can reflect some of the characteristics of their society and culture, and knowledge is hidden in it.
  Admissions have style all their own
   due to the cold northern Norwegian city of Trondheim weather, so few students willing to attend university here. In order to attract students, a university in Trondheim recently proposed that it will ensure that every student can find their own love while studying at this school. The school’s admissions page reads: “We assure you that you will find the other half of your life while you are studying at school, maybe not on the first day of school, but we promise that you will find him (her)!” the head of the school, said:. “Although we are projecting enrollment advantage is the quality of education, but we believe that students can also benefit from social activities”
   library 42 years before also
   a former British Royal Air Force team recently will A history book borrowed 42 years ago was returned to the Maltese Public Library. Instead of being fined, he received a cup of coffee as a gift from the library.
   In June 1962, when leaving Malta, the team member accidentally took the borrowed books with him. Recently, to celebrate his 65th birthday, he and his wife took a vacation in Malta and returned the book to the Malta Public Library. He told reporters: “In fact, because of this incident, I have always felt very upset.” Although he hoped that the library would fine him, the library gave him a cup of coffee instead. Library manager, said: “Perhaps this story will encourage others to return earlier than the date of borrowing books.”
   Daughter truancy, mother to jail
   in southern England, a man named Amos woman was sentenced to 28 days imprisonment for the local court, because she There is no guarantee that the 14-year-old daughter will meet the school attendance rate between May and October last year. According to the testimony of witnesses, the child’s truancy rate was 39%, of which 84% was the result of collusion between mother and daughter. In 2002, she received the same punishment for failing to stop another 15-year-old daughter from playing truant.
   Space advertising
   Russians Alexander’s patent-pending advertising space for his design philosophy. If his design concept is accepted, Orion, the Big Dipper and Andromeda in Ursa Major may become part of space advertisements such as cigarettes or drinks. The earthlings will see advertisements belonging to earthlings in space. Alexander said: “Using space as a commercial tool will provide broad business opportunities because it will target all residents of the world.”
   “When I was working, I found that our artificial satellites could be observed through special heliostats. I The design concept is derived from this method. I plan to connect several artificial satellites together and build a large advertising slogan or billboard on these artificial satellites. But these advertising headlines or billboards should be large enough to make Earth can be observed. ”
   clone pet business to
   Texas storage and genetic cloning company plans this year to launch the world’s first clone of business: customers cloning pet cats. The company plans to clone 9 cats this year, 3 of them will be guests of the cat show, and the remaining 6 will be sold to the public at a unit price of US$50,000. When the clone business was announced, they received consultation calls from all over the country, most of which were from people who own pets. The person in charge of this company said that cloning cats is only the first step. They also need to clone dogs and other domestic pets so that owners who are about to lose their pets will not be too sad. Up to now, the company has received 4 orders, and 4 cat lovers have deposited their pet cat’s genes in the genetic storage and cloning company’s “gene bank”.